How to get started with passive income WITHOUT feeling overwhelmed

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How to get started with passive income WITHOUT feeling overwhelmed

Hey there, 

Every day I hear from entrepreneurs who dream of the freedom of passive income but are stuck wondering how to get started. 

Creating a passive income product can feel overwhelming - like there are lots of moving parts and things to learn. 

For many, it’s not fear of failure that stops us. Instead, it’s fear of the unknown.

Getting stuck in analysis paralysis, trying to game out all possible outcomes, and wanting to know the exact outcome and chances of success before you start.  

You can break this money block by taking simple inspired action and not overcomplicating your fledgling business idea. 

It might feel like there’s a linear process you have to follow and that you need to know all the things about how to run a successful business before you can start. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can decide what feels right for you. It can be easy, simple, and fun.

Listen to what people are asking for from you, decide what you can create to solve the problem, and then put it out there for people to find.

Create the thing, solve the problem, and move on - so much learning unfolds when you do this, so there is no reason to feel overwhelmed and think that you have to know everything before you do it. That is just holding you back.

Check out this video on how to not get overwhelmed when creating your first passive income product.

Message me here and let me know the problem you can solve and what you’re going to create this year. 

It’s your time and you’re ready for the next step. 

xx Denise


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