Money Bootcamp gave me permission to invest in myself

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Amoya Shante

Master NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist & Money Mindset Coach
Merida, Mexico


Coming from a single parent household where my mother worked in the military, I grew up with the belief that money equated to long hours away from your family for very little pay, and a job that you weren't really happy in. As a child, the pay-check to pay-check living was the norm, trading hour for money. These money stories have shown up in my business and in my inability to delegate for a long time. I was afraid to raise my prices and had a lot of resistance to having high-ticket offers. I used to struggle with the inability to close the laptop down and schedule time off because my mind still went back to that whole nine to five or 40 plus hour work week. Same cycle, same story as mom, until changed the narrative.

Since joining Bootcamp, it really gave me permission to invest in myself and to be okay with not having to overdeliver and please people. It has also shifted this idea of ‘making money is hard work’. I became aware of how all my sabotaging behaviour was showing up in my business and was able to make big shifts I needed to experience huge financial success. I've learned through being in Bootcamp, and through my own work, that it's important to charge. When I learned this, it was a game changer. I was able to actually help more people by charging higher prices, because then I had the energy to create those low end offers or free content.

Another big thing with Money Bootcamp was just normalizing talking about money, normalizing talking about the amounts we do desire because I felt like before that space, I didn't really have a community where I could share these things. It was really, really powerful for me to have the community where we could talk about the actual numbers and celebrate each other’s wins.

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