6 Ways to Earn More While Working Less

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Follow these six practical steps to a better money mindset

Hey there, 

How do you like the idea of working LESS and earning MORE?!

Many entrepreneurs think that the only way to get more money is to work harder for longer. 

Maybe you’ve hit an income plateau, and you just can’t figure out how you’re supposed to earn more without totally burning yourself out.

I’ve lots of strategies to help you work less and earn more.

The most common money block I see is that “making money has to be hard”. 

And guess what? This is STILL mine today, and one I have to work at clearing regularly. 

I’m not kidding. Even though I run a million-dollar business, I still have to work against the idea that making money needs blood, sweat and tears. 

 My Money Block

I hit the ‘making money is hard’ block in my first month of business when I made $225, and I often come up against it today too. 

Maybe you have the same unconscious belief that stops you taking action in your business, or sabotages your efforts to make things easier. 

The first step is to deal with the mindset stuff. Learn how to cultivate a better money mindset.

 My 6 Practical Strategies for Working Less and Earning More Money! 

1)    Prioritize money-making activities
2)    Systematize and automate
3)    Batch tasks to save time
4)    Delegate, delegate, delegate
5)    Create passive income products
6)    Give yourself permission

Let’s look at each of these in more depth.

 Tip #1 Prioritize money-making activities

Once you’ve cleared out all the limiting beliefs, it’s time to take an honest look at your daily business activities. 

How many of your daily “to-do”s actually generate income, and how many of them are just time-wasters?

Sometimes you have to be BRUTAL with your time and just focus on things that bring you clients, and save the rest. Getting the perfect hex color for your website won’t necessarily make you money. That’s procrasti-branding! 

Tip #2 Systematize and automate

Many entrepreneurs waste a ton of time doing things manually that they could easily automate. Here are a few things you could automate:

  • appointment scheduling 
  • social media posting
  • email autoresponders

And even if you don’t want to completely automate something, simply setting up a smart system for it can really reduce the time it takes.

But get rid of the block that says that you HAVE to do everything yourself or it doesn’t count. 

Automating things to make your life easy isn’t “cheating”: it’s being a smart business owner. 

Tip #3 Batch tasks to save time

OMG, batching content has been a LIFE-SAVER for me! 

There’s no way I could run a million-dollar business (and raise three young kids), if I had to write, edit and film a post every single week.

So instead, I write a year’s worth of content in one go, and then it’s all done and dusted for the next twelve months. Easy! 

Okay, it did take me a while to get this organized, but you can start small.

Try batching a month’s worth of videos in advance instead of doing them all the night before. 

#4 Delegate, delegate, delegate

CEO doesn’t stand for “Chief Everything Officer”, so stop doing everything yourself! 

You could seriously be the bottleneck in your business growth if everything depends on your time and energy. 

Where could you be getting more help in your business? 

Here’s my advice on how to not screw up hiring your first assistant. It’s totally OK to get someone else to do the tasks you hate doing. 

Start with the things that you’re terrible at, and then work your way through your to-do list. 

Even if it’s scary releasing control, you’ll soon realize how amazing it is to leverage your time by hiring others. 

Being a good delegator is often the difference between business overwhelm and business ease.

Tip #5 Create passive income products

Next up, the biggest thing you can do to earn more with less work is create a passive income product. 

Not coincidentally, it’s also the one that many entrepreneurs resist the most.

Even if your business is totally dependent on your time and energy right now, you can start small and create something like a book or audio as your first passive income product. 

As you start to earn money while you sleep, you’ll become addicted. 

You can pretty much package up your skills and knowledge and help people all around the world, without leaving your house (or putting on a bra!)

Tip #6 Give yourself permission

Lastly – give yourself permission to earn more and work less. 

It’s totally okay and safe for you to earn amazing income without burning yourself out or wringing out every last drop of energy. 

And that’s true even if other people in your life are working hard. 

Even if you don’t think it “counts” if you don’t put blood, sweat and tears into your work. 

Even if your work is easy, and even ENJOYABLE for you. 

It’s totally okay for you to make more money without working harder.

If you need permission, I’m giving it to you. Right here and now.

Core takeaway: work to your strengths!

Seriously, if you take just ONE message away let it be this: working to your strengths isn’t lazy or undisciplined. 

It’s actually the smartest thing you can do for your business, your energy levels, and your sanity.

You’ll be able to serve a LOT more people AND feel abundant. 

To help you get started with clearing your specific money blocks and receiving more, I’ve created a free video masterclass.

It’ll walk you step-by-step through recognizing – and then dealing with – the seven most common entrepreneurial money blocks.

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Money blocks don’t have to derail you - you can embrace them and move on to creating a First Class life for you and your family.

It's your time and you're ready for the next step,

Denise xx

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