My Millionaire Productivity Secrets

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People are always asking about my schedule. They wanna know how I organize my day.

Spoiler: I’m not that organized at all. 

I’m a massive procrastinator and not super productive so I’m not gonna recommend bullet journaling or productivity hacks. That stuff doesn’t work for me.

But I do have some millionaire productivity secrets to share today.

The key takeaway is to set things up to work for you. It doesn’t have to be perfect. 

I went crazy on productivity for a couple of years. I read books, I bought journals and systems. It didn't make me more productive. 

Personal and business productivity are completely separate for me. 

As a company we get a lot done. We're pretty organized, very consistent, super productive and efficient. I mean, come on, we're prolific! 

Anyway, here’s my typical day: Mark and I take turns getting up with the kids at 4:30am. 

Whoever's turn it is has responsibility for the kids from 9pm to 7am. Sleeplessness screws with everything so we alternate.

If it's my turn to sleep in, I’m in bed until 7am then Mark brings me a cup of tea. Yay!

On the other hand if I’ve got the kids, I'm up at 4:30am, I’m super grumpy. I’ll have a cup of tea, take my ADHD meds and deal with the dogs.

Our housekeeper comes at 7am. She puts on some laundry and makes us all breakfast. 

Between 7 and 8:30am it’s pretty chaotic - the kids are getting ready for school, the doggy daycare bus comes to pick up the dogs, everyone's pooing themselves. 

Normally I don't schedule anything workwise until 9am. Once the nanny’s here at 8:30am, I go to my office. Mondays I catch up with stuff. I'll go get my hair done, recover from being with the kids over the weekend. I need a lot of alone time. 

Tuesdays and Wednesdays I do camera facing stuff. I schedule all my interviews. I do videos because I've got nice hair. By Thursday I don’t have nice hair so I’ll go out with a friend for lunch or a movie.

Fridays I have a Money Bootcamp coaching call once a month. A yoga teacher comes to the house. I catch up on admin stuff. 

Unless I've got a really big deadline, my biggest thing is answering questions in my Money Bootcamp group. Or commenting on social media. They're my two jobs really - show up on camera and nurture my customers. 

I went into business for freedom. That's why I batch. 

I create all my own content, but I only do it once or twice a month and I pre schedule it. 

What's really helped me make millions of dollars is lots of free time, lots of bandwidth, and consistency in the business. I am super clear on my role and I’m not afraid to say no.

So I've got four tips for millionaire productivity: eliminate, delegate, batch and outsource. 

I always look for the quickest, easiest, laziest way to do things – that’s usually the most efficient too. 

What do you not need to do anymore? Eliminate!

Then I delegate. What can you hand to someone else?

Then I batch. And then I look at how I can find someone to outsource it to.


In this episode, you'll learn:
  • What my daily routine looks like
  • How I dodge other people’s expectations
  • My four steps to productivity success
  • Why I don’t have a diary!


Your homework for today is to give yourself permission to step into that CEO role. 

Consider ‘Would Oprah do this? And if so, how would she do this?’ The idea is to create more space and enjoyment and profitability for you. It's not about perfection. It's about permission.




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