Common Money Blocks - When Guilt is Holding You Back

money blocks
Use my Million Dollar Framework to work through your money blocks

Hey friend,

I love getting curious and excavating money blocks. 

With practice, it’s possible to look at your money stuff with detachment and curiosity – because it can be fun to unearth past stories and unconscious money secrets you’ve kept hidden away. 

The excavation work is ongoing because Money blocks come up at every income level – whether you’re starting out or on your way to multi-million dollar status

Business is just the journey between you having an idea and someone giving you money.

It gets complicated because all of our stuff comes in and derails us. 

In-between the idea and the money is fear, procrastination, imposter syndrome, finding clients, undercharging, negative self-beliefs.

So how can we let go of our limiting beliefs? We know mindset is a massive part of the work, but how can we make it practical and actionable? How can we make this easy?

Many people think mindset work means striving for perfection. They have this sense of “I have to be perfect and then I'll be deserving of the money.”

You don’t have to clear everything before you uncover the money.

Let me show you my framework for making big mindset shifts.

I teach an OCP framework in Money Bootcamp - seek out an Origin Story, Connect it to a Sabotage and use a Pattern Interrupt to break through the limiting belief.

Here’s a really common one you may have experienced:

ORIGIN STORY: Being told “Finish what’s on your plate; there are starving children in the world” when you were a child.

CONNECT TO SABOTAGE: You feel guilty - you have to finish courses before you move on. You’re not deserving of more or excess until you complete what you’ve started.

PATTERN INTERRUPT: Use the affirmation - It’s safe for me to choose

What I love about the OCP Framework is that you can start with the Connection to the Sabotage, the Pattern Interrupt or the Origin Story. 

You can access it from any of the three points. You can jump around and use any of the three as a starting point.

If you love doing personal development work you could start at by saying the pattern interrupt and see what comes up for you.

You might start by Connecting to the Sabotage by asking "What's going on with me?" 

You might recognise any of these sabotages:

  • I just feel guilty all the time and I don't know why
  • I feel guilty when I'm working 
  • I feel guilty when I'm making money
  • I feel guilty when I'm not making money

Did you hear this when you were a kid? 

You have to eat everything on your plate because there are starving children in the world?

I literally heard that all the time. And I’ve carried guilt about finishing everything on my plate for a LONG time.

Here's how that origin story might show up for you.

  • Do you resist buying a new course until you’ve finished a course, even if you've got everything you need from it?
  • Do you continue to use a shampoo that's making your scalp itch because you have to use every drop out of it before you can buy a new one?
  • Do you just say yes to every client that comes to you because you have to take what you’re given?
  • Do you choose on sale items rather than full price? 
  • Do you not save money or have a buffer because you’re not allowed to have more than you need?
  • Do you have to finish a novel or movie even if it's crap?
  • Do you feel like you’re not allowed to have excess, you can have just enough and you have to finish it all?

Some things are not meant to be finished, you know.

Little things like this that you heard over and over and over again can have a massive impact on how you run your business.

For this particular Origin Story, a short-term Pattern Interrupter, could be an affirmation such as, "It's safe for me to choose what I need."

Or "My body's not a garbage can." "I don't have to just take things, I'm allowed to choose. I'm allowed to choose my own enoughness."

A medium-term pattern interrupter might be going to the café and instead of looking at the prices asking yourself, "What would I LIKE to eat?" and leaving food on your plate if you’re done.

To Connect to the Sabotage, consider what's a possible reason for not allowing yourself to save? Why don’t you allow yourself to have more than you need?

You might have heard as a kid, "You get one school shirt, one pair of school shoes." I could do a whole seminar about school shoes! "Tell me about your school shoes as a kid." 

Having excess feels greedy, it feels like you're being excessive and so you might be unconsciously pushing it away.

You’re a grown-up, you can eat dessert for dinner if you want to, you can do whatever serves you.

You can design your business in a way that works for you. 

You can choose what you invest your money in, what you invest your time in. You are free to choose.

It’s your time and you’re ready for the next step,

Denise xx

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