Growing up in a small beach town, I didn't have any entrepreneurial mentors. My idea of a successful business woman somehow involved wearing a fancy suit with massive shoulder-pads but despite not knowing any myself, I was a BORN entrepreneur.

My first business was selling fluro wristbands I made out of wetsuit material cut-offs. I bought bags of the material for $2 and I sold the bands for... $2. Making no profit. Um, numbers weren't my strong suit okay, I was only 9.

My second business was selling counterfeit celebrity letters for $5. I pretended that Kylie Minogue was my cousin (she's not) and I made the letters with the awesome electric Olivetti typewriter my mum got me for Christmas (best. present. EVER).

I had a string of failed business ideas (dating coach? network marketing? real estate trainer?)  until my late twenties when I suddenly found the world of online marketing. At first I went to the usual pitch fest events and male-dominated rah-rah seminars, until I realised I didn't want to do business like the guys do.

I didn't want to sell a bunch of crap online to just anyone. It didn't sit well with me.

Thanks to my first ever business coach, Karen Knowler, I was introduced to amazing entrepreneurial women like Ali Brown, Kendall Summerhawk and Fabienne Fredrickson. They taught me everything about putting together a business with heart and integrity. When I heard Ali Brown talk about becoming a millionaire by age 35, I cried. She created it all herself from scratch and it opened my mind to what was truly possible for me.

And then in 2011, another game changer entered my life.

I want to introduce you to Marie Forleo.

If you don't know Marie, let me give you the scoop, because this woman has completely changed my business (and by extension, my life). Marie is a normal gal from Jersey with a massive talent. She too had random jobs in her twenties and struggled to find her niche - she describes herself as a multi-passionate entrepreneur who created fitness videos and wrote a book called "Make Every Man Want You".


She's built a MULTI-MILLION dollar personal development empire based on her brand of hip hop, love and marketing, she's been interviewed by Tony Robbins, gone on holiday with Richard Branson and she's helped thousands of women create businesses resonated with their mission of making money and doing good in the world. There is thousands of women out there who have thriving businesses now because of Marie.

And what's she done for me?

 In 2011, I took her B-School (short for business school) and it was a total game changer. Marie taught me that you can build an amazing (and profitable) brand based on YOU and do it with style, fun and some hard-core HUSTLE. This woman makes crazy hip-hop videos, has dance offs at her conferences and seems to attract the most amazing women.

She's the total opposite of the stuffy, boring business world I thought I knew and her marketing will make you laugh out loud. My fellow B-School babes around the world are now some of my closest friends and allies. I always felt alone in talking about my business dreams, but no more.

Next B-School Intake

Marie Forleo's B-School is one of the absolute best marketing trainings available to get your business up and running.

I am a B-School alum from 2011 and have loved partnering with Marie to promote B-School for the last few years.

The next B-School launch will be in 2022.  Click here to get on the interest list

*Affiliate Disclaimer: If you choose to join Marie Forleo’s B-School I may receive an affiliate commission at no cost to you.


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