Rachael Ferrera

Actor, Speaker & Spiritual Teacher | USA
Archetype: Connector/Alchemist

I'm Rachel. I am in Los Angeles. I am multi-passionate. I'm an actor, singer, and spoken word poet. I'm also a life guide and Reiki master practitioner and specialize in supporting actors and creatives to level up their lives and careers by learning to deeply love themselves, trust themselves and follow their intuition. And my archetypes are Connector, close second is Alchemist, and then not a very close third at all is Ruler.

How this Spiritual Teacher uses SMA to get more sales

“When I really dove into this work, I started to understand that it's good to pay attention to the money. It's good to build your empire or whatever, but my superpower is in the connection."

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How do your top 3 Archetypes work together or against each other?

For me, it's Connector, Alchemist, and then Ruler a little bit below. Oh yeah, I definitely see all of these and I've been fascinated by how they work together and like pull on each other.

"So definitely with that Connector, Alchemist, with both of them being so high, the tendency to just not care about money. "I don't need to think about that." I mean, absolutely, this is something that I've gotten much better at, it's definitely work in progress, but I've gotten much better at it because of Money Bootcamp and SMA, all of these things going, "okay, yes, let's look at this and let's create some systems around it."

But that natural tendency, all through my twenties for sure. It was very much money was not a thought in my mind really, managing it at all. And just that belief that it will always be there, is great. And I think I really see, especially in my late twenties, early thirties, I saw that double edged sword thing play out because then it's when some emergency would happen, and it was like, I didn't have as much access to my magic. It felt like it's "Whoa, all of a sudden everything's a bit of a mess," if that makes sense. And so really going, "Oh, okay. Maybe let me pay a little bit more, or a lot, actually a lot more attention."

When I really dove into this work, I started to understand. It's like, "No. Because yes, it's good to pay attention to the money. It's good to build your empire or whatever, but my superpower is in the connection. So I have to have that." And when I connect, what I've realized is, connecting to other people and really building really genuine relationships for the sake of building genuine relationships is what creates. It's the channel to the alchemist. It's the channel to money just coming in, opportunities just coming in that then turn into money.

And it's been so powerful to just have this understanding so I can go, "When things aren't as in flow, what is it that I need to lean into? Am I cutting off my connector? Am I cutting off my alchemist? Or do I actually need to bring in a little bit more of that ruler for a phase?" So yeah, this has been just mind blowing.


How has the Sacred Money Archetypes® course helped you in your life/business?

So I think really looking at this as, "These are my superpowers and these are the things I can let go of. And then these are the things that actually let me put a little bit of attention here." And knowing that for the accumulator, right? Bringing that accumulator in, I'm not going to sit around all day trying to be an Accumulator energy. It's just bringing in little, little things to just bring it up a couple ticks. And seeing even that makes a world of difference in my approach to my business, my approach to my life, my approach to my acting career, all of it. 

The recognition of it allows me to lean into it and be like, "That is beyond enough. It's more than enough." And being like, "Let me just push the gas fully on those superpowers, on that zone of genius and let it be." So that's been really, really powerful.

"And I think it's also giving me a lot of courage, releasing the idea of the finisher, because with Alchemist, you're an ideas person, you don't really necessarily finish everything or follow through on things."

What shifts or changes have you made in your business or the way you work?

So what I have noticed is that now I'm always like, "Okay. Well, what am I selling now, right?" This is something I've been leaning into more and more and more over the last couple of years, especially over the last year. Always having something that I'm selling now. Actually more recently, even more actively. In the last year, it was like, "There is always something someone can buy." Now in the last several months it's been like, "No, I'm actively putting a bit of energy behind something at all times." Because what I've recognized is that when I do that with intention and focus, I don't have to overwork that. It's just putting a bit of intention and a bit of energy behind it.

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