What to do When Your Goals Aren’t Manifesting Fast Enough

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Your six steps to money manifesting success

Hey gorgeous,

You know how frustrating it can be when you’ve set a big goal but you’re in that annoying gap before you actually manifest it?

How do you deal with that wait period? I’ve got lots of juicy tips for you, today!

I want to help you through that stage when you’re super impatient and seemingly READY for the next step but nothing is happening.

Now, your goal might be something like your dream house or a soulmate.

Maybe you’ve made a call out to the universe for your ultimate lover to appear. 

Maybe you’re waiting on new clients, or asking the Universe for a new business idea. And you’re like…

“Universe, HELP ME OUT HERE.”

Maybe you want to go traveling, or you’re waiting to become pregnant. It can feel so frustrating when the pieces haven’t come into place yet and it feels out of your control.

Especially if it’s something that has a knock on effect like becoming pregnant, for example. You’re like,

“When will this baby come so I can start planning my year?” (or maybe that’s just me, being Virgo)

“When is this house coming so I know when things are all going to unfold?” You know, so you can pack and organize your mortgage.

It’s super frustrating. I totally get it and I understand what it feels like. I’ve got some tips for you on how you can feel better about this limbo place that you’re in right now.


Here are six steps to success 

1)    Believe in Divine Timing
2)    Use the Extra Time to Prepare
3)    Embrace Small Shifts
4)    Get Clearer on What You Want
5)    Practice Patience
6)    Fill in the Manifesting Gaps

Let’s look at each of these money manifesting success steps in more depth.

1. Believe in divine timing.

You have to believe that there’s a bigger reason why your goal hasn’t manifested exactly on your time-frame.

 Why could this be delayed?

Well, maybe, it’s because of timing.

The universe is like, “You’re just not quite ready and if you get it right now, it’s going to cause some upset and drama in your life.”

It could be a big financial drama that you just don’t need right now, like accidentally falling in love with a money pit house. Maybe your health is not quite ready for that goal to manifest yet.

You probably don’t have your ducks lined up as much as you should. If you’re really honest about it, is the goal 100% in your best interest right now?

If the universe pushes through and gets you to the front of the line, it could cause some yucky stuff that you really don’t intend to happen.

Sometimes you just have to believe, “The universe has got my back. It’s going to happen at the right time and for my highest good“

It might not happen in the time-frame that you necessarily want it to happen in, but there could be a VERY good reason for that.

Hopefully that gives you some reassurance, but also a feeling of, “No matter what happens, I’m going to be taken care of here.”

Believe in divine timing.  

2. Use the extra time to prepare.

You can spend this limbo time preparing for when your goals suddenly manifest. For example, say you’re incredibly impatient about getting pregnant. Well, while you’re “waiting” for it to manifest, get prepared, as if the baby is coming soon.

You might think, “I really need to make some changes in the way that I work so my business won’t implode.”

Spend this time looking at what you could delegate if you get pregnant in the next year and you had less time in your business. Get really clear on how to babyproof your business here.

Now, I spend about 15 hours a week on my business because I’ve got kids. But I started working on changing my business the minute I thought about getting pregnant, and it really helped me while I was impatiently waiting for that positive pee stick.

Prepare now to make your life easier later.

When you are giving the universe GO signals and taking obstacles out of the way, things might manifest much quicker than you think.

Whenever we’ve wanted to move house, we start packing. We start decluttering things. We get ready.

We start cleaning up our life to make it easy for the universe to say, “All right. She’s ready. Let’s go!”

How can you prepare to manifest your goals quicker?

  •   Declutter: make energetic room for something new to emerge. Clearing your calendar, getting rid of physical stuff.
  •   Get practical: Lining up things that need to happen, like financing or contracts.
  •   Release: Let go of anything that is in the way – fears, beliefs, etc

3. Embrace the small shifts.

You might be asking for a big life change. But actually a small shift would be better right now. 

For example, if you want to buy a house, but you know that the timing isn't right, you could renovate or make some improvements in your current house so you feel good about where you are right now.

If you want to lose weight and feel more confident, go shopping for the body you have right now.

Basically, feel good with what you have right now, whether it’s a house, your business, your body, etc.

This serves two purposes.

  • One, you feel good. When you feel good, things manifest much quicker.
  • Two, you’ll manifest from a place of gratitude of lack. You might realize that making a few shifts is enough. But it’s easier to manifest from a place of abundance.

Plus, it feels really good.

Either way, you still get the result you want, which is kind of cool.

4. Get clearer on what you want.

The limbo place is a great opportunity to refine your goals.

You might get on Pinterest and go to open homes for inspections if you’re looking for your dream house. It’s so powerful to practice in the real world. Actually go out and sit on your dream couch. You might realize, “Actually, this is not that comfortable. I want something else.” Test drive your dream car.

The practice runs help you get clearer on what you really want.

Maybe the universe hasn’t given it to you because you’re just really unclear and you’re just like, “Just send me what you think I’d like,” and the universe is like:

“No. We need you to specify!”

Get really clear on what you want by rehearsing your dream life.

Try it out and see.

5. Practice patience…

Get out of the mindset that everything has to happen at once. Life is going to unfold for your highest good.

There’s a right time for everything.

There’s time for you to write more books and there’s time for you to go traveling.

You don’t have to jam every experience of life into a short period of time.

This is the hardest one for me because I’m impatient, I’m like “But I want it now!”

Sometimes the message from the Universe is,

“You CAN do it all, but you don’t have to do everything at once.

There’s time for things to unfold.”

6. Fill in the manifesting gaps

Sometimes you’re missing really obvious manifesting steps. You’re trying to achieve your goals, but you got too focused on the decluttering part. You could be sending mixed signals to the Universe.

Follow my five steps for manifesting any big dream or goal you have right now.

I do this every time I have something big that I’m trying to manifest. I go through the steps again because it’s really easy to miss a few out and then be like, “Dude… where’s my stuff?”

The universe is like, “Uh… we don’t know what you want. You’ve missed some steps out there.

When you have clarity, the universe moves very quickly.

If you want more manifesting help, check out my free manifesting workshop here

It’s your time and you’re ready for the next step,

Denise xx

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