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My passive income hints and tips

Are you ready to make the shift to passive income?

This month, we’re talking about passive income, one of my favorite, favorite topics of all time and one that could absolutely change your life and business if you embrace it. 

Specifically I want to share my tips and hints about passive income and why it’s a mindset issue rather than a logistical one or a marketing issue. 

Passive income in itself feels like a really amazing thing. 

Authors, musicians, actors, inventors, franchisors, and companies who licence their brand name are all legit businesses that may receive passive income in the form of royalties. Property investors are another group who might receive rental income as passive income. 

But for some reason, female entrepreneurs get really, really blocked around creating passive income in their businesses, and resist it like crazy! 

The whole passive income shift will completely revolutionize your business and your life.

Imagine what it would be like if you could use your skills and talents to leverage things that you’ve already created, help other people, and make money as well.

Otherwise, you'll be working hard like a little hamster and not earning your full potential. This really sucks for women who make a big impact in the world and want to help more people.

Watch this NEW free video above all about passive income.

I know you’ll have a lot of feelings about this - it doesn’t need to be daunting, complex or greedy. Don’t worry. I’m here to help!

xx Denise

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