Money Bootcamp helped me get of debt and grow my business!

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Money Bootcamp helped me get of debt and grow my business!


Jessie Shedden

Storytelling Connoisseur
Member Since 2020

Hey, I'm Jessie Shedden. I'm based in Wales, UK, and I'm not a storytelling coach. I help women who have been silenced to find their voice and share that story.

What was your biggest challenge before joining Money Bootcamp?

My biggest challenge when I first joined Bootcamp was understanding how to have an assertive relationship with money. I come from a situation in the past where it had been really easy given to me, and then I'd have to escape that situation, which was an emotionally abusive one. When I first joined Money Bootcamp, I was worried that it was just going to be another one of those courses that promised the earth and woefully under-delivered. And that I'd end up feeling really alone in the journey and ultimately go off and search for something else.

When I first joined Money Bootcamp, I actually had no business or regular income and was living off my savings, which were rapidly dwindling. Christmas last year, I found myself in a situation where I was already in my overdraft, and I remember standing in the middle of a clothing store, which was full of busy, shoppers and I had $40 in my pockets in which to either buy a gift for my fiance, or some new socks that I needed. I ended up bursting into tears and walking out.

What was your first win after joining Money Bootcamp?

Straight after that in February, I actually manifested a £36,000 week for the first time in my life. And I was able to clear all my debts, thanks to the learnings of Money Bootcamp. I was able to reinvest some of that in my business and also treat myself knowing that I don't have to hold it so tightly and that there would always be more money on it's way. The money came from an old investment I had made that I'd completely forgotten about which made me realize how important it is to actively track and manage my money rather than be in a passive position.

How have things changed since joining Money Bootcamp?

Last month, I earned more in my business than I had earned in the entire previous 12 months, and that was from working 10 and a half hours with clients. Through Money Bootcamp I have been able to see that not only can my business be structured in a way that I'm paid up front, I do not have to chase for my money. I do not have to sell things for less than they are worth. I can genuinely say that my business now goes above and beyond my wildest dreams. And this month looks set to exceed what I brought in last month, already.

What advice would you give someone considering joining Money Bootcamp?

To anyone considering joining, please know that this investment is gonna be like nothing you've ever done before. And the price doesn't come anywhere near what you're gonna get in return. And I know everyone says it, but the community is incredible. It's honestly one of the best I have met on the internet. And it's going to be a huge part of the lift to get you up where you need to be.


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