Since joining Money Bootcamp, I have raised my prices and improved my boundaries

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Angelique Joy

Kinesiologist, Intuitive Guide, Mind, Body, Energy Integration Specialist
Queensland, Australia
Member since February 2020



What was your money situation when you joined Money Bootcamp?

I was undercharging, over delivering and burning out in my business.


What is your money situation like now?

I have improved my boundaries so much and attracting a much more respectful clientele who value the work we do together.


Why did you decide to join Money Bootcamp?

I wanted to get serious about changing my finances. I knew there were deeper blocks at play and that Denise has a proven track record of results


What's the biggest lesson you've learned from Money Bootcamp

Forgive and tap!


What are your top 3 wins since joining Money Bootcamp?

I have raised my prices, I am much clearer about my financial situation and I have connected with the most amazing women within the community. 


How would you describe the Money Bootcamp community and Facebook group?

I adore all the lucky bees, the Facebook group is my favorite place on the internet. It’s always positive, helpful and full of love, inspiration and encouragement


What's your advice to someone considering joining Money Bootcamp?

Do it! And implement it!


Anything else you want to add or share?

Thank you Denise and the whole Team. You're all such a vital part of so many wealthy women's journey


What's next for you?

I would really love to grow my online courses and continue to create valuable content to easily shift people's lives into Alignment and create my wealth.


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