Money Bootcamp empowers entrepreneurs like me to break glass ceilings

money bootcamp testimonials
Money Bootcamp empowers entrepreneurs like me to break glass ceilings


Eliza Olds

Fitness Coach,
Sydney, Australia



What was your money situation when you joined Money Bootcamp?

During the lockdowns of COVID-19, my business suffered a lot. I had rental debts piling up and no income because we were all staying at home. I worked hard to pivot and run exercise classes online, but it wasn’t the same. It was a big change to move online after working face-to-face for years. I did my best, but my savings were still dwindling away and the debt just kept piling up.

I didn’t know how I was going to get back on my feet again, even after everything started to reopen. My client list was still smaller than before, so I was under the most intense financial pressure of my life.

What’s your biggest “aha” since joining Money Bootcamp?

“Money Bootcamp taught me how to reframe my thinking around my prices. It was so helpful to me that I’m going to take it again, just to drive everything home.”

Because I run a women’s-only gym, I can compare my business directly to spaces run by men, for men. And honestly, I’ve noticed that they charge a lot more than me. In Australia, most bills come weekly – so these guys are asking for $70 a week easily and no one bats an eye. So I had to overcome thinking, “Well, if I ask for $26, will everyone leave? Is $36 too much?”

I know now that there are people out there who are willing to pay me what I’m worth.

Did you have any hesitations about joining Money Bootcamp?

I did worry about the price at the beginning.

I was in such a mindset of scarcity that when I looked at my bills and my debt, I just thought, “How can I even begin to justify spending money I don’t even have?”

“If I hadn't invested in myself back then, I still would not have any money. I would still have debt and worry and not abundance.” 

Money Bootcamp was more than worth it because of the peace and security it provides.

How has Money Bootcamp helped your life and business?

“I don’t doubt myself now. I ask for what I am worth.”

I think women entrepreneurs especially feel like we need to give more, like there is always a special bonus we can add for our customers. And if we don’t do this, we might scare them off.

It was so helpful to go through Money Bootcamp because I learned that so much of that came from my childhood. I was socialized to just be thankful for what I had and not be greedy, but when you are building a business – making money isn’t greedy

How has your first year in Money Bootcamp been?

“I never gave myself permission to buy a new car. Until now.”

I always had excuses as to why I couldn’t have a new car. Things like I have kids, so it will just get messy anyway. I don’t make enough money to justify something like that. But suddenly, I was making enough money. More than enough money, actually. So I bought the car.

I bought a new couch, too. I’ve had the same leather couch for ten years, but I never really liked it. I only chose leather so I could easily clean up after my small children, but they are older now and I wanted a different one. But I kept putting it off because the leather couch was technically fine, even if I didn’t like it. But it finally clicked that I can afford it. If I want something, it’s already in my budget. So I bought the couch.


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