3 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Maximise Their Success Starting Today!

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Hey gorgeous,

I was a born entrepreneur but it doesn’t mean I was naturally good at it.

At just nine years old I started a fluoro bracelet business. The trouble was that I sold the bracelets I made for the same price as the cost of materials. Zero profit. I felt ashamed when my teacher pointed that out. Up until then though I was just thrilled by the pure joy of selling and making my own money.

That year my mum gave me an electric typewriter for Christmas and it was the best present ever! After dabbling with writing newsletters and short-stories, I went into the forgery business, selling ‘personally signed’ letters from Kylie Minogue for $5 a piece by claiming she was my cousin.

Aged twelve, I organised a club for my friends, inspired by the Baby Sitters Club. It was called, ‘The Cool Kids Club’ (we even had a song!). We worked on a random variety of projects that we never got around to finishing, like selling horse manure and organising garage sales. I’m great at the ideas, less on the follow up and eventually my mum made us throw out everything we had accumulated. Manure included.

Success Habits: My First Mastermind

In my teens, I came up with this concept of ‘being brave’ with my close girlfriends. We encouraged each other to get involved in ‘scary’ school projects like the debate team or running for school council. We watched Oprah together and talked about our dreams. It was my first ‘mastermind’ experience.

Undoubtedly from a young age I exhibited clear signs of being a creative entrepreneur, a dynamic life coach (although I didn’t know that was even a job) and an enthusiastic writer and communicator.

These are all the things I do professionally now, but why on earth did I spend my twenties denying my natural talents and doing everything from waitressing to event management – a total of over 50 random and often very unfulfilling jobs?

Why does anyone waste time living small just to pay the bills?

Don’t tell me you don’t know what you’re ‘meant to be’. I’ll bet there were just as clear signs in your childhood as there were in mine.

How I Sabotaged Success

When I left my small town to go to University, suddenly I was in a much scarier pond, very far removed from growing up with a single mum in a low-income area. I didn’t realise that people would look down on me, because most of my friends back-home had the same.

I allowed myself to feel ‘less than’ everyone else. In consequence, I failed most of my degree and often felt depressed and frustrated.

So, rather than being the vibrant kid who had zero doubt of her capabilities, I drifted from job to job, trying to find the ‘thing’ when it was completely obvious. I allowed self-worth issues to block that which would have fulfilled me. I sabotaged easy success.

3 Ways to Maximise Success Starting Today

A few years ago I went back to my old high school and spoke to 25 of the school’s most promising students. Like me, some of them came from struggling backgrounds and had limited imagination to what was possible out of our town.

Here’s what I told them:

 1. Work with your natural strengths

Life is so much better when you give yourself permission to live in your brilliance. Don’t feel guilty because it’s easy and feels good. Better yet if you can find the sweet spot between your natural strengths and your passions. Every combination you can think of is possible.

 2.  Believe you’re good enough

I didn’t get this until my late twenties and then some of my natural enthusiasm and creativity came back with a vengeance. Nobody else was holding me back except for me. Give that gift to yourself and be in your own corner.

 3.  Continue to set big goals for your life

I’ve seen that any crazy dream is possible, but nobody is going to track you down and say ‘YOU – you must share your talents with the world!’ You have to be clear on what you want.

I wish I could go back in time to meet the little hustling entrepreneur I was at nine years old and say ‘keep going – you’ll get there’. But it was my journey and I can honestly say that finally, I’m in a place where I can say – I LOVE what I do.

And I want to help you get there too! 

This month the live coaching call in my Money Bootcamp course is all about letting go of your limiting beliefs and mindset blocks from previous jobs and old bosses. 

If you were ever told “you can’t do that” or “you should be happy with that wage” or “don’t get ahead of yourself” then join us this month and we’ll work through releasing these memories so you can create your dream career feeling in control and empowered. 

Choose yourself and make this the month you invest in upgrading your mindset to start manifesting your goals. Click here for all the details about Money Bootcamp and message me here if you have any questions (or need an extra nudge to sign up this week). 

It’s your time and you’re ready for the next step.

Denise xx

PS: I’d love to hear about your dreams and how I can help you manifest them. Let me know in the comments below.

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