Increase Your Wealth With These Three Easy Steps to Better Money Management

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Making money management simple with these three easy steps to success

Hey gorgeous,

I want to get into something really important today – we’re talking about how to manage your money.

Hey don’t run away. Don’t start scrolling through your social feed!

It’s often a really sticky area – money management. I understand. I’ve had my head in the sand too!

So, making money is one thing, but how do you actually take care of it, so you can manifest more? I’ve seen many entrepreneurs fail at looking after their money. They sabotage themselves, fall into unhealthy habits, and have to quit their businesses altogether, which is tragic. 

But that doesn’t have to be you.

I promise there are just a few simple steps to becoming a better steward of your money, so that the universe can send you more. 

Here are the three simple steps to take to manage your money better.

Let’s get into it.

1) Hire a professional

The first thing I want you to do is to hire someone to help you with money. While you might be used to hiring people in your business, it’s possible you’re neglecting the money part. Early on in your business you need a bookkeeper. Maybe, you’re at the stage where you need to upgrade your accountant, or find a coach to help you grow your wealth.

When it comes to tasks like bookkeeping, you might be of the mindset, “No, I really should do this myself.” Believe me, I hear this a lot. 

However, if this is not in your zone of genius, you really don’t need to do it yourself. 

When I started out I remember procrastinating, “A bookkeeper seems so grownup and fancy.” I had piles of receipts everywhere; my accounts were a total mess. I called a bookkeeper and said, “Look, I really want to hire you, but let me deal with the six month’s worth first.”

I’m sure she heard this from people all the time. “Let me get my shit sorted, first!” Of course, months went by and I did nothing. Finally I called the bookkeeper and said, “Can I just send you all these receipts?” 

This was a real turning point in my business. Up until then I was trying to do something I wasn’t good at, and really beating myself up over it. But I was being a crap steward of my money. Having a bookkeeper is a symbolic way of showing the universe that you are going to take care of your money.

When I finally hired my bookkeeper, it really felt like I went pro as a business owner. Plus, it can help you avoid problems down the track with your taxes, if you’re just totally on it from the start.

2)             Create simple money systems

Money systems are so important. And they don’t have to be complicated. For example, I love the process of tracking my money every day. In fact, I’d say this is one action that can increase your worth exponentially – read how here. I look at my PayPal account and my business bank account multiple times a day. Not only to see what’s going on expense wise, but also to remind me that I’m in business to make money.

I actually write these numbers down every single day. I remember in my first couple of years in business, writing down a zero on my spreadsheet really motivated me into action. The numbers (or lack of them!) pushed me to chase clients, send invoices, and focus on income producing activities.

Your systems do not have to be super fancy. I’ve seen a lot of entrepreneurs get in trouble because they actually don’t know what’s coming in, and they don’t know what’s going out. Just make sure you look at that stuff, and track it, baby!

3)             Identify your money blocks

The third and probably the biggest shift I made, was carving out time to work on my money blocks. This was another huge turning point in my business. Back in the early days I realised I was spending a ton of money on things like courses and events that actually weren’t giving me the mindset boost that I needed.

I had my fundamental belief that money was really hard to get, that I had to work really hard to make money, and that stuff was going to sabotage me, no matter how many amazing strategies I was using. Check out my recurring money block and how it surfaces at every level of my business (and how I crush it!) here.

I’ve seen this so much recently with entrepreneurs; they’re making money, but struggling to keep it, because they don’t realize they have these underlying sabotaging patterns around money.

Wealth itself will not cure your money blocks; it actually amplifies them.

When rich and famous people totally screw up their money situation, I think it’s because they haven’t dealt with that underlying stuff. Once you know your particular money blocks and sabotages, you’ll be clearer and free-er! You’re less likely to overspend, or block money from coming to you in the first place. You won’t sabotage it when things get good.

Working on your money blocks is an ongoing process, but one that will absolutely change your life for the better. 

You might be wondering how to identify your money block in the first place.

Well, I can help you. I have a ton of resources on this, and I have helped over 100,000 entrepreneurs with this already. I’m a real expert in helping you figure out what your money block is.

Go to, and I’ll help you find the exact problem that you’re dealing with right now. And tell you the steps you can take to overcome it. I’ve got tons of personalized information for your particular situation, and lots of tips on different industries as well.

Trust me, I’ve seen it all.

Once you know your block, you can clear it.

Then the next time it comes up, you’ll be able to recognize it. And then you can start to create the first class life and business that you’ve been dreaming of.

So let’s recap. Here are the three steps you need to take to become a better custodian of your money.


1)    Help someone to help you manage your money

2)    Create simple systems – start by tracking your money every single day.

3)    Identify and work on your money blocks – remember, this is an ongoing process! 

These actions all work together to create a healthy relationship with money. Having an awesome money mindset will help you find the team that will help you manage your wealth and create those simple systems that will help you keep the money.

It’s your time, and you’re ready for the next step,

Denise xx

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