Three Things You Need to Know to Make Money Online

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Start your path to financial freedom by learning how to make money online

Hey gorgeous,

Today I’m going to share my top 3 tips for making money online in a way that works for you and how to avoid the big stumbling blocks that trip up a lot of entrepreneurs like you. 

When I grew up - starting a business meant getting a business loan and having a warehouse full of widgets. 
I never imagined the internet and all the opportunities it could bring to someone with no financial backing
You can make money from your imagination and a smart phone. 
Our grandmothers would be astounded! 
You can turn pretty much any business into a global success using the power of marketing. 
Making money online has never been easier with the tools we have. 
But that doesn't mean it FEELS easy. 
It's not always clear WHAT to do with the opportunities. Or which ones to follow. 
Years ago I was working in a job and I desperately wanted to work for myself, I was always searching for ideas on:
•   how to make money online,
•   how to make money in business,
•   how to make money quickly
To be honest, I fell into some kind of dodgy things! 
And I had some detours... 
Think dating advice… for men!
I just wanted to find a way to help people .. and make money. 
But now I realize - it's not just enough to find a good idea. 

Three Things You Need to Know to Make Money Online

In my experience, here are the three things that you need to make money online:

- an idea that resonates deeply with your personality 
- an idea that's marketable 
- to find people who want your idea 

 Let’s dig into each one in a bit more depth.

 1)   Do Something That Resonates with You

In order to start making money from my online businesses, I had to choose to do something that really resonated with who I was as a person. No more dating advice or raw food courses!

Years ago, when I was just trying to make money for money’s sake I would come up with all of these business ideas. I’d come up with so many different things and think to myself, I can do that. I might give it a try.

But those things really weren’t in line with who I was. And therefore, it was difficult to inspire or motivate people from that place energetically. 

So, to start, consider what would really make an amazing business for you? What are you brilliant at? What abilities do you receive the most compliments for? What are you doing when you’re working in your zone of genius?

Don’t start with the money side of it.

Start with what you want to do, what you’re really good at, and what you’re passionate about, and you’re going to have a much better chance of making money from that than anything else.

2)   Make Sure Your Idea Has Marketable Value

I know this sounds really like, “Oh, duh?” But there are some things that you can do to make money more easily than others so I really want you to think of what products and services are you going to offer.

It can be really easy to start a blog and think, “Oh, well I’ll just build an audience. I’ll blog a lot and I’ll have a lot of people reading my blog and I’ll make money somehow.”

Trust me, that's a really hard business model.

Choosing a business model where you have to work really, really hard to grow your audience is giving yourself challenges you don’t need.

You want a product or a service that you can offer pretty much straight away.

3)    Get Clear on Your Niche

Take time to write down all the things that you’re really good at and write down all the things that you think people would pay you for. Your first product or service is going to be one of those things that match up on both lists. You can be really good at one thing but nobody will pay you for it.

The next tip is to find your niche. Something that comes really naturally to you, but might not to others.

An example: One of my mentors, Fabianne Fredrickson, started out as a health coach, but to earn a little extra money, she’d run cooking classes on the side. She literally taught people how to roast a chicken. She was like, “Everyone knows how to make roasted chicken.” But her clients responded in droves, “”We want your methods explained to us.”

Find your niche, gorgeous – your special place in the market.

Say for example, you got a large family and you’ve really mastered the art of feeding four kids for under $100 a week and you do it in a really efficient way. That might come easy to you but for your audience that is a revelation. They’re like, “Tell me how you do that. Tell me what to do first and then tell me what to do next. And hey, do you have a spreadsheet for that? Can you make my life really, really easy?”

Maybe you found a really great way to discipline your dog or organize your home or whatever it is.

Find those things that you’re really, really good at and find a way that you could package your expertise and show people how to do it.

The more specific you can get the better. You literally want to do it like you’re showing an alien how to do that thing that you do.

For some inspiration, read about my first year in business here - you get to go behind the curtains and see exactly how much I made!

It’s your time and you’re ready for the next step,

Denise x

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