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I recently had the opportunity to interview an incredible group of Nurturer entrepreneurs and alumni in my Sacred Money Archetypes® course. In this fascinating roundtable, we talked about the strengths and challenges these entrepreneurs experience as Nurturers and how they have learned to use their Money Archetype in their business. 

Here's a summary of our discussion and please read the individual member's case studies and course reviews to find out more.

Our Nurturer Roundtable Guests


How did it feel when you found out you were a Nurturer? 

 Anna De Acosta
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For me, it was obvious. So as someone who has struggled with co-dependency, it's kind of like the dark side of being a Nurturer, I think. And the thing that I learned right off the bat was that there's a positive side to being a Nurturer. And so often I focused on the negative side of that and being taken advantage of and looking at it as a weakness, but it was actually a strength. And that's what I learned through SMA.

Yewande Akindiji
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I do this because I'm a huge cheerleader, which correlates with my sacred money archetype. I wasn't too surprised I hadn't come about that before, but it was just a confirmation because even my name means the mother has come back, and it's usually a nurturing grandmother who died. They have this reincarnation belief in my culture that they name the girl child born in the family, either in the direct family or the extended family. Yeah. And my second money archetype is Nurturer, Connector and Romantic. I wasn't at all surprised, but it just explained a lot of me. It was a huge sense of relief for me when I did that sacred money archetype quiz.


Kate Arbuckle
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For me, it was blindingly obvious I was a Nurturer. I am a Nurturer. And I'm 50/50 Nurturer Maverick, which made perfect sense. And probably the most un-Maverick thing that happened for me was that I didn't try and fight the fact I was a Nurturer. I almost was like, "No, I'm more Nurturer. I'm definitely more Nurturer." It made me feel understood. And it helped me give myself permission to be me and not to fight it. And just to, I think every other time I've done any of the personality quizzes, et cetera, I've been like, "Stop telling me what to do," which was my Maverick. And this time it gave me permission to really enjoy the strengths of who I am and to accept who I am as I am, as opposed to try and fight it. It also gave me permission and remind a mantra that I work with quite often is, I am not responsible for everything in the world. And that's really helped me create stronger boundaries in all areas of my life, whether it be my business and my personal, I am not responsible for everything. I am not responsible for others decisions. And that's been a huge, powerful shift in creating strong boundaries.

Tracey Rampling Brown
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I definitely resonate with that too, Sarah. I was not surprised in the slightest when mine came back as a Nurturer. I'm also a cancer sun sign or a cancer star sign. And so it was just like, well, obviously, and of course... But what was really good about it though, was that looking at the traits of putting everybody else first to the detriment of yourself. And I was like, "Oh, this is why I keep repeating these patterns over and over and over again." And then looking at, okay, it's about boundaries and getting better at bringing in and enforcing boundaries and things like that really did help. Obviously it's still a work in progress because work is never done, but I was not disappointed.

In fact, I probably resonated with it most and almost ignored all of the other archetypes. And then when it was like, so what are your top three? And I'm like, oh, was I meant to look at the other ones? Because I just was like, "Oh, Nurturer. Yep. That's me obviously. Well, just don't worry about anything else." So it's been interesting for me also to explore how the other different archetypes also play into that and modify it as well.


How do your top three Archetypes work together?

Mia Hunter-Pappas
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I can definitely see the Nurturer connector in pretty much all of my business all the time, even the Ruler at times. I think I need more Ruler. I definitely need someone, I need the person that's going to make me charge. I would say looking back at my businesses, the most I've ever made is usually when there's someone else at the front desk or something like that, making me charge what I'm supposed to charge in the hairdresser world. Even when it was my own salon, I had those,.I can definitely see the connector energy as well, just because everyone does become my friends. Now I go to the majority of my clients' homes to do their hair. It's just easier. And because we do kind of have that friendly relationship, but that's what I like about it. And they trust me and that's kind of how the whole real estate thing came into play as well, is just wanting to help people on a much larger, grander scale.

But yes, my downfall is typically not charging enough, just wanting to help everyone to definitely spite myself, even when I try really not to. So I need that Ruler energy kind of comes into play, but only when it's kind of forced, so.


Tracey Rampling Brown

When I actually first discovered Denise, just at the very beginning of the pandemic, before I became a lucky B, after I read, Get Rich Lucky Bitch, I was a Nurturer, Maverick and Accumulator. But then last year when I joined Money Breakthrough, and did it again when we started SMA last year, Ruler had come up and overtaken Accumulator. So still Nurturer as number one, but it had sort of dropped down. Maverick had come up a little bit and Ruler had stepped up to the plate. So it was interesting to see how much that had changed in 12 months of just doing money boot camp type or not doing boot camp, but reading the book then doing the things on my own, and then coming into bootcamp and going from there. Yeah, so that's it.


Patience Modevi
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And also another thing as well is supporting other people. So that's really important for me in general. And I feel like by being the way I am, by showing myself more authentically, I've inspired other people to also come and show themself in that way and not be afraid. So today I look like this, tomorrow I might be with a hoodie. I go with the flow basically. And even though I go with the flow, I have to be honest with you, so having role model like you and some people that are in the bootcamp is help me to know that you don't have to be perfect every day, but you still need to show up and still do what you need to do. So sometimes yeah, it so scruffy but I still show up and accept myself in that way.

In term of the Celebrity is caused more problem I will say in my life, or challenges I will say in my personal life with my husband, because my husband is more of an Accumulator. So we kind of bump into the spending of the household and things like that. So for example, so way before I learn about you or your existence, I had a nanny and I also had someone to help me clean, to do some cleaning. The reason is when I had my third child, I was like, "No, it's too much for me. I can't do it." So I just hired someone. And from there it was a bit of a fight to get that person into the house. And then it was a fight to give them a key so that they were actually part of the... So it went like that, but I kind of took over more of my needs and went with it. So I think this is where they show up in my life really.

Sora Schilling
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So what I notice with my three Nurturer, Ruler and then Celebrity, is the way I entered life is that I amplified all of it. It was on a hundred notch. And so therefore I over gave as much as I could, right? And in order to do so, that meant that I was going to overdo how much work I did. So I was going to work a whole lot. Why? So that I could be the Celebrity. So that I could have reached that fame and that abundance and live that luxe life that I love. But I love the beauty and the luxurious, but then my Nurturer also is like, "Oh, but I'm here only to give all of me and my money. Why would I want anything?" And so there was this pull in all these directions and a lot of shame for wanting everything and nothing at all.

And so that helped me realize, okay, so I wasn't looking at my money. I was spending my money. I was working until all hours. I was totally depleted and I was looking for validation everywhere in order for me to feel successful. And so when I started to harmonize all of them, and the way I looked at them was, since knowing these archetypes and loving archetypal energies already, I started to think about, okay, what is the energy of the archetype that is desiring for me to match and play from a sovereign space? And so for nurture, it was what is the energy of my business? So what does my business actually want from me? And it's not to over-give. Because once I learned how not to over-give, my community members were still so used to it, they constantly were trying to take, take, take. So I had to reconcile that and learn how to be really loving, but also firm in my ways.

And then with the Ruler, learning okay, what is the essence of my joy? Because I kept on, I love what I do, but that meant I wasn't doing anything else. I think Denise, you say in one of the videos, you basically take your passions and turn into profit. And that's what I was doing all the time. And so nothing was sacred for me. And then the last piece with Celebrity was really honoring the energy of money. How do I relate in a sovereign way? Not just always wanting to have this imaginary amount so that I could spend lavishly, but how do I grow it in this conscious way in honor of the deep work and the people I could reciprocate the money to? So learning about my values. So yeah, that's what has happened with me.


How does your Nurturer sabotage you in business?

Yewande Akindiji

So my bottom archetypes are equally tied between Accumulator and Maverick. I knew that from the start. I'm so good at spending money, especially impulse spending. I had to reign in on that. And as I said, sub-story spending, giving away my money to people. I'm always donating something. And so how did SMA really help me? First, it was a huge relief. Like I said, I watched all the videos one night, I didn't sleep. And it was just gave me a renewed sense of alignment and direction that I knew what I was doing. And that alignment, I really needed it because I needed to block out all the noise on the internet street and all the rules of business and branding and all of that. And also gave me permission to be the kind of person I wanted to show up to be.

In my gift business, what I want to be is the background person like, that entrepreneur secret weapon to which she's going to use to transform her key business relationships. And I always thought that it was a visibility problem. It was a success saboteur issue. It's not. I just want to be in the background and let people shine. I want to be a magic maker for people. And I love that. I am really so comfortable with that. It has nothing to do with my self-esteem. And I've struggle to come to this place, so accepting that this is who I am. I'm a cheerleader and I want other people to shine. And when I help more people get what they want, I get what I want because my life is flooded with fulfillment.

And the other thing SMA really helped me was one of the first things that helped me shine light about boundaries, about actually saying no to people and having the grace to offend. Because I've always been that person, people thought, "Oh, Yewande, Mother Theresa." And having the grace to offend. Like at Christmas time last year, what I did, my sister-in-law, I was just recovering from COVID and I had a huge mental fatigue lasting months. It wasn't long COVID, but something similar. And then they were still saying, "Oh, Yewande, are we driving by for Christmas lunch?" And I was like, "I'm just recovering from COVID." And I was like, "Hell no." And they were like, "Yewande, are you serious? Well, I guess you must still be so tired." That was a reply to a text. And I was like, what the hell? And she went on and on about it, but I didn't even say anything. And I was so proud of myself. It's a big win for me because previously I was like, "Oh, okay, can I make something and post it to you?" I would post out frozen food to people. Yes, that was me. Yes, that was me. So boundaries, real boundaries.

Then systems, understanding about systems, knowing that I'm not the person that really uphold those systems. I need people in my life to be accountable to. I need that structure of a scaffolding support. Either in the people I hire or my coaches or mentors, I realized I needed that. The other thing was in terms of hiring people, as much as I always want this, "We're one happy family," I knew I needed to hire polar opposites of my personality, because I knew I was going to get any work done. I was kind of person to hired the [inaudible] one coach, checking on her. She was like, "You have 20 hours left. You paid for that. Yewande, what are we going to do?" And I'd be like, I was so overwhelmed. So those are things I learned from SMA and how SMA helped.


Anna De Acosta

For me, I've definitely felt alienated in the business world. As someone who has a full-time job, is raising five kids for a long time I was the sole breadwinner for our family. And that push to just quit everything and do your business full time, it's just not possible for me. And I've been told by people, "Oh, just quit and do your business." But you can't do that when you have kids to take care of. And I've definitely felt forced into, "You have to show up on Facebook live and Instagram live and here and there. And if you don't, you're not doing it right." And feeling like, okay, if that's not the way I do it and I'm not doing it right then I'm never going to succeed. But I've learned that if you show up in those ways inauthentically, you're not going to get anywhere. And if you keep spinning your wheels, trying to do all these things that aren't right for you and don't listen to what is right for you, you're not going to get very far, right?

And so my experience has been taking it really slow. And for me, my business is my passion. It's what I love in my life most I'd say. That's what I do that is just for me. And so it's the thing that energizes me, that brings me a sense of purpose in my life, more than any of my other roles. And I do it as an act of self-love. But I can't dedicate all my time to it, and that's okay. And I think sometimes slow and steady wins the race, right? You don't have to be first to everything. And when COVID happened, there was this big push from the self-help community to pivot and show up and help other people. And I mean, for me, it was enough to just show up and be there for my family. And that push to have to do everything and be everything for everyone, it's overwhelming, right?

And so I definitely have been resonating with everything that all of you have been saying. And I think, yeah, just to add a little bit more to that, when you have so many responsibilities and you're a Nurturer, you want to take care of everyone and you want to do everything right. And I think there's this negative tendency towards perfectionism. At least for me, there has been. And in that business world, you feel like you're not enough because you can't show up and give a hundred percent. You can't work 60 hours a week on your business. It's just not possible. But there is another way. And there is a way to do it that's more aligned with who you are, and that's sort of what SMA teaches you.


Kate Arbuckle

I'm resonating with everything that everybody said. I've absolutely experienced coaches trying to sort of railroad me into a different direction. And one of my first business coaches who taught me so much, and I am so grateful to her, and she is a Celebrity Ruler. And she said, "Go to every single networking group within a hundred mile radius." And I remember in one of the modules, you've said that, and to have permission for me when I did that, and I tried that and I followed that path, for me it would take me all day to recover because I was just spent from giving and giving and giving and giving. And very similar to going to big events with hundred of people. Yes, I enjoy them. And now I know that if I do anything like that, it is of service to me to have the next day off.

And I don't have to go straight back in. I don't have to tick and implement every single thing on someone else's timeline. I guess that's the biggest thing for me is I don't have to do all of these things on someone else's timeline. I can nurture my soul and nurture who I am, which then allows me to feel into the space and be comfortable with what I'm doing, to then get the better results. I've forgotten the question. And absolutely I've definitely also had coaches who said, "Oh, you need designer handbags and everything." It's just not me. I'm a hippie, and that's okay. And it's okay to be a wealthy hippie. So it's definitely wonderful being able to accept who I am and honor my soul as I go about my business, whilst helping incredible clients who resonate because we all have clients who resonate with who we are.

Michele Tracy Berger

My last two are the Romantic and Ruler. And in the last couple of months, I have really tried to engage that Romantic energy, which is in some ways, because I'm a professor and also a coach, just feels very alien. Everything has to be hard and you have to work hard. And really just trying to go into the ease and the beauty and just making it very joyful. So I've been trying to lean more into the Romantic and how easy can this be in terms of producing products and services for people. So that's been really helpful for me. I would say also SMA as a whole, what was striking to me is that it just ushers in a different way to think about business. It just ushers in a much more playful way. I think so also used the word authentic. I feel like it is a way to get at some of the issues of why people might be stuck.

So for me thinking about the Nurturer and the shadow side of the Nurturer, because there's a shadow side to each of the archetypes that you talk about. Understanding, if I continue on a certain path, I'm going to really manifest the martyr side of the Nurturer. And I've seen a lot of that in terms of folks who are Nurturers, who are in business. So it really allows a different way to think about how you want to be and looking at creative ways to call in that work. And I found the SMA cards where you think about the words that help to define the archetypes using that. I started to use some of that in my copying it in some of my sales page and really being intentional about the kinds of clients that I would want to attract. So SMA just has been so helpful for just really rethinking how one does business and how one can attract more of that client energy that we want to foresee in our world. I find it just so playful to so helpful and playful.


Patience Modevi

Well, to be honest with you, the Nurturer is kind of leading my life up until last couple of years, to be honest. But another thing that I found with the Romantic and also, so I'm very generous and I'm very generous with people I like, with people, my family, my friends. And I found that in the, I will say five years, yeah, last five years it's become a problem for me. So knowing that now I'm a little bit more assertive into how I'm giving and I'm giving on purpose. So into my business, I've incorporated a little bit more philanthropy. So I kind of give in that way. So instead of over-giving and being like, "Oh, we've had the coaching session, but I'm still going to keep on going and give you another one extra for free," and so on and so on because it never stops. I go like, "Okay, so we've come to the end and I'm going to maybe use some of the money that has been there to give to a charitable cause or something like that." And that's kind of been feeding, not only my way of feeling like, okay, I'm not guilty because I'm getting money from someone or from something. But at the same time I'm giving back in that way. This was one thing that came out a lot.



 What would you say to someone interested in joining Sacred Money Archetypes?

 Patience Modevi

I will say you need this. That's the first thing. And then second, I will say it really gives you an insight. I think Shay said it before. It gives you an insight into yourself already, you personally, and the people around you. And you start to realize that, oh my gosh, I can't move forward if I don't have this knowledge. And I think you give a lot of knowledge in terms of, this is why you feel like this, or this is why those kind of things happen. So for example, for me, where I'm a giver and over-giver, I was able to put a little bit more boundaries into my business and be like, oh, when I'm creating those courses, I don't have to over-give myself because the people do it by themself and I don't have to be there so much. And then my energy is not overrun and I feel happy to be with people, if that makes sense. So I will really encourage everyone, not only for the professional and the business, but even for the personal, people who want to come and try the SMA.

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