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Hey gorgeous,

I absolutely love a good affirmation. They can have a really powerful impact on your life and business and can be as powerful as reading a book or taking a course.

Affirmations are a huge part of how I’ve manifested multi-millions of dollars in my life and business. I always recommend them as a great starting point if you’re looking to drastically upgrade your mindset.

I’ve used so many affirmations over the years, depending on what I was trying to manifest, and I ALWAYS get asked what the best affirmations are for specific situations. 

Here are three of my best affirmations that can help shift you from feeling negative and frustrated to feeling abundant and deserving really quickly. Plus, a bonus one after the video too, especially if you're feeling bad about the economy. 


Affirmations are positive, brain-training statements that help to shift your focus from the negative – where a lot of us spend our time – to the positive. 

They’re great pattern interrupters as well that can help shift your energy and mood. 

What do I mean by “pattern interrupter”? 

Well it’s like this: 

You’re going about your day and you notice that the negative thoughts about how you’ll never be successful have popped up again.

Your old stories are running… you don’t feel qualified enough, or you don’t have enough experience or you need to lose ten pounds before you get started, etc. 

blah blah blah

If you don’t interrupt the negative thought patterns, you’ll probably create a downward spiral that manifests more frustration, lack and negativity. 

When you’re feeling crap about yourself, you often miss opportunities, talk yourself out of taking action and get stuck in procrastination.

Why we need to break through negative self-talk

Negative self-talk is one of the biggest sabotaging patterns I see in people who aren’t living their ideal life, and it’s one of the quickest (and cheapest) ways to turn things around. 


 If you use an affirmation, like my signature affirmation,

“It’s my time, and I’m ready for the next step!”

…it immediately gives your brain something positive to focus on instead of those annoying negative patterns.

This particular affirmation sends the message that you ARE ready, and that it’s only the next step that needs to happen, so it becomes less daunting.

Plus, it gets you out of jealousy that everyone else is getting the opportunities and it reminds you that good things can happen to you too.

When you train your brain to look for the positive, you automatically start to feel better and act in different ways. You might feel more motivated to take action (even a small one), and it has a knock on effect to creating positive outcomes too.

If you use affirmations whenever you notice the negative thoughts come into play, you successfully interrupt the downward spiral before it causes drama in your life.

Do it enough, and you train your brain to manifest awesome things for you!

So what are the best affirmations to use to grow your business and abundance?

Here are the affirmations I’m loving right now:

Affirmation #1. My Face Is My Fortune

I use this one all the time.

This is for all you entrepreneurs out there: don’t hide!

For your customers to connect with you, you need to be seen.

People love connecting with an actual person – and although you think you’re not perfect, that’s exactly what they want to see!

The way to differentiate yourself in a crowded market is to be unapologetically YOU.

Yes, even at your current weight. Even though you think you’re not “ready”.

Even if you worry that you’re not good enough.

I used to think I had to completely change my accent to be successful – which is weird I know, but I hear that all the time from other people.

Your success and abundance will skyrocket when you get ok with being successful, just as you are.


  • Get some new headshots done! Yes, before you’re ready. Every time I get new photos done, I can feel my business going to the next level.
  • Use your face on your branding – even if you’re a product business. Give yourself permission to be seen as a real life “model” of what you do. 
  • If you make things – show behind the scenes of your workspace and how you create your work. 
  • This also helps for you to charge well for what you do, because your audience starts to appreciate the work that goes into your product. 
  • Be brave to show a mix of photos – the glammed up ones and the “real life” ones. You’ll be surprised what your audience resonates with. 
  • Put a picture of yourself on your about page and on your social media profiles – so many women hide away by using a picture of their animals or a fuzzy, old picture of them wearing sunglasses. 
  • Get on camera – either with live streaming, interviews or pre-recorded videos so your audience can connect with you. 

Do what feels comfortable, but… 


Repeat the affirmation “My face is my fortune” any time you feel like you’re not enough, that you’re not ready, or when you want to hide away from the world. 

The connection to the real you is what will grow your audience, and your income.

Affirmation # 2. I Serve, I Deserve

When I first started using this affirmation, it completely changed the way I felt about my impact on the world, and my ability to receive abundance in return.

I used to feel terrible that I couldn’t help everyone, and would constantly feel guilty. 

Have you ever had those 3am guilt-trips? 

Many heart-centred entrepreneurs go into business to help people, and it feels horrible when you have to refuse free advice requests, or you get customers blaming you for not offering scholarships or discounts. 

The truth is, that when you have a business, you could work 24/7 and still not feel like you’re doing enough – there’s no “clock off” time for most of us. 

So how do you deal with it? 

Think of all the ways you serve people – it could be the hundreds of free articles on your blog, your weekly podcast or the way you help out in business forums. 

You’re probably serving all the time.

Well, guess what? You’re allowed to receive abundance in return for all that good you’re putting out into the world. 

It’s okay to say no to requests for free advice, it’s okay to steer customers towards your blog, or your paid offerings. 

You serve, and you deserve too. 

This affirmation will remind you of all the ways you help people, but it also helps you remember that you don’t have to serve in all ways, or be everything to everyone. 

You already serve. 

Using this affirmation is also your reminder that it is OK to receive good things doing what you do. 

You’re entitled to receive abundance in your life from serving people, INCLUDING money. 

Ok - here is another life changing affirmation. 

Affirmation #3. This Is What A Wealthy Person Looks Like 

This one will change your life.

When you think about the stereotypical “wealthy person” – what do you think they look like, sound like, dress like?

Do they look like you? 

I used to think I wasn’t allowed to be wealthy because I liked to dress casually and like to eat at Pizza Hut. 

Surely, a rich woman had to be fancy all the time, right?

Go look in the mirror, and say this affirmation to yourself. 

Point at your face and say “THIS is what a wealthy person looks like”.

It might totally trigger you and challenge your beliefs about your ability to be wealthy.  

It will bring your hidden excuses right up to the surface. See what you tell yourself straight afterwards:


“Oh no – I’m not … (whatever)... enough to be wealthy!”

Let them bubble up – how are you not allowed to be wealthy? 

This is hugely valuable information about your money blocks, and the stories you tell yourself that will keep you small.  

So using this affirmation means that you might need to clear some money blocks that are getting in your way right now. 

But if you keep on using it, whenever you catch yourself thinking “I can’t be wealthy because…” then you’ll interrupt the pattern and remind yourself that you CAN be as wealthy as you like. You’ll start to believe that it’s possible for you too, exactly how you are now. 

Bonus Affirmation. "They would if they could"

I use this during times when I'm feeling scared about the economy, instead of making it about myself.

It's tempting during launches or times or slow sales to let those negative thoughts creep in, "I'm not good enough. Nobody wants what I have to offer."

That's not true! Sometimes people can't afford it (right now) but they would buy from you if they could. 

Don't let a slow launch become a self-fulfilling prophecy because you get so disheartened that you quit half way through or you stop sending those final emails because you're feeling down about yourself. 

"They would if they could", reminds you to keep going. There's always people who can afford to buy in any economy. There are always business that thrive who need your help. 

So – which affirmation will YOU use today? 

Using affirmations takes a bit of effort to remember, but if you can get into the habit, you’ll see huge results in a very short time. 

Remember, you get what you focus on, so training your brain to focus on the positive really boosts your manifesting efforts. 

If you need some help starting to work on your money mindset I have a ton of resources to help you. 

I've helped thousands of entrepreneurs break through money blocks in my books and my course Money Bootcamp.

My free money blocks workshop can help you identify your most common money blocks and how to clear them, so they don't sabotage your pricing or income. 

Watch it today at

Easy as that!

It’s your time and you’re ready for the next step,

Denise xx

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