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If you're not making money right now in your business - we need to get real.

Get real about your numbers.

You might have heard that marketing is a numbers game, and every part of you may want to rail against it.

You might say things like: “My customers are special to me Denise, they aren’t just a number!“ or “But I put heart and soul into my marketing.“ 

I’m not saying that’s not true, but you have to be realistic about the amount of marketing needed before potential customers can experience your heart and soul for themselves. 

If you're new to our community, my name is Denise Duffield-Thomas, money mindset mentor, author and founder of the Money Bootcamp. I help entrepreneurs like you to clear your money blocks so you can earn the money you deserve and create your First Class life.

You’re talented and ambitious enough to make a success of your business.

You’re good enough to hit all your goals.

You just don’t have enough eyeballs on your work right now. Simple as that. 

I have a prescription for you, and it’s called marketing.  Marketing is about connecting with your peeps, so you can love them and help them solve challenges in their lives through your life-changing products. 

Marketing is not about:

  • Making money through people's misery or problems
  • Bothering or annoying people until they say yes
  • Using neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) in an evil way
  • Conning people out of their money 

Some of the most beautiful, big-hearted people worry that marketing is some evil form of trickery, but it’s not. 

I often hear entrepreneurs say that they don’t want or need to learn marketing; they’ll “manifest“ the clients instead.

Let’s reframe marketing right now: Marketing is manifesting!

Manifesting means “to make real,“ and marketing is a pretty quick way of bringing in real clients who will pay you real, spendable money in return. Win-win.

Marketing doesn’t have to be scary.

Chillpreneur marketing is just: 

  1. Sharing what you know, and
  2. Making offers.

Did you know that I have an actual marketing degree? Yes, I do: I nailed all my marketing subjects and failed everything else because, instead of going to economics and accounting classes, I was president of my campus business club and performing as a professional sports mascot on the side.

But even though I have legit marketing credentials, they didn’t help in my business until I embraced these two things: sharing and making offers. It’s that simple.

Share your knowledge, expertise, advice, tips, experience, horror stories, mistakes, successes, and other learnings with people. And then, offer a solution. 

This straightforward two-step marketing strategy has made me millions of dollars. It’s empowered me to live a life of freedom, adventure, abundance and joy (our family values). I’ve been able to financially support family members, donate to important charities, and fund causes dear to my heart. It’s helped me build my dream house, buy new cars, and supported my crystal, candle, and book addictions.

Money is awesome. Making money by helping people is even awesomer.  

Those two steps are honestly all you need to do, whether your goal is to make millions or just make a few extra hundred bucks on the side to help pay the mortgage. It’s the same process either way. 

That’s how I started my Lucky Bee “empire,“ and that’s what I continue to do these days. If you follow me on social media, you’ll see that I regularly share what I know about success, money blocks, and other topics, and then I suggest that you either buy my book or sign up for one of my courses.

My marketing strategy hasn’t changed in years, and it works incredibly well because I don’t overthink it.  Of course, there are nuances, but not as many as you think.

You could get caught up in finding the “perfect“ marketing channel or stress about creating the “perfect“ offer, but my advice is just to get started and tweak as you go. Most women are actually great at sharing but terrible at making offers. They have no problem helping people for free. They write great blog posts, give tons of free advice, and will gladly respond to email inquiries that never lead to a sale. But they forget (or are too scared) to tell people they have a solution. 

The truth is that people will take and take and take if you let them. Some will be thankful and praise you for your generosity, but that’s not going to pay your bills. Lots of people will accept your free support and never even say thank you.  

Applause is great, helping people for free is noble, but you know what’s also awesome? Money in the bank. You can give the best, most life-changing advice in the world but, without an offer, your potential customers will think, “that’s nice“ and move on with their lives. 

There’s no silver-bullet solution to growing your business. Just share what you know and make offers. 

I know you’re scared to put yourself out there. Everyone is. That’s not a good enough excuse. The world doesn’t owe you a successful business (or life). It’s up to you to decide that you’re good enough exactly as you are and to show up and be counted.

In my books I share with you chill marketing techniques that will make your life easier and your bank account happier. But not one of them will be “build it, and they will come.“

I’m going to get straight with you: This is a skill you need to get moderately good at. Not perfect, just good enough. In most cases, you can even half-ass it and still get great results (honestly).

I almost called my book Chillpreneur “Lucky B Slap” because we as women, have to get real about the role that marketing has in our businesses.  

In Oprah-style, here’s “what I know for sure“ about your business:   You’ll:

  • Sabotage yourself (and it will cost you sales).
  • Feel scared when you ask people for money.
  • Resist doing the work.

Fear costs you money, time, and freedom—and it’s keeping your dreams out of reach.

Hoping your potential will be fulfilled won’t make it happen. Hoping for clients to (physically or metaphorically) walk through the door won’t make them come.

Blaming yourself for not being perfect isn’t the answer. You have to show up and make yourself known to your potential customers.

I’m not going to slap you – this is just a gentle reminder that you don’t have to overcomplicate it. Share what you know, and make offers.

You can honestly create whatever size business with those two skills (however imperfect), and you can change your world for the better. You can make the money you need to fulfill your dreams, and you can help more people than you thought was possible!

And the blocks and fears you have about helping people, being visible and actually receiving money are keeping you stuck!

But don't worry, I can help. I’ve helped over 100,000 women work on their relationship with money at all stages of business and the first step is figuring out YOUR particular money block.

Jump over to and you’ll find out the EXACT problem you’re facing with money right now and what you can do to overcome it.

It’s your time! You’re ready for the next step!

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