From in debt to safe, secure and enjoying money thanks to Money Bootcamp

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From in debt to safe, secure and enjoying money thanks to Money Bootcamp


Nadine Sorgenfrei

Journalist & Life Coach
Member Since 2018

My name is Nadine Sorgenfrei. I'm from Germany and I work as a journalist and I have a coaching business for stressed out moms. My biggest struggle before Money Bootcamp was our family situation. I’m married with three young kids and my husband and I knew nothing about money or running the finances. Our finances were always in such a mess. My income was very limited because I would only get paid per article. I exchanged my time for money and we both inherited bad money stories from our families. I was always scared to look at our bank accounts. When bills came in that was really a very stressful, fearful situation for me. Somehow I felt, because my husband had a set salary, that it was my responsibility to get us out of debt and into a good financial situation. But with the kids, I didn't have the time to work harder.

I decided there had to be a different way. I remember before I joined Money Bootcamp, I was so scared of the fees and what I had to pay. I mean, how do you pay a couple of thousand euros from your dollars when you don't really have any money and you struggle financially?/

So I watched all the free stuff from Denise and I read her books, Get Rich, Lucky Bitch and Lucky Bitch. And I really tried to start to implement things that I learnt for free into our daily life. When I discovered I could join Money Bootcamp on a payment plan, that was a game changer for me.


How have things changed since joining Money Bootcamp?

"Our whole financial situation grew better and better with each month of Money Bootcamp and I've come such a long way."

We've paid off all our debts now and we have savings. We even have invested some money and it feels beautiful. We are giving to charity and we just feel very, very safe and secure money-wise. Now, when I open my bank accounts, I look at them and I enjoy looking at them, I check them every day for fun. When a bill comes in, it's not a problem at all. I just pay it and get on, that's it.

The biggest realization for me was that I don't have to work harder. I really do work smarter. I work far less than I used to before Money Bootcamp. I make more money than I used to before Money Bootcamp and I really make money with ease. My affirmation is ‘there's always more money.’ I feel like a money magnet. And when I first heard Denise talking about there might be unexpected money coming your way, like a bank mistake in your favor I was like, Yeah! What's the chance? And then it happened to me!

I was expecting 300 something and I got 1,500 by a mistake and that's just so great, it's so great how the universe delivers when, when you do the work.

What's your advice to someone considering joining Money Bootcamp?

My advice, if you’re about joining Money Bootcamp, really just be brave, take the first step. You will be rewarded. And if you are in the lovely community and you stay in the room and you do the work, things will change in such great ways. The community will always be there for you and I can just highly recommend it. It saved my life from being all scared about finances, being in a financial mess, to being well off, feeling safe and secure and enjoying money.


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