Money Bootcamp has helped me to release my fear of math and numbers

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Money Bootcamp has helped me to release my fear of math and numbers


Angelique MacArthur

Founder & CEO of The Adulthood Edit
Ontario, Canada
Member since April 2020

What was your money situation when you joined Money Bootcamp?

Ooo boy, where do I begin?

Before Money Bootcamp, money and I were like bad roommates: we didn't hang out much but came together when obligated.

Since I was 20 years old, I have been in debt and it became something I got used to. The stories around money growing up for me were conflicting too: on one side it was work hard because money only comes with hustle and on the other side it was spend money when you have it.

It was a battle for me to get into a good relationship with money even though I desired to do so but never really knew how, even though I tried different ways to do so.

What is your money situation like now?

Now money and I have a way better understanding and relationship! I feel we're becoming best friends.

I have been able to grow my confidence in money management and I now know just how much money does want to support me in accomplishing my dreams.

Each day, my awareness is growing around what is possible for me and why it truly is my time and that I'm ready for the next step in my financial freedom journey.

Why did you decide to join Money Bootcamp?

I followed Denise for some time and really enjoyed her chill style. I knew that the ways she dives into your money relationship was different and would support me greatly.

I was open to trying new ways to move out of my negative money cycle and patterns.

What's the biggest lesson you've learned from Money Bootcamp?

Money Bootcamp really helped me shift in a HUGE way.

In particular, the forgiveness work exercises and money tracking helped me release my fear of math and numbers and the limiting beliefs around money not wanting to support me in large sums.

What are your top 3 wins since joining Money Bootcamp?

Having a breakthrough around my childish relationship with money and the other areas of my life. I discovered that I was still treating myself as a teenager in all areas of my life even though I was in my thirties. I was holding onto things from the past and rather than upgrade I clung to the sentimental and "it's good enough, nothing's wrong with it" idea. I was scared to be held 100% responsible for my life fully because it would mean I’m not covered or coddled/protected in the childlike way I was used to i.e. never having to leave home, expecting to be bailed out by others when needed, etc.

Manifesting the Florida trip I desired in 3 days! I had NO money for it, no job and decided to do the 5x5 manifesting challenge in the bonus section of Bootcamp, stay in the room (aka check in the Facebook community), apply ALL the Money Bootcamp techniques and I made it happen!

Finding an incredible accountability partner in the community who has become a great friend and we both continue to support each other in applying Money Bootcamp practices daily!

How would you describe the Money Bootcamp community and Facebook group?

It is POWERFUL. To have a space that is so open to you sharing ALL of your ups and downs without judgment, is truly unique especially when it comes to the topic of money.

There have been many times where I was triggered in the group but it was for my benefit to unearth the limiting beliefs that I was letting control my money relationship.

The community and Facebook group is one of the greatest tools in Money Bootcamp and is truly priceless.

What's your advice to someone considering joining Money Bootcamp?

Don't let your current paradigm keep you back from moving into money relationship you truly desire.

Money Bootcamp isn't like any other program or community I've been a part and it will benefit your WHOLE life, even though you don't expect it.

What's next for you?

I’m working on building a nine figure business!

I’m starting the lessons from scratch and will work my way up to it with releasing the layers I need to with the help of Money Bootcamp and the community!

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