I went from unemployment to getting my first clients, thanks to Money Bootcamp

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I went from unemployment to getting my first clients, thanks to Money Bootcamp


Frieda Guercio

Pinterest Marketing Coach
Member Since 2021

Hello, my name is Frieda Guercio and I live in California. I recently launched Frieda Creates to coach artists, storytellers, and winemakers on how to use Pinterest to market their business. I also manage Pinterest accounts for those who have too much on their plate. And I am finally building a portfolio of my own paintings.

When I joined Money Bootcamp, I was on unemployment.

I packed up my little cottage. I put everything in storage. I packed two suitcases for my car, my dog and my cat, and traveled to see my mom in Texas. I spent four months traveling around seeing friends and then ended up back in California and living in my brother's house, in Lone Pine, California at the base of Mount Whitney. It's a glorious place to be. And it was actually a beautiful place to inspire my art and this new business. I definitely had some hesitations before joining Money Bootcamp because I was on unemployment and I had a very limited amount of money in the bank. Having the option to pay in installments made taking the course possible. So I jumped on it.

How have things changed since joining Money Bootcamp?

Since becoming a Bootcamper I have launched my business, Frieda Creates, and I have two paying clients. Even though I freak out sometimes and I'm not making the money I need right now, I believe it is all there just around the corner. I'm so grateful for the immense support that Denise has provided through her emails, her monthly calls, Instagram, Facebook, podcasts, and of course, Pinterest. Reading her blogs and being able to tap into that and literally tap tapping has been a huge resource for me. I would advise anyone that's on the fence about joining to go ahead and take the leap, cause if I can, you can, especially if you're reinventing yourself or you're just entering entrepreneurship.

I’m in my first year of Bootcamp, and Denise's treasure trove of resources has continued to grow. I love the recently added Money affirmation audio, which I listen to a lot. And the new journal that has really helped me organize all the information that I began collecting a year ago.

It's really helped me to organize. And re-implement some of those tools learned over the past year. And mostly I just like Denise, she's grounded, she's open, direct. I trust her and she makes me laugh. And her being herself makes it easier for me to be myself as I move forward in my entrepreneurship.

What advice would you give someone considering joining Money Bootcamp?

And I advise anyone who's ready to have a real conversation around money and who wants to learn how to move their business forward, that they will benefit on so many levels by working with Denise.



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