The shifts in my income through being in Money Bootcamp blows my mind

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The shifts in my income through being in Money Bootcamp blows my mind


Gabriella Fotara

Transformational Alignment Coach, Healer & Spiritual Advisor
Essex, UK

Growing up my family worked in Greece and money was very seasonal. We had to make sure there was enough money to cover us all year and often there wasn’t enough. When we moved to the UK, I had the struggle of also readjusting to a completely different culture, a different way of doing things and just a whole different living environment.

My mum was a single mum at that point, and I witnessed on a daily basis the challenge of working, running a household and living pay-check to pay-check. A lot of what I witnessed was that you work really hard for your money, that you really don’t get much in return, you’re unhappy and that is how you live your life. There was no enjoyment. There was no fun in it.

I gained so many beliefs that you just have to keep going, it’s never easy and there is never enough money. I worked since I was really young. I lacked confidence and struggled with depression as I was bullied when I was younger, possibly because I was an undiagnosed neurodivergent.

In 2019, I trusted my intuition and became fully self-employed. I decided to join Money Bootcamp in 2020 because I continued to trust my intuition.

Money Bootcamp has taught me the importance of delegating to make things easier – because making money does not have to be hard. I’m not an organised person so I make upgrades in my business to have systems and a team in place to support me.

Money Bootcamp gave me the confidence to be okay with work not being hard. I felt that because my gifts and the work that I do was really natural and easy for me and not hard work I would be trying to make it difficult because of my old money story that making money has to be hard.

I love that we do tapping to interrupts patterns and the Money Tracker app has been one of the most helpful things that you could have ever done. I can easily track how much money I am making and how much value I am receiving. This has been a game-change with achieving my money goals each month. The shifts in my income through doing this work and being in this space blows my mind and I'm still doing a lot of tapping around it.

 Being in a space where people talk about money, their blocks, their old stories and people, especially in spiritual positions, spiritual jobs, earning 100K a months, earning million dollars, earning all this high-end money was so refreshing for me.

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