How Connectors can use Sacred Money Archetypes® to make more money

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I recently had the opportunity to interview an incredible group of Connector entrepreneurs and alumni in my Sacred Money Archetypes® course. In this fascinating roundtable, we talked about the strengths and challenges these entrepreneurs experience as Connectors and how they have learned to use their Money Archetype in their business. 

Here's a summary of our discussion and please read the individual member's case studies and course reviews to find out more.

Our Connector Roundtable Guests


How did it feel when you found out you were a Connector? 

Carrie Ekins
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I was not surprised that I was a Connector, but I didn't resonate until I properly read through everything. I'm quite an introvert, I'm one of those outgoing introverts. The idea of making connections is a bit like, "Oh God." But once you get me in my flow, I'm that kind of Connector which is very much about sharing information. It's about teaching, it's about giving you the best of what I have to offer. Yeah, but I think to begin with I was like, "Really? Connector? I'm terrible at networking." I always stand on the side of the room and I take the room in. And then when I've read the room, I jump in. So, definitely with the Alchemist and the nurturer, I see how it all works together so I never really think of myself as being top of the triangle, Connector.


Deirdre Amies
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Well, I'll just be completely open and honest and say I was pissed off when I discovered I was a Connector, because I wanted to be a Maverick or a Ruler or something like that. One of the cool ones, but really it's me to a tee. There's a couple of things that are probably very subtle with me, but I'm a Connector through and through. And like Carrie, I'm the same; I don't enjoy networking so I was like, "How can that be me?" I hold back and I read the room and then I go for the connections that feel right. And it also shows up in everything I've ever done, basically. Every conversation I've ever had in corporate, I was counseling people and connecting them with a solution; a way to make them feel better. So yeah, that is totally me. Dammit.


Jodie Howard
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I definitely was surprised. It was a surprise to even a space of denial that I just didn't see it. It was like I couldn't see the forest from the trees. I felt honestly, as I dug deeper and learned more about it but it was a surprise. I wanted to be a Ruler or I wanted to be the other archetypes that I felt seemed to be more money savvy or could call in and bring in money in the ways that I don't, typically. And so it definitely was a surprise and a little bit of a, "I don't really know if I want that one to be mine." And so I really do like my Romantic, that's my second one. So, I kind of like to play into that more, because it felt fun and light and airy. And I, for a while, was just really wanting to learn more about that. And it wasn't until I acknowledged more of my connectedness and Connector ability, though, that things actually did start to flow through in that way also. So, it was definitely a surprise.


Monica Lee Rich
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So, I'm not surprised I was a Connector, I was surprised at the negative parts of the Connector. In fact, you know what you girls? I kept these cards and I've just found them. I was so proud of myself that I had actually kept them. But I had a lot of, actually, shame around the fact that the things with the Romantic and the Connector, that they depend on someone for financial dependence. And certainly that's the way I was raised and that lack of complete financial dependence, and actually I would say it even tripped me up a lot. I kept taking the task because I was like, "Surely that can't be." Because I'm working so hard at being these other things, but this is why it's actually fun to have the full-blown version where you can actually read and see what your attributes are.

And interestingly, as we move forward in the conversation, as I reread these because I haven't visited this in a while; I was surprised at what I have worked past in being some of the traits of, "I deserve this." Because I don't feel that anymore. I'm not going at this with the same amount of shame. But that was my initial reaction was, "I don't want that to be me."


Orit Ojos
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Yeah, I guess I was not surprised that I'm a Connector because I really am all about relationships and all about that thing of sharing information. There's like five seconds between the moment I learned something in the moment I'm teaching it. I've taught so many very different things in my life and I just love sharing information and fitting people with what they need; the solution they need and I'm always counseling everybody. And then when I kept going into the Connector thing and saw the thing about the money, well yeah, it kind of describes me. So, I'm never really dependent on anyone but never really, totally independent. Somehow just making it happen, I'm not sure exactly how. So yeah, but also I'm a shy extrovert. I'm not so good with a lot of people, but very good one-on-one and some moments I just become the center, which is kind of weird. Just someday I'll go and just make everyone laugh, everybody's talking to me. And then the next day I'm reading a book, not even looking up.


How do your top three Archetypes work together?

Rachael Ferrera
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For me, it's Connector, Alchemist and then Ruler a little bit below. Oh yeah, I definitely see all of these and I've been fascinated by how they work together and pull on each other. So, definitely with that Connector, Alchemist with both of them being so high, the tendency to just not care about money, "I don't need to think about that." I mean, absolutely. This is something that I've gotten much better at. Definitely work in progress but gotten much better at because of Money Bootcamp and SMA. All of these things like going, "Okay. Yes, let's look at this and let's create some systems around it." But that natural tendency all through my twenties, for sure. It was very much money was not a thought in my mind, really, managing it at all. And just that belief that it will always be there is great and I think I especially in my late twenties, early thirties; I saw that double edged sword thing play out because then it's when some kind of emergency would happen, it was like I didn't have as much access to my magic, almost. It felt like.

It's like, "Whoa." All of a sudden everything's a bit of a mess, if that makes sense. And so really going, "Oh, okay. Maybe let me pay a little bit more... Or a lot, actually a lot more attention." But something that also was interesting when I started, not in Money Bootcamp, before Money Bootcamp. When I started looking at money through some other programs and things; I all of a sudden realized that I wasn't looking at my money. I wasn't caring about it and I became aware of that, and then I almost became ashamed of that. And then it was almost like I totally leaned away from my Alchemist, the part of me that could just create money because it was like, "No, that's not real. That's juvenile. That's too magical." Like, "No, you need to understand where it's coming from." And then I actually think I started leaning more into the Ruler part of me that's like, "I need to be empowered. I need to work for this."

Which there is a very natural part of me that can just do the thing, but it's not actually the highest part of me. I think it's good that it's in the mix and it helps but what I noticed was a pendulum swing to then where it's like, "No, I just need to work on this. I just need to build my empire." And then I wasn't connecting with people because it's like, "No, I need to focus. I need to work." And I started to see things aren't flowing. And so when I really dove into this work, I started to understand it's like, "No." Because yes, it's good to pay attention to the money. It's good to build your empire, whatever, but my superpower is in the connection so I have to have that.

And when I connect, what I've realized is connecting to other people and really building really genuine relationships for the sake of building genuine relationships; is what creates. It's like the channel to the Alchemist. It's the channel to money just coming in, opportunities just coming in that then turn into money. So, that's how I see that trifecta playing out for me and it's been so powerful to just have this understanding so I can go, "When things aren't as in flow, what is it that I need to lean into? Am I cutting off my Connector? Am I cutting off my Alchemist? Or do I actually need to bring in a little bit more of that Ruler for a phase?" So yeah, this has been just mind blowing.


Houda AzzaOui
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I relate so, so much to what Stacy just said in terms of that's where I'm at in finding the fun again in my business and in trying to follow all those processes and stuff, it just killed my vibe. And just now actually, as I started surrendering and even letting go of the outcome and of the money goal and just doing it for the process and enjoying, things started coming. Just a few days, I was invited to the round table and then another invitation to webinar came in. I was like, "Oh my God, this is me. This is my life, things come to me. It's happening again." And yeah, SMA definitely changed my life and I'm changing my business model. So, in the first life of SMA last year when I joined, was just at the time I was finishing my beta version of a course that I was just launching.

While my Romantic was happy having a course out there and then running on passive and the passive income thing, then I realized... Well, two things; my Romantic wasn't happy. The lifetime access model that my mentor was encouraging us was like a lifetime. What does that mean? I cannot commit for my lifetime. I love what I do. And it was weekly calls as well. And the weekly calls even bimonthly, I made them bimonthly, even for my beta because weekly was just does too much for my Romantic. And even that bimonthly was too much. But what I realized is that my other archetypes, Nurturer and Connector, weren't happy because people were not joining the calls so much. They did the work, but I didn't get to be there with them.

And then I started contracting for this company doing one-on-one for corporate. And then I realized, "Oh my God, one-on-one. I love one-on-one." I just have to show up in there and don't have to prepare for anything. No course to record, no funnels or whatsoever. I just need to show up for the one-on-one and then it's done. So, I'm swapping, definitely, to one-on-one and [inaudible] to get one-on-one because it just feels so aligned. My Romantic is happy because I don't have to prepare anything. I'm keeping myself very mindful of not over promising to send things after the call, that definitely thanks to SMA. I would always be in a Nurturer and Connector who just over commits, being in the energy, in the moments to doing things after and sending things and then just never bother and procrastinate for two weeks before doing it.

So, now I'm keeping being mindful of that before I promise anything. And yeah that's been really, I think, the main change my business model and just taking completely other turn. Not excluding putting up a group coaching program at some point but run it completely passive, more easily than that. And for now, I just cannot deal with another launch. I love it, it's just putting content out there as I feel it and having people come in and yeah, no official launch with the deadline to have a certain number of clients with the deadline. That's putting me off now, I can't deal with that. Had a bad experience.


How does your Connector sabotage you in business?

Carrie Ekins

I find that I end up in a perfect storm of Connector, Alchemist, Nurturer. When you're so good for helping, so good for teaching, so good for trying to give everyone what they need. And then you end up with really sloppy time boundaries because you just need to give it more and give it more, and then you don't want to be paid. And you're just like... One of my friends is... Oh, I think, actually, Denise might see her tomorrow. Kate Arbuckle, she is a massive Accumulator, Maverick. And she's like, "Carrie, stop burning down the barn and giving it all away for free. You've already created something awesome. Turn it into a passive income and then move on with your life. Stop making a new thing before you finish the first thing." And I'm like, "But I like it. I want to do it. I want to help everyone."


Rachael Ferrera

Because as a Connector, there's that thing where everybody becomes your friend. So, he would in the beginning kind of look at me like, "Why are you charging our friends to work with you? What are you doing?" And I know that the reason I do that is because there's actually a tendency to not want to charge my friends so I really had to have a moment of being like, "But the thing is, everyone becomes my friend." I have tons of clients that are friends and friends that are clients that it's this very reciprocal relationship and it just does this. And so it came to, "If I don't charge my friends, I won't have a business because I'll just be doing this work for free for everyone."

And when I explained that to him through the lens of the archetypes, he got it and he wasn't uncomfortable with that anymore. So, it's released some tension in our relationship because these are his friends too. People who are close to him, if they want to work with me, then I charge them. Sometimes I offer them a little deal or whatever, but we're still going to have business happening. So, I think it's just created more ease for us.


Jodie Howard

I was going to say for me it shows up that I hear often people say, "You give away so much free content." I'm constantly just putting out great, amazing content. And I will have accumulated friends or other people saying, "What are you doing here?" And I'm like, "Oh, I'm just sharing. I'm just talking. I'm just posting." I'm just doing what feels comfortable and what feels natural, what feels good and I'm connecting. I'm connecting information, ideas, people, concepts. I'm doing all of that. And there are times, though, that I'm becoming much more aware of it and I'm choosing to say, "Okay, that is my gift and I am here to receive more value, more income from this." And so that's part of been what my growth and shift has been of allowing myself to learn when I can share content without just overloading the content.

And actually they're creating a masterclass out of it and charging people to come and do that. And that has been this uh-huh that I've been stepping into more and more and just... Yeah, because otherwise I'm like, "Well, sure! Everybody want to hear it? I'm here to give you... Sure!" And then later I'm like, "But I really would like some actual income from this too." So, that's been part of my process.


Monica Lee Rich

So, this is an interesting question in the Smart Creative Women, when I had that podcast, I actually got burnt out doing it and had to pull the plug on it because I was posting and giving and had not figured out how to monetize it. I didn't know how to monetize it. I did e-courses, I did coaching and I was doing three podcasts a week. And so it was just like, "I wish I would've gone in with a plan of how to make money." But I had positioned it as, "Let's gather everybody together and be friends and it's a coffee table roundabout." But nobody was paying me. And how it shows up now as an artist... And so this is several years later and it's a good question to ask myself now because I've taken myself out of that role, but I still have all the followers and I have very expensive art for $5,000 down to, "Oh, well what can they afford?"

And I just recently did something that was very off brand for me. And I did these small watercolors and charged $25 for them. And some of my other art friends were like, "Well of course you sold out." And I knew this was not in the right price point but I felt like, "Oh, I they've been following me for so long. They're on my newsletter, let me just do something they can afford." So I feel like I'm assigning people what I think they can afford versus being aspirational. And even at $200, $300, $400; save up and have my art on your wall. So, that's how it's affecting me now and it's really actually... I'm wrestling with it.


Orit Ojos

Yeah. How is it showing up in my business? I'm just counseling everybody because it's so useful. I'm just teaching everybody about eyesight improvement, solving everybody's problem in basically all walks of life, all camps, all everything everybody needs. But none of these people are paying me, I'm not sure why. I mean, there are some people who are paying me but I spend a lot of time solving everybody's problems. But actually, you know what? It's something that I love to do, it's something that I really love about my life; that I can spend hours and hours talking to whoever about whatever. And it's really interesting for me. The guy who's doing his PhD about ancient coins and nobody wants to talk to him and I'm like, "Oh wow, this is so interesting. Ancient coins."

I helped a friend of mine write his thesis in mathematics. I don't know anything about it but he needed a writer and it was so interesting for me. I was like, "Oh, fractiles. That's awesome." And for a very short while I knew quite a bit about fractiles, it's all gone now but... And I just do all these things. And I'm kind of thankful and grateful to myself for taking the time to do these things. Although, financially it's not very good decisions because it's a lot of time, usually, just volunteering to do these things. And yeah, I guess it would be nice to have some money but as the personality thing says; it all, somehow, magically works out.


How has joining Sacred Money Archetypes helped you?

Deirdre Amies

I think how it's helped me is to just embrace all of me. All the different parts of me because up until discovering SMA, I was thinking more along the lines of, "Okay, I'm a Libra." But I don't really resonate with all of the Libra because it's so one dimensional. But understanding my Connector traits and then the other underlying ones, it's the whole package. And that has really helped me to just grow as a person, to improve my relationship with my family. As soon as I started talking about this stuff, my kids, they started talking about it too and I'm pretty sure my oldest is a Maverick because he refuses to take the test. So yeah, just understanding more about myself. I've definitely become a better person, a better coach, better with money. I love the [inaudible] money visualization. It's expanded so, so much from my first impression of it. Yeah, just connecting with possibilities.


Jodie Howard

For me, it really started first even within my household and learning my archetype and then learning my husband's, who's an Accumulator, first and foremost. And me and my Romantic and Connector self; it was so enlightening in our relationship and it explained so much. And it assisted with so much for both of us to understand this and see where we were coming from after, it's been now 30 years of marriage. And we did this, what? A few years ago. So, it was really helpful. That, I think, was the very first step. And then now being able to see it in my business, like I said, when I made the awareness that as a channel and as a guide, I am really leaning into my Connector abilities and it always felt so easy and almost too easy. Similar to what Monica had said, that I thought it was almost too easy for this to be the thing that I could actually now create a business around.

So, having that awareness was also really enlightening and leaning into that and allowing the ease of my Connector abilities to actually lead the way for income, and money, and allowing more and more to come in.

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