3 signs you need to work on your mindset around pricing


Pricing’s tricky right?

When you go into business for yourself it's like you have to put a value on yourself. Urgh!

You might have some mindset stuff around wanting to be accessible and affordable for everyone. 

So, if you are struggling with prices right now, here are a couple of different ways it could be showing up for you. 

#1. You hide. You don't tell people about what you do. You procrastinate posting, launching or publishing. It’s so normal to get into analysis paralysis. 

#2. You think someone else must know better than you. You might canvas for prices on business forums or with your friends and family. Big mistake.

#3. You believe there's a critic-proof price. There’s no perfect price. There’s no price that will make everyone say yes.

Click here to listen to my latest episode and you’ll learn:

  • Being in business is NOT about getting everything right
  • How to avoid other people’s money blocks when setting your price
  • That you may lose some clients and that’s ok
  • The EXACT thing that’s holding you back      
  • What happens energetically when you get paid well

Know this: you can't help people if you burn yourself out.

If you have to have a job that you hate to subsidize your business you’re not going to be able to bring your best self. 

It's okay to charge for your work.

You serve, you deserve.                                                        

I’d love to hear from you what mindset issues are coming up for you with pricing. Reach out at @denisedt

It’s your time and you’re ready for the next step,

xx Denise
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