Follow These Four Simple Steps To Create Your Dream Life

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Four simple actions to take towards your ideal life

Hey gorgeous,

Today, I want to give you some really simple actions towards creating your ideal life. 

My definition of success is the ability to create your life exactly the way you want it. Not how your family, or society, or friends, or any random person thinks you should live, but a life that works exactly for you. 

I'm gonna share four steps to creating your ideal life.


1)    Declutter everything!
2)    Get Clear on Exactly What You Want
3)    Surround Yourself with Positivity
4)    Take Inspired Action  

Righto, let’s get started!

1)    Declutter Everything

I mean physically and emotionally. Start with decluttering your house. Get rid of anything old and crap – these things belong in your old Economy Class life. To move forward into your new life, you have to clear the path first.

So, you have a sparkly clear home. Yay! Good work!

Are you wondering how to declutter emotionally? One of the most powerful ways that I use is a forgiveness exercise. Basically you write down everything in your life that feels Economy Class. 

Get it all down.

Your saggy old pyjamas

The fact that you didn’t get the Christmas gift you wanted when you were 6 (or 36!)

Your old worn out car

You mum borrowing money off you when you were a kid

The fact that your husband doesn’t buy you flowers or gifts to mark anniversaries

Then you send forgiveness to every single one of those situations or people. Read more about this here and find out how to move forward with your life.

Basically the Forgiveness Exercise works by saying I forgive you, I'm sorry and I love you to each thing/person/scenario. It's very simple and it's very powerful. You can get rid of a load of junk like this.

And although it’s big work, and I recommend you drink lots of water and take care of yourself, doing this really feels so good! Try it!

2)    Get Clear on Exactly What You Want

So next you need to define what it is that you want. I love this analogy: you wouldn't call up the pizza place down the road and say “Hey, just send me something you think I'd like.” They need to know what size, what kind of pizza, what toppings you want, where you want it delivered etc. It's the same with success. To create your ideal life, first of all you have to define it. 

Grab yourself a nice notebook and write everything that you want in your life. Describe your ideal day – what you're doing, who you’re with, where you’re living, what kind of work you're doing. 

I like to separate these into three areas:

  • everything you want to be in your life 
  • everything you want to do and 
  • everything you want to have.

You have to define it though, because otherwise how is the universe gonna know how to create your ideal life.

Got a big dream? Check out my five steps towards reaching that goal with ease here.

3)    Surround Yourself with Positivity 

I always recommend creating a dream board – basically just a visual representation of everything you want in your life. You can rip pictures out of magazines, create it on your computer, make a Pinterest board. Every time you look at it that positivity will be flowing. 

I love to have other visual reminders of success around me. I like to wear necklaces and jewelry that have positive messages on them – I have a yes necklace - every time I look at it I feel good. 

While you’re doing this, take away the things that have a negative impact on your life - stop watching TV, stop hanging out with negative people, stop doing things that make you feel bad about yourself. 

It’s really important that you feel good about yourself when you’re working on creating your ideal life. The more positivity you can bring in the easier it’ll be.

4)    Take Inspired Action 

You can't achieve anything unless you also take inspired action.

Every day take a tiny baby step towards creating your ideal life. Even if it's small, at least you're moving forward. Plus, the universe rewards action so every time you do something small you’ll be met halfway by the universe. 

That's how you create your ideal life - just repeat the steps over and over again!

You’ve got this, gorgeous.

It’s your time and you’re ready for the next step,

Denise xx

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