Bootcamp really helped me own the fact that I am a creative person and that's who I've always been

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Bootcamp really helped me own the fact that I am a creative person and that's who I've always been


Anita Mattson Hesketh

Financier turned florist
Cardiff, South Wales, UK
Member since March 2022


What was your money situation when you joined Money Bootcamp?

Before I took my floristry full time, it was just a hobby for me while I worked in finance.  I worked in finance for about eight years. It was a really high pressure, high targets environment. You were literally only as good as how much money you could make for the company as a whole. So any performance markers were based on that. And when you did poorly, there was guilt that it impacted the income of everyone else around you

So, I had enough money, per se, but my mindset at the time didn’t allow me to believe that. Before Money Bootcamp, I was such an accumulator. I always worried about running out of money. It came from working in the volatile financial field, and being one of five children growing up, as well. 


What is your money situation like now?

Since joining Money Bootcamp I have consistently had 5 figure months every month.


What's your biggest 'aha' since joining Money Bootcamp?

My biggest takeaway is that there's always more money.

I learned to believe and trust that there's always more money and have the faith that my business will bring me more money.

I had a lot of unlearning to do from my old job. Bootcamp made me realize that I've carried a lot of stars forward from my time in finance. One of them was if you had a bad month, you could potentially lose your job. Because it was so cut throat and they wouldn’t tolerate “poor performance.” They would cut you loose. But I am my own boss now and even if sales are temporarily down, I know that there is always abundance around the corner. 


Why did you join Money Bootcamp?

“I fell into finance and it took me eight years to fall back out.”

Before enrolling in Money Bootcamp, I was a committed listener of the Chill and Prosper podcast. It was like a little lifeline of someone just being able to read my thoughts and feelings. I knew I wasn’t happy with my finance job, so I joined. 

But after I joined, I didn't touch any of the modules for about two or three weeks, which in itself I recognized as a block. I was scared of what would come next. So I finally sat down and got started and I ended up doing the whole course without stopping.


How has Money Bootcamp changed your life and business?

My mindset is so, so strong when it comes to money now. That strength has obviously had a knock on effect on my business. 

“I’ve had my best financial year yet.”

Even though I’ve only worked full-time in my business for just under two years,  the figures are growing month on month.  

  • I’ve taken on freelancers. 

I’ve loved helping other people to have a creative outlet and, of course, pay them well for it, too. 

  • I purchased a camper. 

It’s a classic vehicle to go round and have adventures in. We’ve been having loads of fun together as a family. Before Bootcamp, I absolutely would never spent money on something so substantial. I would have told myself we don't need it, we can live without it. But having the camper has made life so much more fun. 


How has your first year in Money Bootcamp been?

Thanks to Bootcamp, I've become really good at recognizing when my mindset is slipping. If the numbers aren’t looking so good, and I feel myself feeling panicked or slipping into a famine mindset, I now have the tools to stay on track.

Running your own business is almost like running a massive machine. Yet you're not checking the cogs inside properly. You're not seeing if they're rusting or wearing away. You're literally not looking inside the engine. You're just hoping this machine will go and go forever.

Being in Money Bootcamp is like having a mechanic look inside that machine and make upgrades and repairs. To tweak the engine so it keeps going from strength to strength. Joining Bootcamp was absolutely essential to my success.


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