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Hey gorgeous,

It's Denise Duffield-Thomas here, money mindset mentor, author and founder of The Money Bootcamp.

I knew forever that I wanted to create a million-dollar business pretty much forever – even before I had any real business ideas.

In my 20s I remember thinking “I want to be a millionaire by the time I’m 30,” and it took me until I was 35, but hey that’s not too bad!

There are certain success habits I’ve cultivated to get me to this level. And honestly, they are the same success habits that will take you from zero to earning that first couple of thousand in your business, and from there to earning six figures and beyond to seven figures.

So let me share:

Tip 1. Focusing on the basics.

The Basics Work It’s realizing that you can do the basics over and over again, so you can stop searching for that silver-bullet solution. 

You don’t need to find somebody else’s magic formula because really, I’ve created a million-dollar business from simply doing the basics.

I share on social media every single day in some form - a quote, a picture or a video.

I send out a weekly newsletter without fail - and I have for ten years now. It's not complicated - it's really basic.

SHOW up.

Does it get boring and repetitive sometimes? YES

Do I sometimes not feel like it? YES.

I’m always marketing and growing my business, and I don’t have any advanced strategies that you don’t already know or that you couldn’t read from a book or learn from a course.

The reason this is a success habit is because some people get really impatient with performing the basics – they can’t be bothered or they think it’s boring or too hard to do something mundane like a blog post every week.

Yeah, it can be, but this habit has helped me create a million-dollar business. It’s still the same “work” I started out with six years ago: me in front of a camera talking to you.

That’s all it is. Don’t feel like it has to be any more complicated than that. Make sure you have the basics in place.

Tip 2. Be Consistent

The second thing is to be consistent. I’m super-consistent in my business; as I said you’ll get an email newsletter from me every single week. That doesn’t just happen by accident. That’s a clear decision to be consistent.

To date I have 100k plus people on my newsletter list, but the work is the same as when there were only a couple of hundred people on my newsletter list. It’s only grown through consistency. Showing up, every single week.

Here’s a tip: when I started out and I didn’t have that many people on my list, I sent out my newsletter telling myself, “Somebody is waiting for this information. Somebody really needs to hear this right now.” 

Years later, people say “I wait for your newsletter to come in because I read it every single week.”  I manifested that years before it happened.

Consistency is such an amazing habit for every entrepreneur, and it really is how you’re going to take things to the next level.

The other part of this is that I haven’t changed my business model all that much over the years. I do see some people change every couple of months. They change their focus all the time and it’s really confusing for your audience if they don’t know how they can rely on you. 

You know that when you visit my website you can read about money, mindset or marketing. That’s pretty much all I talk about. I don’t try to go in other directions.

But that’s not saying I haven’t in the past. There were times in my business where I could have gone into spinoffs like Get Hitched Lucky Bee, for example, which was my soulmate book, and my attracting a soulmate course. I invested a lot of money into creating the book, then I thought “Hang on, This isn’t consistent with my brand. This is not how I want to be.”

Consistency is key.

Tip 3. Keep it Simple

I'm alll about simplicity.  And in fact - that's exactly what my book Chillpreneur is all about. Making things easy and profitable.

Keep things very simple in your business model, and be very clear on how people can work with you, because that is going to grow your business to the next level.

If you’re too broad or trying to be everything to everyone, it won’t give you the clarity and focus that money likes. 

Don’t make people guess about your skills.

Don’t confuse your potential clients with a million different services.  You know how to work with me. You can join my Money Bootcamp. That’s it. In fact that's my motto - all roads lead to Bootcamp. Eventually you WILL join - because I've made it simple for you.

But you can’t do my Soulmate Course because I killed it. It wasn’t part of my consistent brand and unique zone of genius. 

Keep it simple.

Tip 4. Make Decisions that are right for YOU

Consciously make decisions in your business, and don’t be swayed too much by other people’s opinions or trends that happen.

Your audience might say, “Hey you should do this,” and you think, “Oh maybe I should.”. It’s easy to get off track.  You have to make decisions that are the right thing for you.

For the season of life you're in and importantly what you LOVE to do.

I sometimes see a new marketing tool and get FOMO - or think I should start a podcast.

People ask me to create a mastermind - and I know I could make a lot of money out of it. But it doesn't fit my strengths or my lifestyle. End of story.

People could be asking you to change your business model for something that suits them. If it feels bad - say no. It's okay to not be all the things to all the people. Making clear decisions based on your values and business model is really important.

This could be anything for you. It could simply be making really conscious decisions about who you work with, who you partner with, what events you speak at, or what Facebook groups you join. 

Being deliberate about those decisions has really helped me grow but not being distracted by shiny objects or other people’s opinions about what I should do.” It's your business - your rules. And you can serve a lot more people coming from a place of joy than obligation!

Tip 5. Surround Yourself with Like-Minded People

A huge part of my success is that I’ve surrounded myself with like-minded people who also want to have a seven-figure business.

A couple of years ago, I was invited into a mastermind with somebody who was a little bit ahead of me in business; she was creating a group of women who wanted to go to seven figures and beyond. I was totally intimidated but I knew it was a symbolic next step. 

Surrounding yourself with people who are going where you want to go is so important, because you start to believe it can happen to you too. You see other people doing it and you hear about their real struggles.

And this comes back to my first point: you see that they’re just normal people doing the basics over and over again.

A perfect example of this is that I went to a conference and one of the speakers had a ten-million-dollar-a-year business.  He said, “Let me show you my entire strategy.” I thought “I practice that strategy already. Oh this must be the basic bit and then he’s going to go on to the advanced stuff.” Then he said, “That’s it. That’s what I do.” 

That’s when I realized that, first of all, there aren’t any really advanced strategies.

Also when you’re in those situations, you see that the people who are making the money you aspire to make are just normal people who are following the basics. They are being super-consistent, and keeping things very simple in their business. They make clear, conscious decisions about what they’re going to do. They’re not trying to be everything to everyone. And they’re surrounding themselves with like-minded people. 


Tip 6. Ask: Why Not Me?

When you look at people whose businesses you admire, it’s tempting to put them on a pedestal and think, “It’s alright for them because they…” 

I used to think, “Oh she’s really skinny so it’s easy for her to be successful in business because she’s skinny and I’m not.”  Ridiculous. Weird. 

You might think “Well it’s all right for THEM, they’ve got a happy marriage,” or “It’s okay for HER, she doesn’t have kids,” or “It’s okay for HER, she lives in Hawaii. I’d be successful too if I lived in Hawaii.” Total BS.

Whatever your excuses are, you have to banish them and ask yourself: why not me? Even with all my skills, talents, insecurities and flaws. Just ask: why not? 

Realize that you can be a role model for other people if you get out of your own way.  Why not you? YOu can be a millionaire too!

Tip 7. Work on Your Money Blocks

The last success habit that has helped me get to six figures, then to seven figures is working on my money blocks. Constantly. 

You might think that you get to a certain level in business and you don’t have money blocks anymore, but it’s not true. Money itself doesn’t make you happy and money doesn’t solve money blocks.  It makes me laugh thinking about it, because my mastermind buddies and I are constantly working on ourselves.

That’s how we’ve become successful. By having the mindset that there’s always more to learn and always more to uncover about ourselves. 

There are always more ways to improve, so I work on my money blocks all the time.

I work on old recurring money blocks – things that have come up for me again and again (for example - that you have to work hard to make money). I work on new money blocks that come up when I hit the next stage in my business. I constantly work on myself and deal with my fears and insecurities around being in business.

It’s a process of continuous learning and development.

So that's it - that's how I got to six and then 7 figures - and that's how it's been for years a multi millionaire. I'm not perfect. I'm not any smarter or better.

Pretty simple huh?

So over to you - which of these habits do you want to cultivate for yourself? Because it's totally possible for you to be a millionaire too.

  1. Do the basics
  2. Be consistent
  3. Keep it simple
  4. Make decisions for you
  5. Surround yourself with successful people
  6. Ask yourself - WHY NOT ME
  7. Work on your money mindset

If you are still new to the money blocks conversation, or think that you’ve hit a wall with working on your money blocks, then guess what, you haven’t.  If you haven’t listened to my free money blocks audio, make sure you do it today. 

I talk about seven common money blocks that women have in business. You might think this is just for beginners, but it’s not. Usually when you have a money block, you have it for the rest of your business life. You just have to work on it in different ways because it will come up again and again. So make sure you carve out a little bit of time today to listen to that free audio class. 

Listen now at DeniseDT.com/blocks

It’s your time to take your business to the next level. It’s your time. Why not you?  It’s your time and you’re totally ready for that next step.

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