Does Valentine’s Day trigger your money blocks?

money blocks
Does Valentine’s Day trigger your money blocks?

Valentine’s Day can be full of love and sweetness (and roses!) 

But let’s face it - it can also feel lonely and it might bring up old money stories about self-worth and your deservingness to receive. All the emotions! 

Disappointment, resentment, fear, sadness, FOMO, shame. 

Sorry to be Denise Downer, but honestly, this is a rich seam to excavate old money beliefs. 

(To be honest, any gift-giving holiday is an opportunity to examine your money blocks!)

Like - I remember at school, I never got a rose from anyone. I had boyfriends who “didn’t believe” in “Hallmark holidays” and then I married someone who always went overboard with presents.

All which triggered my deservingness issues.  

Over to you - what are your emotions around Feb 14? 

Do you get presents (or not)? Did you feel loved (or not)?  

Maybe you’re a maverick who rebels against the idea of such a commercialized day. 

All of this emotional stuff feels so challenging! But I promise it’s good for your money. 

And I’m here to help. 

So, let’s talk about three money blocks that are perfect to talk about this time of year!

MONEY BLOCK 1 – Am I worthy? 

Worthiness is one of the most common money blocks and can impact everything from your pricing to your invoicing.

It can manifest in procrastination - especially if you’re waiting for someone else to CHOOSE YOU. 

Valentine’s Day comes with a heavy dollop of worthiness reminders. 

Especially if you feel unloved.  

It’s really common to grow up with a sense of needing someone else to validate your worth. 

Maybe your partner forgets to buy you a present. Maybe you feel unappreciated. 

Maybe you feel shame for wanting to be celebrated and disappointed that you’re not. 


I deeply and completely love myself. 

It’s safe for me to be celebrated


MONEY BLOCK 2 – It’s not ok for me to receive

This one came up for me big time when Mark and I got married. 

I didn’t feel deserving of spending money so I never went to a SINGLE bridal store. 

On my big day, I wore a cheap dress off eBay.

I wasn’t in a space of receiving. I felt uncomfortable with all the attention (and the cost)

Or maybe you were told growing up, “it’s better to GIVE than RECEIVE” 

This might show up for you in lots of different ways. 

Maybe it’s hard for you to take compliments. 

Or you hate receiving gifts because it feels awkward, or you feel guilty. 

It’s worth exploring whether there’s an old money story around receiving lurking in there. 

Because practice receiving the small stuff, and you can receive a lot more abundance.  


It’s safe for me to receive

I serve, I deserve.


MONEY BLOCK 3 - I’m not enough 

This is such a common one - and it really underpins all our money blocks. 

I’m not enough.

I’m not smart enough. I’m not thin enough. I’m not pretty enough. 

And combined with Valentine’s Day, it might trigger all the old stories about how you’re not allowed to have all the abundance, love and JOY you desire.

If your V-Day gifts (or lack of) reinforce that idea, it can feel really hard and uncomfortable. 


You are infinitely valuable.
You are deserving.
You are loved. 


I deeply and completely love and accept MYSELF. 

It’s safe for me to value myself. 

Let it go:

This V-Day, spend some time reflecting on your old stories related to love and how it impacts your money, relationships and creativity. 

Forgive old lovers

Burn some old love letters

Release any shame, blame and resentment about love. 

And give yourself permission to receive. 

Guess what? You don’t have to wait for someone else to make you feel loved and valued.

Here are four things you can do (anytime)

  1. Buy yourself some gorgeous flowers. Not the cheapest, marked-down ones – the ones that make your heart sing.
  2. Practice receiving small things, like compliments, for example. Let your friend pay for coffee. Breathe and receive!
  3. Pay it forward. Give a gift, compliment or surprise to someone. Random acts of kindness can lift your mood and usher in abundance.
  4. Practice asking for what you want – tell your partner that you’d like breakfast in bed or show them the piece of jewelry you love. ASK and you shall receive. Or buy it for yourself. 

This is such a rich topic and there can be so much work around love and money! 

Let me know about your Valentine’s Day experiences, okay? 

Sending you lots of love,

xx Denise

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