How to Help Your Partner Have a More Positive Money Mindset

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Money Mindset Issues and Your Relationship

We all have money blocks that we need to work on.

But what if the person who is derailing your money stuff is your loved one, your significant other? 

Honestly, it's one of the most common questions I get asked. 

It breaks my heart because sometimes the person who should be in your corner isn’t supportive.

I’ve got good and bad news for you. 

Bad news: You can’t use your partner as your excuse for not making money. 

It’s your responsibility to do the work around your money mindset, your thoughts and feelings. 

Good news: I’ve seen so many partners turn a negative money mindset around in a snap, with just a couple of tweaks.

It’s such important work that I have a whole module around this in Money Bootcamp.

So firstly, know that this is your responsibility, you might have to put up your shield around your money and your business. 

It’s your responsibility to protect your own heart. 

This might mean not sharing everything about your business with your partner in real time. 

You might process some of your stuff with your coach or your community. And then just share what you're learning about yourself in a top line way. 

I've heard from people that they’ve put my audiobook on in the background, Get Rich, Lucky Bitch, and their partner has started to soak it in. 

I've even had someone just put my book on their partner's bedside table and for some reason that had this weird, energetic effect. 

It can be subliminal.

Or you could come at it from a place of curiosity. 

For example, you might say, "Hey, I learned this thing about how the pocket money you received as a kid, can really impact your money mindset as an adult. Did you get pocket money when you were a kid?" 

If you come from a place of curiosity, you’ll start to shift the dynamic. 

When I was starting out, my husband, Mark, was anxious and would sometimes say limiting things to me. 

I’d let him know, "Hey babe, when you say that, it makes me feel so bad. It really triggers my fear and my money scarcity.”

I told him, “I'm creating this business because I want us to have a future together. I want us to have an abundant life together. And you might not mean it but sometimes when you say this one thing, it really makes me feel bad." 

I came from a real place of vulnerability and was just like, "I need your help here because I'm feeling vulnerable."

Other times when I was feeling less kind and gentle about it, I actually said, "Hey, look, this is my vision for the future. I’m going to have an amazing business. I'm going to be a millionaire. You can come with me or you can get off the train, but I'm going anyway." 

That might sound harsh, but I needed to be clear. 

It might not feel good to say that to your partner, try this instead, "Hey babe, I need to really watch my mindset right now. I really need to watch how I'm talking about money." 

So if you can have this conversation with the person who's derailing you, that can have a really powerful impact. 

Oftentimes, our money stuff with our partner is because we haven’t gotten really open, honest and vulnerable together.

At the end of the day, your money mindset is your responsibility. 

You have to crowd out the negativity. Make sure you're listening to my podcast, reading empowering books etc. Make sure to keep working on your money mindset. 

It’s possible that you're the vision holder for your partnership. I am! 

Perhaps you have to hold the vision. That is your responsibility. You get to be the one to make that money. 

The tools are easy to find and you have been born in the exact right time for you to be an entrepreneur and to make money. 

There are no rules anymore. This is the time. 

If you feel alone and vulnerable with this, make sure you reach out, come and join us in Money Bootcamp. Find me on socials @denisedt.

Take responsibility for creating a strong supportive community around you because I know it can be a really lonely journey. 

It’s your time and you’re ready for the next step. 

I believe in you.

xx Denise

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