I'm in a much better place now with money, thanks to Money Bootcamp

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I'm in a much better place now with money, thanks to Money Bootcamp


Heather E. Schwartz

Author, journalist, copywriter, and editor. Owner and Founder of Connections for Kids, LLC and Quiet Girl Comedy
Member since September 2021

What was your money situation when you joined Money Bootcamp?

When I joined Money Bootcamp, I was not happy with my income. I knew I wanted and needed to earn more. I was unhappy that my income seemed to be on a never-ending cycle of "feast or famine."  And I wasn't sure how I wanted to move forward. I didn't have a clear money goal and didn't know exactly how I wanted to earn the additional income I was after.


What is your money situation like now?

I'm in a much better place now with money! I feel like the last eight months since I joined have been a journey of discovery. I tested ideas and learned what kind of work I truly love and enjoy. That helped me narrow my focus so I can go after what I want (and avoid expending energy on what I don't!).

My income is more stable now, since I broke through the mindset that I had only two options: Get a soul-killing stable job or deal with the unsteady income. What a block! I also have a solid number goal for my income, which makes it much easier to work toward.


Why did you decide to join Money Bootcamp?

When I first found Denise's work, her ideas helped me manage my fluctuating income and stop accumulating debt and start paying it down - without even increasing my income. But I knew I did want to increase my earnings and I wanted help with that.


What's the biggest lesson you've learned from Money Bootcamp?

There are so many! For me, I think the biggest lesson is how mindset figures into success just as much as taking action. Maybe more!


What are your top 3 wins since joining Money Bootcamp?

My top wins are:

Increased confidence. I'm putting myself out there way more than I ever imagined.

Self-publishing a book. I'm a writer with many published books, but this one I did all myself - and it feels really good to own it!

Figuring out what I like and don't like to do to earn money. I have a much better understanding of how I like to spend my time, which makes it so much easier to pursue the life I want (and to realize I've already got it!).


How would you describe the Money Bootcamp community and Facebook group?

The Money Bootcamp community and Facebook group are extremely supportive and inspiring, while not at all competitive.


What's your advice to someone considering joining Money Bootcamp?

Do it! The wins go beyond your bank account and extend throughout all areas of your life.


What's next for you?

I'm working to triple my income before the end of the year. It's a little scary to say it out loud, but that's what we do in Money Bootcamp!


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