How to Create a Positive Money Mindset for your Kids

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Helping your kids have a good money mindset

Hey gorgeous,

If you’ve got kids in your life (or are planning to have them) and you’re doing the money mindset work, you get how important it is to raise them with a solid financial foundation, right?

So how do we talk to this next generation about money and success so that they can have a good money mindset?

I think this is a really important one for everyone to talk about (whether you have kids or not), because we are all influencing this next generation and these kids are going to have a huge impact on the planet.

So let’s get right into it, how do you talk to your kids about money?

Firstly, let’s dig into our childhood money stories. Start with your own childhood and think about the money memories that your parents gave you, both positive and negative.

What are some of the things that they said about money? What decisions have you made as an adult based on what they said around money?

Let me give you an example, a lot of parents said things like, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” or, “You have to work really hard to make money.”

Hearing that message repeatedly can have a major impact later in life when you’re starting out in business. I know this – it’s my personal money block! 

Every time things feel too easy or success is coming faster than you thought it would, you are going to subconsciously put the brakes on, and you might sabotage your business just to slow things down a little bit because you want to live that truth, unconsciously, that it’s hard to make money.

So if that’s something you have been saying (or modelling) to your own kids it’s time for an upgrade! Instead of saying things like, “It’s hard to make money.” “You have to work hard to make money.” “You have to get a job and work hard to pay your bills.” Say something like:

“There are money making opportunities all around us.”

Maybe you show them examples of entrepreneurs who are making money in different ways or creative ways and constantly ask them what their money making ideas are.

Often, our kids have such great ideas. Give them the confidence and self-belief that they can make money by being original and creative. Let them know that making money doesn’t have to be hard.

Another common message from parents is around how you spend your money. Saying things like, “We can’t afford that.” Or, “I can’t afford that,” might feel true in the moment. Is it really true though or is it that you’ve chosen to spend money elsewhere? Or that it doesn’t fit with your values?

You could use this situation to help your kids practice discernment and choice.

It could be that, “Our family doesn't spend money on things like that,” if it’s something that’s not in line with your values. Or it could be that you want your kids to wait, so you say, “That’s great! Let’s put it on your birthday list. Let’s put it on your Christmas list.” This is great delayed gratification practice! It allows your kids to get excited about it but without the, “we can’t afford it.”

There’s another message that parents give their kids around future visioning. You might say to your kids, “when we’re rich, we can…”. Of course it’s great to create a family vision or goal for the future. You might want to try this super easy visualization exercise with older kids. But maybe it becomes just that – a future goal - you’re pushing all success away from you to a later date, continuously.

How about, instead of saying, “When we are rich…” or “When we win the lottery…” you practice focusing on the present moment. You help your kids see the things that they have right now 

Put a Gratitude Practice in Place

This can be tricky because kids can get really desperate for a certain thing. Try setting a gratitude practice as a daily exercise (round the dinner table or before bed). Ask your child (and yourself!) these questions: 

  • What was exciting in your life today?
  • What do you love most about your family?
  • What made you feel abundant?
  • What did you receive today?

This daily practice of abundance and gratitude will serve them so well into adulthood too.

So to finish off, grab your journal and take a moment to sit with these questions:

  • What are some of the things that your parents said about money?
  • How is that affecting your money messages to your own kids?
  • What’s your language like around money in your family?
  •  How could you improve your language? 

Let’s give this next generation a healthier attitude towards money.

It’s your time and you’re ready for the next step,

Denise xx

P.S. We have a specific training inside our Money Bootcamp course on how to support your kids with their money mindset and money mindset work for you and your partner. For more info, send me a message here with the word “Kids” and I get you details of our next intake and monthly coaching topic.

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