Millionaire Mindset Lesson #4 - A wealthy entrepreneur looks like YOU!

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Today I’m sharing my favourite Chillpreneur Millionaire mindset lesson and one of the most powerful mantras my community uses in my Money Bootcamp program.

Becoming a millionaire doesn’t really make you special or clever, but the truth is that my biggest secret for becoming one is focusing on some very specific mindset upgrades.

So here’s one lesson to think about…

A Wealthy Entrepreneur Looks Like YOU!

One of the most powerful speakers I’ve ever heard was Suze Orman at the Hay House “I Can Do It” conference (I was lucky enough to see Louise Hay herself the same weekend).

Suze introduced her speech by saying slowly and deliberately, “I stand before you a very, very, very wealthy woman.”

It gave me goosebumps.

It stuck with me because I’d never seen a woman claim her wealth and success like that before.

Oprah is obviously a very wealthy woman, but she doesn’t talk about her wealth a lot.

Bragging isn’t generally seen as a positive trait, but what was so compelling about Suze’s declaration was that it was so matter-of-fact and without apology.

This mindset lesson is giving yourself permission to be wealthy and successful, exactly as you are now.

Most of us have a perception of what “wealthy” means, and it’s probably really outdated.

Part of working through your money blocks is identifying your money stories and limiting beliefs.

Identifying your money stories and limiting beliefs

In this section, we’re going one layer deeper into claiming ourselves as wealthy entrepreneurs.

When you Google “define wealth,” some of the definitions include:

An abundance of valuable possessions or money
A plentiful supply of a particular desirable thing

Well, what if you’re a minimalist and don’t want an abundance of possessions—can you still be wealthy?

What if you care deeply about the environment—doesn’t being wealthy come with a big carbon footprint?

What if you hate fancy clothes and have no desire to buy a big house or an expensive car—does that mean you won’t have a big enough “why” to generate more money?

Not at all, but it’s going to take some de-programming because, in our society, we often get incredibly mixed messages about wealth.

In our culture, money becomes a personal attribute or failing.

Wealthy people are often perceived as being more clever, ambitious, and hardworking than the average population.

You might have very fixed (but misguided) views on what wealth looks like.

I talk openly about being wealthy because I want to showcase a young(ish) self-made millionaire who is a parent, reasonably nice person (most of the time), and dresses, looks, and acts like an average person.

I’m just not that fancy, and honestly, I think it disappoints some people that I’m not living a more glamorous life.

I drive a mid-range minivan full of sand and McDonald’s crumbs.

I’m not impressed with eating in super-fancy restaurants. I own very few expensive shoes, handbags, or clothes, and I’m just boringly normal.

Nobody who meets me would automatically think I’m rich, and most of the advisors Mark and I meet automatically assume he’s the breadwinner in our family (I put them straight pretty quickly).

Most people have a fixed idea in their mind about what “rich” looks like.

I know I still do (an older white lady at the country club wearing white or beige linen clothes, gold leather sandals, blonde perfectly-coiffed hair, and lots of gold jewelry).

In reality, there’s no dress requirement for wealth!

Steve Jobs wore jeans and a black turtleneck practically every single day, and Mark Zuckerberg wears jeans and a grey T-shirt daily.

My style? Chillpreneur. My Summer uniform is shorts and a caftan, my Winter uniform is jeans and a caftan.

But you can do it your way! You can pick and choose the kind of wealthy person you want to be.

You can mix up high-end and low-end. Who cares?

There aren’t any rules about how to be rich anymore, and together, we’re changing the conversation so other women can join us.

In the town I live in, you definitely can’t judge people’s wealth by the clothes they wear, or even by the car they drive.

It’s a beach town—someone might be driving a beat up 30-year-old VW Kombi van (like the one I have) or a top-of-the line Range Rover. We have a lot of “undercover millionaires” here who look like regular people (because they are).

If you want to open your eyes to “real wealth” and not “TV wealth,” read Thomas J. Stanley’s book, The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy.

It details an extensive study of wealthy people and identifies seven common traits. They’re not what you think!

“Many people who live in expensive homes and drive luxury cars do not actually have much wealth,” he writes. “Many people who have a great deal of wealth do not even live in upscale neighborhoods.”

Stanley’s book changed my view about who I had to be to make more money because the more-is-better lifestyle just didn’t sit well with me.

I thought I had to “fake it until I made it” but I discovered that designer stuff just wasn’t my bag (literally).

I’m not judging people who love fancy things (a lot of my friends do).

I just realized that it wasn’t for me, and that’s okay. I could redefine wealth my way and so can you.

By the way, Stanley wrote two follow-ups that are just as good: The Millionaire Women Next Door: The Many Journeys of Successful American Businesswomen (his first book is mostly focused on male millionaires) and Stop Acting Rich … And Start Living Like A Real Millionaire—all highly recommended in helping you redefine what wealth means to you.

If you ignore all the other money blocks and try to get to the core of the issue, you’ll find that many people like us think being wealthy just isn’t their destiny—that they somehow lack a magical ingredient.

What do you think that magical ingredient is?

Intelligence? Ambition? Hard work? Great grooming?

It could be all those things, but I’ve met some dumb people who are wealthy.

I’ve met humble wealthy people who don’t consider themselves overly ambitious or competitive, and I’ve also met a lot of Chillpreneurs who don’t work that hard, love what they do, and have a healthy work/life balance.

Maybe you think you have to look or act a certain way.

Get honest and dig deep to find out what you think you have to change about yourself to be a wealthy entrepreneur:

Your hair?
Your face?
Your skin?
Your clothes?
Your house?
Your car?
Your weight?

Here's an exercise we can do together.

Visualizing the Rich

Close your eyes for a minute and conjure up what you think a “rich entrepreneur” looks like.

Do you even know anyone who dresses like that, or is it an old cliché from TV?

What is the person you conjured up wearing? What are their defining characteristics? How old?

Write it all down, and then do the same exercise for how you perceive as a “successful entrepreneur.” Is it the same? Or different?

Now Visualizing Yourself as Rich

Stand in front of a mirror, say to yourself, “This is what a wealthy entrepreneur looks like,” and see what comes up for you.

Does it feel weird? Braggy, arrogant, untrue, impossible?

Don’t be afraid of the little voice that answers, because it’s just giving you an insight into your beliefs. Ask it “Why else can’t I be rich?”

The more you do this exercise, and the more you decide to claim for yourself the mantle of wealthy, the more you’ll start to believe that it’s possible for someone like you.

Because, guess what?

There are no height, weight or skin color requirements for wealth.

You don’t have to look or sound a certain way.

There’s no dress code, purity test or other conformity required.

There’s only what we tell ourselves.

Now, I’m not saying that you won’t face some challenges or that it’s easy for everyone.

There are real discriminatory problems in the world that make it harder for some women than others, but it’s not impossible. It’s probably already been done, so why not you, too?

You are what a wealthy person can look like, especially now. There’s nothing about you that precludes you from being rich.

You can be wealthy and wear sweats every day if you want. You can be rich and kind. You can be rich and normal. You can be as rich and as fabulous as you want.

Go and look for wealthy role models who have a similar life story as yours, or who look like you. They’ll help you believe it’s possible.

And if you can’t find any, guess what? It’s your job to fill that gap! It’s your destiny to be a money role model for other women.

Has nobody done it from your town, country, industry, or with your accent? Then it’s your job!

You can be scared by that, but as Glennon Doyle often says, “We can do hard things,” and honestly, the journey is not going to be anywhere near as scary as you think.

You’re not alone.

You’re part of an ever-growing community that’s completely redefining what it means to be wealthy, because we know the worlds needs us.

You are what a wealthy entrepreneur looks like.

If blocks and doubts are coming up for you when you hear that, then I can help.

I've got a free workshop all about identifying and clearing the seven most common money blocks.

Jump over to and watch it today to start upgrading your mindset and embracing being wealthy.

It’s your time! You’re ready for the next step!

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