I hit my goal of earning $250k per year!

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I hit my goal of earning $250k per year!


Cassandra Duffill

Naturopath & Business Coach
Member Since 2021


What was your biggest challenge before joining Money Bootcamp?

When I first came into Bootcamp, I was facing a challenge of transition, because I was at a point in my business life where I had a successful business but my heart really wasn't it anymore. And I was wanting to move into my marketing business full-time, but it was really a struggle because of all the doubts. When I was running a successful clinic, it was turning over 35k- 40k a month, and it was reliable, yet I wanted to move away from it.

So I had a lot of doubts and a lot of money blocks came up for me. I knew that I needed some help, that this was a lot to try and work through. I decided that Bootcamp would be the right place for me to be able to get that community, support, and help to move through the money blocks.

I'd already used Denise's work and teachings from her book and her different podcasts, and I'd seen her at a few conferences as well. And I had already built my naturopathic practice, in all honesty following those principles. I started my naturopathic clinic, way back in 2014 using the principles from ‘Lucky Bitch’. That was a really stressful time for me. I had just qualified as a naturopath, and I ended up divorced. So I was a solo parent with two kids under six. My ex left with everything; I had$12 in my bank.

I had to hit the ground running and make something of myself. I had two children relying on me. I got into Denise's first book, and started working on my money story and money blocks. That was really integral to me putting the pieces together and moving forward. I fell into a money story I didn't even know I had, when I became a single parent. I had these beliefs around what a single parent looked like, how their life was, the challenges that they faced.

I realized that wasn't what I wanted my life to be. So I started my business, my naturopathic practice. And the first month I still remember really clearly, I made a whole $458 that first month in business. And I can't tell you how excited I was with that, because that was my money. I made that by myself from my business, I was over the moon. And then from there I started with goals of $5,000 a month and $10,000 months. And it was interesting that in the back of my mind without meaning to, I had a goal running that was to surpass my ex-husband's salary. And he was quite highly paid in the corporate world, and this was always running in the back of my mind. I've gotta surpass his salary.

And I did that. By the end of year two, I'd hit his salary, which was just over 1/4 of a million dollars. Being in business for yourself is really lonely. And I came from corporate, I used to work in marketing for big corporate brands. I came from McDonald's and Vodafone, Toyota, those big brands, and that's a team environment. There's always a big group of people. When you come to be an entrepreneur you're on your own. And I used to find it really lonely. There's no one to talk to, rank with, share with. And particularly when it comes to things like money and finances women, traditionally we're not allowed to mention those things, we're not allowed to talk about them. It's not something you'd share very often.


What's your favorite part about being in Money Bootcamp?

Having a space like Bootcamp where I could share and collaborate and talk about ideas and things with other women and to be out there helping their children, "Gosh girls! I'm having a really bad day. This just happened. Or these money blocks just came up for me, what should I do?"

And within 10 minutes, you've got 60 odd comments on your question, with great ideas. And then Denise is always jumping in, with her helpful bits and pieces and reminding you to tap it out which is always fun.

It was about having a community for me, and I knew, just from doing the work from her book all those years ago, how quickly I can move. I knew that if I had real life people and the support of the community, that I could make this new business move quicker. I’d been looking at Bootcamp for a couple of years probably, before I actually took the leap.

And before I actually joined, I was a little bit hesitant about the investment. Not necessarily from a financial point of view but more in terms of what I would develop from it, because I did feel like I'd come pretty far, but Bootcamp was a whole other level of delving into myself, my money blocks, my story, and unpacking that on a whole other level that I hadn't done yet, which was awesome.

I was also hesitant about the time, I was running a clinic that was turning over 40,000 a month. I was doing 30, 40 clients a week. It was really really exhausting. So I was hesitant about the time factor as well. So that's the couple of things that put me off. And as I said for me, that the thing that pushed me over the edge was when I realized I needed to transition my business, and my career. And I knew I needed a little bit more support for that.


What advice would you give someone considering joining Money Bootcamp?

If you’re looking at joining Bootcamp, I would have to say to have a look at what it is you're trying to achieve from it because, there are a lot of mentors and coaches out there that can teach you a number of pieces of the business puzzle but, there really is one out there talking about money in the real way that Denise does. Yes, there might be people talking about mindset, but no one else is really helping you unpack and uncover your blocks and clear them in a way that we do through Bootcamp.

The other thing about Bootcamp is I can guarantee you there is no other community out there, like Bootcamp. There is no other place where you are so safe to share those really intimate parts about your finances and your worries, like you can have in the Bootcamp community. It's a steel bolt where there's nothing but support every time you post there, there is someone who's been through it, who understands it, who's got some help for you.

"If you're really looking to up-level your income in your business, you need something like Bootcamp to be able to take you there, because if you can't get over your money blocks, you can't move forwards. You'll continue to plateau, and you're just not gonna grow the way that your business could."

So I think if someone's thinking about Bootcamp, anytime you think about why they might need Bootcamp, and if they need a community and that support, I definitely think it's a place for it.


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