Money Bootcamp helped me go from full time in corporate to full time in my business

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Money Bootcamp helped me go from full time in corporate to full time in my business


Elise Severino

Spiritual Coach,

Member Since 2019

My name is Elise Severino and I'm a spiritual coach. I am from Holland and I help women manifest their dream lives.

When I first joined Money Bootcamp, I was actually working full time for somebody else. I was struggling financially because we only had one income and we didn't have any focus on what was important for us to spend money on. And I knew that I wanted to change the way that I thought about money.

I also wanted to live off my company's finances, instead of having to work for someone.

What was your biggest challenge before joining Money Bootcamp?

I started Money Bootcamp in August of 2019. At that point I was only making four to 500 euros per month, which I really had to look for. I had no idea what I was doing and I was still working full-time for an employer.

How have things changed since joining Money Bootcamp?

That December I hit my first 3k month. Then the year after January was also 3k month. And then April was a 5k month, which gave me the confidence to really keep going with my business. And as I was moving through that year, I kept hitting almost 3k, every month. It was a lot of fun playing with it and having the money sheets, which is something that I learned in Money Bootcamp. When I finished my first year, I realized that I had made more money in my business than I'd ever had in my entire business up until that point. And I made more money than I made working for an employer. In March 2021, I went full-time at home working in my business and I've been paying my own rent ever since, which has been absolutely amazing.

"I never thought that I was going to get here and it's so freeing."

And just by staying in Money Bootcamp, repeating and learning and just keep putting the strategies in place when I'm stuck, I ask myself, "What would Denise say? What would Denise do?" And I'm just learning what my basics are. What is valid for me? And Bootcamp has really changed that for me. So I've really reached big milestones, in just over a year, I'm actually living off my business, which has been a long-term dream for me.

So it's a very big hooray for me.

What's your advice to someone considering joining Money Bootcamp?

A lot of the time people think, "I'm gonna go through the course and the course will save me." But you know, I had to show up every day, you have to be really conscious of yourself. You can't just say, "Oh, the answers will come by themselves." You really have to go through the course yourself. You have to be very disciplined. And when you're stuck, you have to go through the contents and figure it out, "What can I do?" Instead of being like, "I can't figure it out."

There's so much content in Bootcamp. Even in the live sessions. Denise is in the group, we have amazing mentors in the group. So there's always somebody that knows where you're at and what the solution is.

And that's what I love.

There's so many levels.

One time I posted something about being stuck and so many people responded (people with high level incomes that I thought would never talk to me) and they were giving me tips and I just felt so warm and so fun like, "Oh yeah, we're all normal human beings." So that was a lot of fun.

If you are on the fence about joining Money Bootcamp, my tip for you is to just go in. And it took me five years to join. It was my dream for five years to actually join Money Bootcamp.

"It is one of the best investments I've ever made when it comes to my business."

I don't like to just jump into any program. I really follow Denise and I really love her work. And I think for me, it was a moment of either I do it now, or it will never happen. And I joined almost two years ago. I haven't regretted it.



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