8 Sacred Money Archetypes®: What are they and how to use them

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Hi there,

Each of us is a unique combination of eight money personality types. When it comes to money, are you an Accumulator, Alchemist, Celebrity, Connector, Maverick, Nurturer, Romantic, or Ruler?

The exciting thing about this framework is that your unique path to wealth starts with learning how you naturally attract and repel money according to your combination of Archetypes.

The way you run your business needs to be aligned with your unique money personality.

You can't blindly follow generic marketing advice or copy someone else's business model - it might be completely wrong for your particular archetype!

Knowing and understanding your money personality will set you on your path of least resistance to more money.

Learning to leverage your strengths will make business so much easier, fun and profitable. 

Everything will flow once you know and understand your money personality.

If you're obsessed with personality quizzes, you'll love going deeper into your Sacred Money Archetypes®. It's literally game-changing!

What are Money Archetypes?

Money Archetypes are a way of understanding how you are in the world, especially around finances - how you think, feel, and behave with money. 

Of course, they are all about how you relate to money and wealth, but, as founder and creator of The Sacred Money Archetypes® program, and my money mentor, Kendall Summerhawk, explains, 

“The way we do money, is the way we do everything.” 

So discovering and working with these archetypes will affect all areas of your life and business.

You’ll be able to 

  • earn more money from your natural strengths, 
  • understand your unique gifts, 
  • overcome money challenges,
  • design your business model and attract ideal clients,
  • create the perfect role for your unique money personality.

Sounds good, huh?!

Let’s take a look at each of the eight money archetypes in more detail. You might instantly recognize yourself in one or two of them!

The 8 Sacred Money Archetypes®

Remember, your true personality is a combination of your top three archetypes, which you discover by taking The Sacred Money Archetypes® Quiz. 

Here’s an overview of each of the eight archetypes.

The Accumulator – The Inner Banker

You’re the archetype that makes things like saving, investing, and accumulating money look easy! You have a natural ability to create financial stability.

The Alchemist – The Inner Idealist

The literal definition of an Alchemist is someone who transforms things for the better through a seemingly magical process. If you’re an Alchemist, your way of relating to money can be very interesting indeed!

The Celebrity – The Inner Big Shot

Put simply; you were born to be a STAR! You have no problem spending money to enhance your self-image or status.

The Connector – The Inner Relationship Creator

You always put people and relationships first. As a Connector, you’re smart enough to know that the relationships you form can also be a “connection” to bringing in the money. 

The Maverick – The Inner Rebel

As a Maverick, you’re marching to the beat of a different drum. You may not always be the most consistent with money, but you DO know how to attract it, make it, and use it to push ahead of the crowd, even when there’s risk involved. In fact, you LOVE risk!

The Nurturer – The Inner Sponsor

The Nurturer has a strong compulsion, need, and commitment to care for others. This can come at the expense of yourself and your own needs. But no doubt about it, the NURTURER cares about money and appreciates it too.

The Romantic – The Inner Hedonist

As a Romantic, the pursuit of luxury and comfort is extremely important and, quite frankly, the ONLY way to go!

The Ruler – The Inner Empire Builder

You LOVE empowering people and enriching their lives through your business as a Ruler. You thrive on creating, innovating, and building something of lasting value.

Get my key lessons you need to learn for each archetype and how they might be sabotaging you.

Which of the 8 Money Archetypes are you?

Want to find out which of the eight archetypes are your dominant ones and learn how to use this information to achieve greater success and freedom?

 >> Take the quiz here!

You’ll discover so much about yourself and your unconscious money beliefs by taking this quiz.

I’ll send you a free video training with your results to help you apply what you’ve learned straight away. 

How do Money Archetypes affect your business?

Your Money Archetype impacts everything in your business. How you market yourself, how you price your products and services, and how much you allow yourself to earn.

The difference between those who continue to struggle (maybe their whole lives) and those who interrupt the pattern and turn things around is this:

People who become incredibly successful with money honor their true selves

The truth is - you're a unique combination of all 8 archetypes, and knowing your profile is a game-changer.


How to use your Sacred Money Archetype®

You might be wondering how this works in the real world. 

Learning to leverage your strengths and run your business in alignment with your personality is the key to earning more money without burnout. 

Here’s how my money archetypes show up and what it means for me in business – the challenges I face and how I’ve worked with my personality to create next-level success.

My three archetypes are Ruler, Maverick, and Romantic. 

I share the first two with my hubby, Mark. He's a Ruler, Maverick, and Celebrity. We're really similar in lots of ways, but the way we spend money is totally different. 

The Ruler is the empire builder. And the workaholic, to be honest. I love business; I live and breathe marketing and ideas. I'm always thinking about my business and how to make money. 

I was the girl with a million jobs. I worked and worked and worked. I thought the only way to make more money was to put in more hours on the hamster wheel, work twice as hard, or get another job on top of my other jobs!

Sometimes the Ruler likes to work for the sake of working! But the good news about the Ruler is that when you decide to do something, you master it, and then you usually monetize it. 

So I got smart about passive income and looked for more efficient ways of running my business. I became the Queen of Batching. I got great at outsourcing. 

One of the challenges of my Ruler personality is around taking time off and allowing myself a vacation. Mark is a Ruler too; we’re often workaholicking together. 

For example, when we have a launch, we work long hours. Business stuff takes priority over date nights, kissing, and even just being nice to each other. 

My second archetype is Maverick; I love finding new opportunities and taking big risks. I have to keep myself on track and not chase after shiny objects or spend large amounts of money after a successful launch. 

I've learned to be fairly disciplined about not starting new businesses every six months like I did in my twenties. 

The cool aspect of the Maverick in my money personality has been around goal setting. I’ve achieved some massive goals; paying off my debts, buying three houses in a year, and paying off our mortgages quickly, for example. 

My third archetype is Romantic; I love the luxurious chilled life. It also shows up for me as laziness. I’ve used that romantic side to indulge in outsourcing everything in my life that stresses me out. 

I've hired out parts of my business that are outside my zone of genius. Win!

I love treating myself like a VIP - flying business class, staying in beautiful places, and always going for the upgraded option. 

One of the biggest challenges that I've had to deal with is a real reluctance to save money. 

At the start of my business, it felt like a total waste to have money in the bank when I could use it to grow my business. And I was terrible at saving money for taxes. 

I used to feel like I had so many bad money habits. But what honestly turned it around for me was discovering more about myself and what makes me tick as an entrepreneur. 

Because I thought I had to copy what my mentors did, not realizing that they had a completely different money code to me, with different strengths, different weaknesses, and different ways of looking at money. 

I just internalized that maybe I'm just not good with money.

So when I first discovered the Sacred Money Archetypes® back in 2010, it shifted everything for me. Because suddenly, I had a personalized blueprint for success. 

And how I could leverage those things that came really easily to me, without self-sabotage. 

Are you getting some important ahas about your unique money personality? Read how your money personality can sabotage your success here.

I love personality tests, and I love doing assessments. When it comes to self-awareness, knowledge is power.   

How Sacred Money Archetypes® Can Help You

What I love about the Sacred Money Archetypes® is that it really shines a light on what's already working about your personality and your relationship with money. 

And yes, you have a unique set of archetypes, whether you believe it or not. 

When you’re aware of your own special combination, it gives you all of the insight to deal with your particular brand of challenges and pitfalls to watch out for, as well.

You can totally change your life and business based on these teachings. I've learned to make, save and invest money based on my personality type, not someone else's. 

I've learned to attract clients based on my unique gifts, not because something's trendy in the industry or because I saw somebody else get success with that marketing strategy. 

I've embraced self-love and self-acceptance because I know what I have to offer is enough. 

So if you've ever thought, "It's okay for them; they’re luckier, smarter, more connected than me," know that it’s just that they're probably working with their path of least resistance, not against it.

If you’re ready to start working in flow with your money personality, be sure to check out my Sacred Money Archetypes® program.

It will change your life and your ability to call in wealth and success.

xx Denise



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