7 Secrets to Working Less and Earning More

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Follow these seven success habits and become a blissed-out Chillpreneur today!

Hey gorgeous,

Do you really believe it’s possible to work less and earn more? I am a recovering workaholic perfectionist and I’m here to show you that business doesn’t have to be hard. That YOU can get to a place where your business supports your dreams and doesn't burn you out. Here are seven success habits that you can start TODAY!

Hands up if you no longer want to:

  • Hustle
  • Crush it 
  • Work harder and longer for diminishing returns
  • Be at your desk from dawn to dusk every day
  • Have to do it all by yourself
  • Burn yourself out at the altar of your successful business

It’s time to learn the Chillpreneur way! 

If you’re super eager, secure your copy of my book here and get started straight away! 

Chillpreneur Success Habits

The opportunities available to us entrepreneurs right now are mind blowing. The internet gives us tools that are magical and life-changing. Starting your own business used to involve a lot of upfront capital or techy know how. Today, anyone can launch their own business from their bedroom! As long as you have internet access, you can sell glitter penis-grams from a tiny house in Nebraska or design websites on the beach in Tulum, Mexico.

Even though women (especially women of color) are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs, we face a load of built-in obstacles. Women’s businesses aren’t always considered ‘real enterprises’. There’s a wage gap in the start-up world too. The biggest problem I see is that women are trying to fit their businesses into an old masculine model. 

I want to show you a new path. 

Seven Success Habits

Here are the seven steps to doing business the Chillpreneur way.

I wish I was perfect at all of these but they’re aspirational even for me. 

1)   Believe in an Abundant Universe

As a Chillpreneur you embrace an abundant mindset and KNOW there’s enough for everyone. This includes money, clients and opportunities. You know you’re as deserving as anyone else and that when you gain, it doesn’t mean that someone else loses.

2)   Remember You’re Human

Being chill doesn’t mean you’re like a Buddhist monk in your approach to life (although if you are - congrats!). We’re all perfectly imperfect and it’s ok to have days when you're decidedly unchill about everything. Practice self-compassion and forgiveness for your mistakes. And then move on!

3)   Be Optimistic

Look for the silver lining in everything. Failed launch? ‘We can learn so much from this for next time’. Tech screw up in the middle of a webinar? ‘Sweet, this is a juicy chapter for my next book!’ Every experience is useful and nothing is wasted. In fact, failures are great fodder for podcasts, blog posts and future Oprah interviews. Check out the lessons I’ve learnt from failing to value my time (and over-delivering by giving away earrings!

4)    Practice Detachment

As a Chillpreneur you know that a client’s no doesn't mean you’re terrible at your business. Setbacks just mean you need to try again. You can genuinely and passionately care about your work and still hold it lightly. This includes your reaction to sales numbers, client results and feedback from others. 

5)   Just Do It

You know there are many paths to success. Why spend days, months, years debating which path to take when you can just get started on your journey? As a Chillpreneur you know that imperfect action is better than inaction. Make the best decision for now and tweak as you go. 

6)   Follow the Path of Least Resistance

Try to find the most comfortable path - even when it feels lazy or too obvious. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to prove yourself to your friends, parents or even that high school teacher! You know that ease and for are different for everyone so you honor your strengths and weaknesses and don’t copy someone else’s version of success. Read my tips on the easiest way to make money (and how I wanted to start a toilet hook business!) over on my blog.

7)   Do Good in the World

Chillpreneurs strive for mutual success. You don’t think that making money is evil (or if you do, you’re working on your blocks!) because you know that it allows you to do good in the world. You build philanthropy, self care and sustainable practices into your business for the sake of your clients, your team, yourself and the planet. You’re in business to make a lot of money and help a lot of people. You’re one of the good guys.

Remember these are suggestions, not commandments. It’s a practice! I’m still in my chillprenticeship; I’m no Jedi master. I still have to practice this stuff every day. 

Just know that you don’t have to sacrifice your adrenals, your marriage, or your sleep to create success in your life. I want you to learn from my mistakes so that you don’t fall into the same traps. 

To finish up, take a deep breath and repeat my favorite mantra “It’s my time and I’m ready for the next step.” 

To take the next step towards a business that supports you click here and buy my book, Chillpreneur.

I promise the journey will be fun and profitable.

Denise xx

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