How Mavericks can use Sacred Money Archetypes® to make more money

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I recently had the opportunity to interview an incredible group of Maverick entrepreneurs and alumni in my Sacred Money Archetypes® course. In this fascinating roundtable, we talked about the strengths and challenges these entrepreneurs experience as Mavericks and how they have learned to use their Money Archetype in their business. 

Here's a summary of our discussion and please read the individual member's case studies and course reviews to find out more.

Our Maverick Roundtable Guests


How did it feel when you found out you were a Maverick? 

Anna Pugacova
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It just made me feel so safe. It's safe to be who I am. And it just explained so many things in my life and in my business.


Aprille Reed
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Not a huge surprise. When I first did the quiz, Celebrity kind of creeped up in there and it was like, "Yeah, I can..." When I read the definition like, "Yeah. Okay, I can see myself being a Celebrity." And then just when I did the quiz, again, those top three kept coming up and it's like, "Oh, yeah. Yeah, Ruler, got it. Leading. Not really a follower. Maverick..." Oh my gosh, that opened up so many ahas, so much acceptance of myself. And we'll probably get into that later. I wasn't really surprised, I must say.


Beatrice Weber
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So when I took the test, my Maverick came out super, super high and I was not surprised, and it's always been validating for me. I guess< because I come from such a rigid background that I was like, "What's wrong with me?" And then taking this test and being like, "Okay, just how I am." And I took the test twice and my two next ones came out different, but Maverick always came out on top, like sky high. So my latest test that I took in 2019, my Maverick was 36, then it was Nurturer and Ruler. So those are the other two which just feel very, very resonant.


Gemma James
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When the results first came out, it wasn't necessarily a surprise. But it was more like the realization of, "Ah, okay. So it is actually a thing. It's not just that I'm a bit flaky, and really bad at business, and just rubbish at picking a niche, and things like that." It's actually allowed for me to do it this way. And since I have, I guess, honored that and stepped in that, that's where even more of my Romantic has come out because now I know it's allowed to be easy and I get to do it in my way.


Helen Pritchard
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Oh, so when I got Maverick, I was like, "Of course, I did." I was like, "I really wanted it." And when I got it, I was like, "Yes, I always get what I want. This is brilliant." I was so pleased to have it because all of my life... I got moved up here at school, so I went to school a year early. So, I was 10 when I went to high school. So I was already different to everyone else. And then I got the older boyfriend, I dropped out of school. But then I managed to just come back and get all my exams. I've always done things differently to everyone else. And over the years, I'd say it's probably caused me quite a lot of hardship in a way. I wasn't particularly popular at school, got bullied. And then I had a mental health breakdown and then I was in a hospital. So it was almost like I was always doing things that other people weren't doing, weren't conforming.

And I just think when I found entrepreneurship, I was like, "Oh, this is it. I can create things out of nothing. It's like magic." I was like, I couldn't believe it. I trained as a holistic therapist first, and the first time someone gave me £40 in cash and they said, "Thank you very much." I was like, "Wow, I've created that money. I had nothing." I felt like a complete magician. And I was hooked from then on in. But buying into Money Bootcamp was the scariest thing I've ever done. I did not have the funds in place. I put it on a credit card. I was shaking.

But as soon as I got in there, it kind of stopped my Maverick in its tracks because at the time I think I paid $1,500 to get in and there was 2,000 people in the group. And I remember sitting on my chair and doing the maths and thinking, "Oh, okay. Right. So I've done all these other things, but if I just sell one thing and I stop doing all the other things, and I just create a million different ways to sell the same thing, all roads lead to bootcamp." For me, it was like I've got a [inaudible], all roads lead to this training. And even my training is completely Maverick because everyone else in the LinkedIn world seems to talk about sending lots of DMs, getting obsessed with what time to post, focusing on engagement. And I'm completely the opposite. I'm like, "we don't send any DMs, we don't care what time you post." All that kind of stuff. So it's completely different.

And when I first launched into the world of the online world, very naively thinking everyone's going to love me, this is going to be great. Because just everyone seemed to hate me and it wasn't great. And I was like, "Oh." But I think a lot of people were triggered because I was teaching things that nobody else had really taught before because it was completely against everything. So definitely that's where Maverick showed up for me. But realizing that I can create magical opportunities to sell the same thing over, and over, and over, and over again has just been such a gift to me. But the roller coaster of the money that I think Maverick seemed to love, I love it. I love it. And I wish I had, like you say, more of the Accumulator and the Nurturer to study that ship a little bit.

But when I did seven figures in 2020, and I just remember sitting there going, "Where's my marching band? Where's my big hair? What happened?" I thought something would happen. I was just sad on my own in January in my office. But then I was like, "Well, I've done that now. I don't need to do that again. I can go to smaller launches. I don't need to spend so much on Facebook ads." And it's almost like I just see opportunities, I want to do it. I want to tick the box. And once I've done it though, I'm like, "I'm good with that. I want to do something else now. So, now I'm going back to selling the same thing, but in a different way to different people. So for me, Maverick was like, "I'm so pleased I've got it." I would never want to do the quiz again in case something else came up. I know when I was looking at investing, they did my investment risk and they were like, "You were the highest we've ever had in... You were 90 out of a 100."

And I'm just like, "Hey, I'm going to Vegas on Thursday and I just think that life's a game to play. It's like you all come in with the same amount of chips, you're going to leave with the same amount of chips. You might as well play it full out while you're here." And for me, entrepreneurship as a Maverick has been a gift from God because it allows me to play the game, have fun with it. The ups, the downs, the wins, the losses, the drama of it. So, it wasn't a huge revelation to me, but I was really pleased to come out as a Maverick for sure.


Kierra Jones
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Yeah. It's so interesting because I did my quiz twice and I believe it was a year or a year and a half apart. And so I honestly couldn't remember the first one, but right before I started the program and I did the quiz, I did not pay as much attention to it the first time. So it's one of those things of growth. But the second time around when I looked at the quiz results, seeing the idea of like, "You are rebellious and you are a rebel", I was all here for it. I have a little trophy right there, it's my most extra award. And it was literally a part of me embracing this extra-isms that I like to pour out in the world. And so I wasn't surprised. But what I really love, and I'm sure we'll get through it with the program, it's really all about understanding how to infuse that into your business, from your business model to how you want to show up.

Ad for me, I would take this a step further and say is that... And it's still doing, it made so much sense with the work that I do. So when I first started, sales was just... It's my corporate background, so it was like, "Yeah, teach sales." But I hated the fact that my clients would come in and it's like they want to talk about sales from a numbers perspective. And I was like, "Okay. Yeah. I mean, that's cool." And I'm all about women making money, but it was like, "There's something deeper you're wanting to say that you're not saying. There's something deeper you want to sell that you're not selling. And what if you just gave yourself permission to do it?"

And that was when I really started to realize I don't want to teach sales or be known for sales in the way that others in the industry have, but I really want to hone in on what I call your power message and powerhouse selling, which is just getting into this really intimate space with not only your clients, but also with yourself. How can you connect with your ideal client if you can't truly connect with yourself in the most aligned way?

So it actually gave me this opening into more of what do I really want to be known for and being a rebel in my industry, and doing things a little different, and speaking about it in a different way. And sometimes you're afraid because it's like, "What if they don't get it? What if it's too different?" But really just being okay with it and embracing it. And like my grandmother has called me miss Missy since I was three years old, and really that's what came up for me was me remembering I've always been this girl who beat to her own drum. And so I think really it wasn't a surprise, but it was more of this deeper permission of like, "Yeah, I've literally been this way forever. And now it's really up to me to embrace it and bring it into every part of my business."


Kim Galloway
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So I only took the quiz once because when it came up with Maverick and I was reading the description, it was this breath of fresh air. Somebody finally got me. Somebody finally understood my ability to go, "You know what? I don't have the money, but I think I'm going to go ahead and invest in this thing and I'm going to make it okay." And then I do. And so when I got the whole list of archetypes, there was not a single one that I was surprised at with where it fell. But it was this great level of permission and understanding that, yeah, I totally jump and then look later. Hope that the water's there, hope that the net shows up. And it always does seem to.

And it's interesting that everybody's calling themselves a rebel because my Maverick does not manifest that way. It's very specific in the money where I'm really good at saying, "I really need this thing. I really don't have the money, but this is my next step. I'm going to go do it and I'm going to figure the rest of it out." And that always seems to come together.


How do your top three Archetypes work together?

Shazia Imam
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Maverick, Ruler, Accumulator, oh my God. First of all, I am a powerhouse. I mean, that is a powerhouse combination. So my powerhouseness, I'm getting stuff done. If I walk into a room, you know. It's all good on paper. It's good in so many ways, but it's never enough. It's never enough. Never. And my Accumulator drives me bonkers. My Accumulator is never happy. I mean, how much more money do I need to have in the bank account? How much more does my retirement need to be set? How much more for it to be enough? But it's never enough.

And then my Maverick loves to do big wild things, like I bought my Tesla last year in cash. And then I had nothing left in my account, which my Maverick is fine with that. But my Accumulator was like, "we're going to die now. We will literally die." And that energy is so exhausting. It's so exhausting. And I want to just enjoy my stuff. I want to enjoy my success. So there's a part of me that's like, "I just want to enjoy in life, but my Accumulator will not let me." And my Maverick and Accumulator are always at odds. And then my Ruler's constantly like, "Well, you're not there yet so stop even talking because you have more stuff to do." So it's hot mess express. But on the outside, I look amazing.


Anna Pugacova

I'm a Maverick, Ruler and Alchemist. And I was born in very poor life settings. I was born and grew up in another country in orphanage, no family, everything so poor and dysfunctional. And what I struggled throughout my life is that I was shaming myself for who I am and that I want to go against that, and not follow everyone else's path. And I have received so much shame about that and around that. And I had to let go of that because I know when I discovered that I am Maverick, for me it was like, "This is me. This is who I always was. And I was born to do this. I was born to be wealthy. I was born to inspire people. I was born to lead and I'm not bossy."

And also being an Alchemist, I always have these amazing creative ideas. And I had to stop giving them away for free because I ended up building other people's businesses and I never got paid for that. So my solution to that is basically remind myself every single day that I am the person I always wanted to be, and stand in that power and shine as much as I can because that's when I attract so much money and so many opportunities.


Aprille Reed

Definitely. Especially when I have a big win, I feel like I have to relax and my business can take a dive as far as what I should continue to keep doing, because it's like, "Yeah, I had this huge win. Now, I'm going to binge on Netflix for a week." And so just even understanding that about myself and then there's that Ruler, that guilt, that Maverick, "You should be doing something." And just getting back on the horse. And then the Romantic is battling, "No, it's certainly okay just to relax and chill." So there is that, like the good angel, the bad angel, which none of them are good and bad. But it's just the Ruler and the Maverick against the Romantic that, "You should be doing something." And I just want to relax and chill.

So one of the things that I've done is create non-negotiables, like my evenings are free. My weekends are free and I may not stick to it a 100%. If I can get something out of the way in a couple of hours on one weekend, I may do that. But just having that standard for myself, like my evenings are free and my weekends are free for my family, for myself just to chill guilt-free, that's how I try to balance everything.


How does your Maverick sabotage you in business?

Beatrice Weber

One of the things for me was trusting myself that a lot of money could come in and it could come in easily. Again, because of my upbringing and messages I was taught around women being able to earn money, I didn't believe it. But if I look at large sums of money that have come in since 2018, since I joined bootcamp, it's been incredible. Last year when I totaled up how much money I had made, even though I was unemployed for half of the time because of COVID, it was double of what I had ever earned, so over $300,000. And this year as well, I'm looking at the money and I made this deal that just fell into my lap of... I'm not even a real estate broker, but somehow I'm making money by selling somebody's business. And there's like this $100,000 money waiting for me, which is amazing for me to be able to just relax into that because somehow I still have that fear like, "I'll never have enough money. I won't be able to make money." But the facts show otherwise, so I can definitely relate to that.

I think for me, one of my biggest sabotages is jumping from one thing to the next like, "Oh, that looks interesting. Oh my gosh, I could really figure that out." And then once I start actually working on it and getting into the nitty gritty and understanding it, I'm like, "Oh, whatever. This is boring. Let me do something else." So I would say that is my biggest sabotage. What I've done for that is to make sure that I have steady money coming in so that I know at least there's steady money coming in, I can pay all the bills. We're fine. But then with the things that I'm passionate about, I do a lot of that jumping around, totally relate to the shiny object syndrome. When I'm in, it doesn't feel like shiny object. It feels really important, right? That felt really, really good and really important. But next week it doesn't really feel that way. So, that's really, I would say, my main sabotage.


Shazia Imam

What's coming up as you all have been sharing too, the overcompensating and then also I would totally be burned at the stake in another lifetime for sure. One of the things I know that I really overcompensated for is, I'm a Brown girl in the U.S. And I grew up in a very white town. And growing up, I always wanted to make it. I wanted to have a seat at the table. I'm a Ruler too, so I'm ambitious. And I would say all the way probably until my mid-30s, that's what I wanted. I wanted to make it. I wanted to prove myself so that I could be seen as just as powerful as all the other white men that kind of get there so easily. And I had this shift within myself where I was like, "Actually, I've reached kind of the on paper success", but it wasn't fulfilling.

And what I really shifted into, and this is where I see my true Maverick coming forth is that, my shift is that I just live in delight. And for a woman to live in delight and a woman of color to live in pure delight is a revolution. And if that's what we can do like, "Damn, that's amazing. That's what I want. And I don't need a seat at the table anymore." And then I thought, I'm just going to create my own table. And I'm like, "Forget it. Why are we going to sit at a table? Let's go enjoy ourselves and go jump out of a plane or enjoy a nice spa." And now I actually do these VIP days with clients. But my point is that my Maverick being able to just enjoy truly, that's fulfilling. And if women could just do that, I mean that would really make me happy instead of have to slog away, and do this, or the patriarch, and all the other things. I'm like, "Let's just enjoy." I mean, that's just not even allowed, it seems, across many places.


Aprille Reed

My business, my life feels like I'm jumping out of an airplane. And as I'm falling, I'm like, "Oh, wait. Maybe I should have been paying attention when they were telling me how to pull the safety pull so I can land safely." It's just so many things are just jumping, "I'll figure it out." And I'm always chasing that shiny new object syndrome, the next thing. One of my big sabotages, and I was thinking about it and it's like, "Well, everything I have ever tried to monetize in my business, I have made money." But where my big sabotage come from is just I hit that ceiling very quickly because I'm always hopping to the next new idea. And I don't stick to something that is working very long, or there's always something to tweak. And for whatever reason, I could make money in a funnel. And it's like, "You know what? I don't like it that, let's tear it down, start over from scratch because I don't know, just something's not good enough about it."

And so that has come up in my business, in my life a lot, just it's always the next thing. I'm never really focused on one thing. I get bored very, very quickly. And my husband's an Accumulator and my business bestie's an Accumulator. And it's funny because I'm on a call with a Accumulator now. And a lot of times they do want to say, "Wait, let's pause. Let's research. Let's make sure this is where we want to go." And it's like, "What more research is there? No. We're going to make money, let's just go. What's taking you so long? Why aren't you hopping on to this?" And what they've taught me is to slow down and to listen more. And there's a lot of things that I can appreciate from an Accumulator that does not come natural to me, that it's like, "You know what? I need to really focus on my future and slow down and appreciate that part of them."


Kim Galloway

When my business was new, I definitely took on anything that related to, "Oh, you want to write a book? Cool, I'll ghost write for you." I'm a lousy book-length ghost writer. "Oh, you need blog posts? Sure, I'll do that too. Oh, you need copy." I was a bang up copywriter. And so I settled in on just doing the book coaching. But where I sabotage my business, where that Maverick comes in is that need to take the risk. And it's always around the finances. I look at some of the Accumulators in SMA and I'm going, "But your money, it's just sitting there. And you don't spend it, it just sits there?" So that Maverick really comes out with, "I have worked really hard to not spend every single penny that comes across my bank account and just get rid of it as quickly as possible."

I know that this will just cause Accumulators to just have heart attacks, I don't think that debt is bad. I am very comfortable with my credit cards. If I need something and I'm like, "Cool, how can I juggle this? How can I invest in my business? How can I invest in myself? How can I get training or join this program?" And the way that really sabotages those, I carry a lot of debt. I'm constantly living on that edge of the feast or famine. And those have been the things that I'm working on, but how do you work on it so you're more comfortable without losing that delicious live on the edge, take the risk, roll the dice, be excited? And it's really interesting, the fine line between the strength of the Maverick archetype and the sabotages of the Maverick archetype. But yeah, I'm the Maverick in a group of Mavericks, I have not burnt down my business in the last 10 years.


Kierra Jones

For me number one aha was like, "I just need to go into deeper alignment. There's actually not so much that's wrong, it's just that I need to realign it." That was one. An area that I sabotage myself in definitely was regarding funnels and webinars. For me, because I'm such an intimate person, I felt like funnels weren't intimate. I felt like they didn't create connection. I felt like everyone had the same webinar type of thing and everyone's doing it the same way. And I just didn't vibe with that. And I was like, "Oh my God, I am such a rebel that I want to say F you to the funnels. And I want my people to fill me in all that." But that totally was a sabotage because when you talk about creating simplicity... which I'll definitely talk about in a second, like changes I made to my business model... But in general, when I think about simplicity, I had to really do work around seeing the beauty in funnels and seeing what they could create. How I could leverage repurposing my content, creating more automation, making a balance?

There's some live stuff I can do, because I know that I will have amazing, amazing conversion rates. When people experience my energy, whether it's in person, or whether it's on a challenge, or masterclass... I don't like the word webinar. I like to say masterclass... but see even that, my energy around it. So it was really just some shifting and some reframing that I had to do on stuff. And not doing it the way that I thought I needed to do or format it like this, and your site has to be like that. And once I found my jam in my master classes like, "I don't want to talk at you. I want you to come on screen. I expect for you to talk."

I remember one of the first master classes that once I finally gave myself permission to do it in my way and just interacting with people, they were so... I had to tell people like, "I actually want you to talk. I'm not recording it, you can talk on it. I want to interact with you. I'm a human being." They were so shocked. And so just finding ways to bring me into it, but leveraging some of those automations and things like that, instead of trying to fight it. Because if I don't, well, then everything is live. And so now I'm getting to the place where I am exhausted. So trying to find the balance between the two was definitely something I had to realize.

The other thing that I will say is definitely team. Team, team, team. I don't know if anyone else has this. I haven't heard much about team. But for me, there's this... I'm also a control freak. So there was this like, "I have to do it myself. You're not me, I have to do it." But then also this like, "Who are you to tell me what to do, even though you're my team?" My content manager that I recently was working with for eight months, that journey was definitely a lot of growth for me because I had to learn, her giving ideas and suggestions, it's very empowering for her. But it also was difficult for me to be in a space of someone else trying to tell me what to do or me wanting to do my thing and trying to resist it. And it was like, "Why are you resisting? You literally are paying her to give you this stuff. Why are you resisting this?" So that is definitely something I am still working on, to be quite honest.

Someone talked about decluttering, I think it was Gemma. And I think we all seem to be talking about that. For me, I had to introduce to myself this concept of the power of the core. And so for me, I had 15 different offers before SMA and I had gotten rid of some of them before. But in essence, before 2019, I had 15 different offers and it was stressful. It's like I don't launching, but yet I was in a launch model. I always had to launch and do all these things. That was exhausting to me. And so for me 2019, as I stepped into 2020, my plan was like, "I want to create more focus. I want to really hone in on my core."

And so I talk about the core four and really just claiming your core, what's the core message? What's the core client? What's the core thing that you do? Just honing in on what's your core offer. And so for me, for the 2020... Well, since 2020, 2021, so last two and a half years, I have literally focused on selling two things, and that is it, in my whole business. And being able to do that has been so amazing. And I just want to say this is such a beautiful conversation because it helps you think about the growth that you've done and like, "Whoa, this is what's happened."

And I wanted to just share this story. So in 2017, I had my first $20,000 month. And I could not figure out how to make them consistent at all. 2020, when I had my next $20,000... I had had another 20,000 a month, but it wasn't consistent. From 2020 and 2021, to be able to be in a space where before it was from a one-on-one program and then to look at my business, and it's from a group program, and I can bring in handfuls of women at one time, I literally worked part-time from May, all summer long. And I still was doing 20-25K cash months, not even sales months, but just working part-time. It was such an aha. And even now I'm still taking it in that I allowed myself to have this time. It is the next level to me.

And so I just wanted to point out how we're talking about decluttering your business model, focusing on your core, creating simplicity. I never valued simplicity as much. And one of the breakthroughs that I was talking about from yesterday when I was doing this recording for the podcast, I said something to myself around so much of my identity was in me being a smart girl. So much of my identity growing up was like I got good grades, especially being raised in a low income home, single mother, education was the way that we were taught to get out. And I was the first to go to college in my family, the first to work in corporate America. People thought I was crazy for leaving this big corporate job. There was so much identity I had in being the smart one, and knowing the answer, and all the things.

And so when you become an entrepreneur, I feel like for me, it was like, "Go, go, go." Making money harder is the answer. To make more money, you have to work harder, and all of these things. And just being in a space where I know that I allowed this for myself and now my next step is continuing to allow it for myself because I've seen some little sabotages try to come in, in the last two months or so. I had my two biggest years. And then going into this year, I'm like, "Okay, I want to top that." And as I've started 2022, it's like I've seen these little sabotages.

So one, I just want to thank Denise for bringing this circle together because I just have this aha that it's like, "Oh my God, I have to go back through SMA because..." And even if I didn't go through it, just being here in this time, it's kind of like, "Kierra, this was why you created this program." So I know that Gemma was talking about a membership. I have a high ticket membership. It used to be low ticket. I couldn't deal with that shit, $97 a month wasn't working for me. I'm too extra and give too much for it, so I realized very quickly I couldn't do it. So then I was like, "Oh, I'm just going to make a high ticket one." And everyone was like, "There's no high ticket membership. That doesn't exist. It has to cost this much." And I was like, "Well, this is how much I'm giving them. This is how much I'm paying." And it took me a minute to really be okay with that in 2020, but I know that I've grown in it.

I've increased that program in a beautiful way and I'm excited for where it's going next. And I saw myself having a little sabotage January where I was like, "Wow, look at what I did this year. I was in like 60K of debt. I paid off 40K of it. I'm like, "Last 20K." I had all my taxes done in January. I had investing team. I felt like financially, I'm like, "I'm on my shit right now." And so there was this little moment of like, "Oh, gosh. Wow, look at all this stuff that I did." And so I think sometimes as a Maverick, it is like, "You did all of this and you worked less this year than you did three years before, but you may double and triple the amount of money." Like, "Really?" And it's like, "Yeah, and we're going to take that to the next level. That's the next future sabotage that I'm working through.

And I am so grateful to just this circle to just remind me of that whole idea of simplicity, it is powerful. As a Maverick growing up, being little, it's like doing all the things I thought was really cool, and that was my identity. And now it's like, "No, I like that my day is simpler, and I can lay on the couch, and I can play a video game and still sign a client in the middle of me playing a video game, and all the things." So lots of different ahas for sure on sabotages and things like that. But really, really grateful for this space.


How has joining Sacred Money Archetypes helped you?

Aprille Reed

SMA has been so eye opening. So I would say, "Do it because if you are having guilt, or if you're struggling, or if people are judge-y on something that just comes natural to you, and maybe you feel like, 'I have to follow the norm and I have to fit into this box', I feel like SMA, what it did for me was it gave me the permission..." And I think a lot of times... And I hate that, especially with women, we need that permission to just be okay with who we are and to be different from society. And so, yes. Okay, if you need the permission, I'll give you the permission to invest in SMA. And then you're going to get the permission that it's okay when you have that tingling feeling like, "This doesn't feel authentic to me. This doesn't feel quite right. Maybe I'm just not cut out..." No, you are definitely cut out.

You just need to know what your strengths and what your weaknesses are. And when you know that, you're going to be able to make grounded, and sound, and very smart decisions in your life, not just as an entrepreneur. And I know there are people on here that are not trying to go toward that, but just in your life in general. So yes, definitely invest in SMA just to understand yourself better and show up in this world as your most authentic you.

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