Money Bootcamp helped me find my ideal clients

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Dana Whiteland

Owner, Surprise & Delight
Sheffield, England


Before joining Money Bootcamp, I struggled with pricing, and I always felt like I needed to ask permission. I felt I needed to give the price of what I do, for what people can afford, rather than naturally what it costs.

I've always been a massive people pleaser, and it stems from childhood, being a middle child. And as result, I've tried to play small and just be this perfect daughter, and I needed to break free from that for my business to experience the success I wanted.

Since joining Money Bootcamp, I learnt that if people can't afford it, they're not my ideal client, and I need to go and find where my ideal clients are. I recognized when my money blocks were showing up in my business and I was able to apply a process to release them.

The online community is amazing because sometimes you can read something differently to how somebody else reads something and I love that it then it makes you think about things.

Money Bootcamp helps with peeling away these layers and going, ‘No, you don't have to be that person and you can evolve!’

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