Uplevel Your Marketing: Attracting Rich Clients into Your Business

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Working with clients who earn more money than you

Hey gorgeous,

Are you wondering how you can attract rich clients into your business? Maybe you have a product or service that could be in demand with wealthy people, but you’re unsure how to make your business attractive to that target market.

Do you get triggered by clients who have a lot of money? Or do you think your business isn’t ready or good enough?

I know just how that feels. I wondered the same thing for a LONG time, and then I realized that rich people are normal people, just like you and me – and then I became one, too!

Becoming rich and making more money in my business really convinced me that there are SOME things that are different when you’re marketing to rich people, but not as many as you think!

Let’s get those things out in the open now, so that you can up-level your business marketing to rich people! 

Rich is normal

The first thing you need to know when you want to attract more rich clients into your business is that they’re normal people, like you and me.

I don’t mind telling you that I’m a self-made millionaire. There’s nothing particularly different about me or any of the other rich people I know.

We still eat, work, spend time with our families, have hobbies and get insecure about the same things as anyone else. And pay for products and services that we think will improve our lives, just like anyone else.


  1. Offer efficiency
  2. Uplevel your business and your branding
  3. Look after your clients really well
  4. Offer something they value

So, here’s what you need to know…

1)    Offer efficiency

One thing you need to realize is that money is no longer the primary currency for most rich people. Sure – smart rich people look after their money, and won’t pay a premium price for something that doesn’t seem worth it, but price alone won’t be the deciding factor. Read how to nail your pricing strategy and charge your true worth here.

There are MANY people (and not just the super wealthy) who don’t care what something costs if they need or want it.

Getting a bargain isn’t their primary goal. So what is?


Can you save people time? Save them effort?

This goes a long way towards clinching the sale.

Fulfill a need they have. Make them look good. Help them achieve mastery in areas they need help in so that they can learn and grow – which, after food and shelter, are fundamental human needs.

I constantly buy things that save me time and therefore free me up to make more money in my business.

Plus, I don’t always have the time to learn how to do something myself. So rather than buy a DIY solution, I will often find an expert to help me cut corners and achieve results quicker.

Remember: rich people are experts in their field, not yours. Teach them what you know, or sell them the thing YOU do well.

Stop saying things like “people can find this information for free.”

Some rich people don’t want to take the time to sift through the entire internet for the solution. They want someone who has already curated the information and can provide it to them in an all-in-one package.

2)    Up-level your business

Not everyone wants to market to rich people, and that’s okay. Your target audience doesn’t mean anything about you as a person. It doesn't mean for example, that you’re snobby or don’t care about your clients.

One way to attract wealthier clients and justify higher prices is to uplevel your business branding.

If your branding needs an update, do it! You might feel challenged to charge a premium price if your branding is tired and old-looking.

The best thing you can do is make your website as easy to use and as clear as possible. Make sure that your rich client doesn’t have to waste time figuring out how to book you or buy from you.

Don’t be shy. Be confident and tell them the next step. Be proud of what you can offer them.

(By the way, this appeals to all markets too, not just rich people!)

And don’t be obvious! Marketing to rich people doesn’t mean just uploading images of private jets to your website. Remember what I said before: efficiency and being an expert in something they need will win you rich clients.

Of course, make it look nice too, but don’t stereotype. Rich people come in all shapes and sizes.

Once your branding is upgraded, you can upgrade your prices too.

Check out these five signs that you need to increase your prices NOW! 

3)    Look after your clients really well

Make the service seamless. Put in automated systems so that there are no hitches or glitches in the path that a client takes through your business.

Making these changes doesn’t have to break the bank. You can still save money in your business while you’re also up-leveling to attract rich clients!

4)    Offer something they value

Offer services that appeal to cash-rich, time-poor people. Rich people aren’t spoiled, they just don’t always have the time or patience to wait.

This could be a VIP option where they get to go to the front of the queue or receive premium service, or just an option to pay to get all the bells and whistles that you offer in one convenient package.

Some people want instant gratification and are willing to pay a premium price for it.

Some services that I’ve bought over the years that have saved me time and effort are:

  • A sleep consultant for baby George. Yes, I could have read a book but I wanted someone to come to my house at my convenience because the lack of sleep was affecting my life and business.
  • An interior designer to pick paint colors and just tell me what furniture to buy, as it’s not something I enjoy.
  • A handyman to assemble flat pack furniture instead of hassling my hubby to do it and take time out of HIS money making work.
  • A healthy food delivery service because I’d rather work than cook, and I’d eat popcorn every day for lunch otherwise.
  • Home massage, and private yoga instruction, because otherwise, I’ll never do it.

They’re all fairly ordinary things that are available to anyone to buy – but I’ve bought the premium price, the most efficient option because it makes my life easier, and I have the money to spend.

All of these suppliers have cheaper versions, either a DIY ebook or blogs. Or I could have figured it out from watching free YouTube videos, but my time is worth more than the money I spent.

Even if rich people aren’t your target market, offer a higher priced option to capture the people who want your product or service NOW!!

Remember: most importantly, make it EASY for a rich person to buy from you!

It’s your time, and you’re ready for your next step.

Denise xx

P.S. Your mindset will have a huge impact on your ability to attract clients, especially richer ones. When you’re ready to work on your money mindset here are four ways I can help you…

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