How To Stop Money Leaks In Your Business

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Finding and fixing places where you’re losing money in your business

Here’s a little unsexy secret – I regularly hunt out money leaks in my business. 

I’ll sit down and look at where costs have crept up, and where money’s leaking out.

It doesn’t take long and I really recommend it!

If you're trying to manifest money and it's not coming in, it might be that you need to fix some leaks. 

Are there services, subscriptions or software in your business that you're not using?

How about personal things like gym memberships, or cable TV subscription, for example? 

What about domain names? I know I’ve got a few! 

Maybe there’s a membership or mastermind that you've outgrown? And you're keeping it out of a sense of guilt or obligation. It’s a money leak. Time to let go.

It’s also worth checking out how you spend your time. Where are you over-delivering? Where are you worrying or giving too much headspace to things? 

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We can also cause money leaks in our business by not having the right systems.

Go and look at your website right now – is there a big “buy now” button on the top half of the page? 

Check your links - is it easy for people to give you money? 

Fix the leaks - it’s time to fill your bucket. 

Get it all down on paper - what’s really stopping you from making money? Is it logistical – your website’s not live? Or practical – lack of childcare? Or time and energy? 

Don’t over complicate things. What's the path of least resistance? Who do you need? What do you need to get something to market? 

Start now. Improve it later.

I’d love to hear from you - tell me what money leak you are either cleaning up or upgrading in your business. 

It’s your time and you’re ready for the next step,

xx Denise

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