Let Your Money Flow: The three most common money blocks and how to fix them

money blocks
How to shift your money mindset: releasing your money blocks

Hey gorgeous,

Is money flowing easily into your business right now or do you feel like you’re somehow blocking it? 

You might think, why would I do that? It sounds crazy right? The truth is that most of us have inner mindset blocks that actively stop us making money. 

There are also some really standard things that you might be unconsciously doing that are just as detrimental to your business. 

So today let’s look at the ways that you might be blocking money into your business and most importantly, how to fix them.

1)   Give customers a clear call to action

Block number one is simply not having offers for people to buy from you. It's so simple. You're not gonna have customers if you don't have ways for people to give you money. It breaks my heart this one; often the entrepreneurs who do this are the ones providing really beautiful services and really gorgeous products that the world needs. 

It’s kinda like hoarding your gifts when you don’t allow people to buy.

If you're a healer, for example, or a creative who started your business to make the world a better place or to help people, this is something to watch out for. You can be so caught up in being of service that you forget that you're actually running a business. 

So, for example, you run a big free networking group and everyone else is selling their wares there. But you never actually tell people how they can work with you further. Maybe you do something like offer free tarot readings or astrology, but you never tell people how they can buy a full personalized paid reading with you.

I don't want you to be broke. Money is energy and it needs to both be given and received in equal measure. You can do both! Making money and helping people are not mutually exclusive. Of course you can provide a ton of awesome free content for people, but make sure you encourage people to take the next step to work with you further and give you money. Some will sign up, others won't. It’s all okay, but you have to make the offer in order for money to flow. Read my Ultimate Guide to Pricing for Entrepreneurs where I share all my secrets on how to value your work.

Here's the fix. Create some clear specific offers.

If you're making this mistake in your business, the answer is really simple. You don't have to over complicate it. Just create a clear offer to let people know exactly how you can help them and how to book. 

Here are some ideas for you. 

If you've got a services page on your website, make it really clear and obvious. Get the info into your navigation bar. ‘Work with me’ or ‘book here’, for example. Don't hide what you do, or make people work for it. 

Every time you send a newsletter, or post on social media, tell people the next step. Give them a clear call to action. Tell them this is how to work with me.

Another idea is to create a really simple passive income product like an audio or an ebook. That way there's something to buy on your website all the time. Even if it's small and low cost.

So my advice today?! Go finish that course that you've got on your computer and launch it. And I know it can be hard. I’ve procrastinated on this many times as well!

2)   Make it easy for people to pay you

The second way that you might be blocking the flow of money into your business is not making it easy for people to actually pay you.

So, you've made a link, you've got something for people to buy. But money needs a practical mechanism to actually get to you. And you need a way for people to actually give you money. 

Don't get caught up in finding the perfect system and don't spend hours trying to find methods with lower fees. I’m afraid fees are just a cost of doing business. I hear a lot of entrepreneurs getting annoyed about the idea of having to pay credit card transaction fees, but this is just a cost of doing business and making it easy for people to pay you.

Here’s the fix - set up your payment accounts, make it really easy for people to pay you. 

Maybe you make an upgrade and get  your clients to pay you upfront so you don't have to invoice them and chase them. 

Maybe you need to set up PayPal or link credit card systems to your invoicing system. 

You might be resistant about it, but you have to make it easier for people to give you money. 

The next step is to set up automated emails to go out after someone's paid you. But that’s for another post!

3)   Work on your money mindset every day

Block number 3 may be the biggest way that you are blocking the flow of money right now. You need to make money mindset a priority in your business. If you've read any of my books, for example, Chillpreneur, you know that your money mindset work is never done. Money blocks will come up again and again in your business journey, pretty much every time you hit a new level. 

I see way too many people do a little mindset work and then think they’re all done and they’ve fixed their money blocks for good. 

It doesn’t work like that, folks. There's always more mindset work to do. Mindset work isn't just for Christmas. It’s forever. Like a puppy! You can work on it every day for the rest of your life. Most of the successful people I know prioritize mindset, in the same way they do strategy and marketing.

For more support on money mindset issues and how to shift yours, check out Seven Signs You Need to Work on Your Money Mindset.

Here’s the fix – make time for your money mindset work

I really recommend you invest as much time working on your mindset as you do anything else. 

I want you to block out regular time each week to look at your money blocks and work out what you need to do to go to the next level. I promise a clear mindset will help the money flow into your business. 

Look for any sabotaging behaviors. Notice where you’re hiding away, feeling guilty, not making offers. Look for a tendency to procrastinate launching or otherwise sabotage your success. 

Add a mindset expert into your team, including working with someone like me to release your money blocks.

It's totally okay to pay for that kind of help. In fact, I think it's super important. 

Okay, gorgeous. Well, that's how you let the money flow. You make offers. You make it really easy for people to pay you and you continually work on your money blocks. 

It doesn’t have to be hard. Just start where you are.

Let's get that money flowing.

It's your time, and you're ready for the next step,

Denise xx

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