3 Ways You’re Limiting Your Business Growth

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3 Ways You’re Limiting Your Business Growth

Do you feel like you’re making efforts to move forward in your business but just not getting anywhere? 

Or maybe you invest in mentors and coaching, but you’re feeling super frustrated that you’re not getting the results they’ve promised you. 

Perhaps you feel like business success is something for other people, but not for you and you just wish that there was one magic thing you could do that would make it all work?

What if I told you it was YOU who was limiting your business growth? 

Money blocks can come in all sorts of weird shapes and sizes, and limiting your own business growth is a huge part of it. 

Clearing these blocks is the only way you’ll get past them, and I’ll help you with that too! 

There are three major ways that you could be limiting your business growth right now, so let’s get to it.

1. Paying for personal development but not practical stuff


When you’re an entrepreneur there can be a lot of pressure to spend big bucks on self-development, including courses and mentors.

Sure, you have to work on yourself to be a successful woman in business, but you need to balance investing in coaching, with practical stuff in your business that will help you make more money.  

“Invest in yourself” has become the “it” thing to do… 

My Aha moment happened when I was thinking about spending five figures on a sexy mastermind program – seriously, I was about to hit buy – when I suddenly realized that even though I was happy to spend that much on coaching, I was still doing everything else myself in my business. 

I wasn’t working in my zone of genius at all. 

I was running around, being everything the business needed me to be and stressing myself out, rather than doing what I was good at and outsourcing the rest. 

And let’s face it: outsourcing things outside my zone of genius was going to cost me FAR less than that coaching program! 

I got real and decided that instead of joining another coaching program, I would spend money on practical things like:

  • Hiring an assistant for a couple of hours a week to manage my inbox (my biggest stress)
  • A bookkeeper to manage my monthly reports, and make it easier at tax time (this made me feel SO grown up)
  • A proper designer to refresh my website branding (I was still doing this myself)
  • Paying someone to clean my house (so I could focus on my business)
  • Hiring a part-time nanny so I could spend some child-free time on my biz. 

So before you sign up for a course or coach out of FOMO and sexy marketing, check that you’re spending money on things that are right for you at your stage of business, and that will move you forward. 

I’m a huge fan of self-development, obviously, but I see too many entrepreneurs have an unbalanced approach to investing in themselves, and being cheap with things that will make their lives easier. 

 2. Stop waiting for the silver bullet

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: building a successful and abundant business needs consistency, not a magical solution. 

The truth behind a successful six or seven-figure business is kinda boring, to be honest. 

I’ve discovered this myself. I paid to go to a really high-end business coaching day, where the speaker told us all about his ten million dollar business, and his strategies were SUPER basic 

I thought that he was just doing the preliminaries with us, and that he would go deeper in the next session about his “real secrets” … but nope. That was it! 

The lesson here is that there is no silver bullet for success in business. 

People always ask me what the “one thing” is that I did to uplevel my business. The truth is that I did a whole lot of unsexy stuff for years, and I did it consistently. 

There are no new strategies. If you want to be successful, you’ll turn up and be consistent with the basics. For me in business, that’s blogging regularly, giving free and consistent content to the Lucky Bee community, and regularly making offers to join my courses, like my Money Bootcamp.

I haven’t deviated off that plan for years. I haven’t changed my business strategy every month. 

Going deep into your zone of genius will get you FAR further than trying one thing this month, then getting distracted and trying the next new thing the month after. 

 3. Prioritize mindset work

Many people say to me is that working on their money mindset is something they “want to do” … but they just don’t have time. Maybe they would if they had more money. 

Or, it’s something that’s “nice to have” – I’m always being told that it’s nice that I have the time to work on my money mindset so much. 

Um, no. It’s a decision like any other.

The truth is that mindset work is way more important than business strategy, and if you don’t work on your beliefs and money blocks, then you’ll absolutely sabotage your success and limit your business growth.  

You have to make time to work on your money mindset, and treat that time as just as important as working in your business. 

Without it, everything will feel hard. 

Money mindset work is an ongoing process, not a one-off solution. If you want to keep on growing, you have to keep on doing the work and clearing the blocks. 

I still do my money mindset work and clear blocks regularly so that I can get to the next level of business success. It truly doesn’t stop, but it does get easier and more addictive when you see results. 

Need some help on your money blocks?

I know money blocks can feel overwhelming, so if you need help clearing them (or finding out what yours are), I’ve got an awesome resource to help you. 

Find out the truth about your money blocks and get help clearing them by listening to my free audio here.

We all limit our growth when we’re blocked, it’s a totally normal thing to do. Deal with the blocks and see what happens! 

It’s your time and you’re ready for the next step. 

xx Denise

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