Monica Lee Rich

Contemporary Romantic Artist | USA
Archetype: Connector

I'm Monica. I'm an artist and I'm a Connector/Romantic. I live in Providence, Rhode Island. 

How an Artist uses SMA to empower herself as a business owner

"The course has helped me quit judging myself while embracing the good, and working with the things that are my challenges.”

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Was there anything surprising when you found out about your Archetypes?

I'm not surprised I am  a Connector. I was surprised at the negative parts of the Connector. I had a lot of shame around the fact that good things with the Romantic and the Connector, that they depend on someone for financial dependence. Certainly, that's the way I was raised and that lack of financial dependence and actually, I would say it even tripped me up.

I kept taking the test because I was like, "Surely that can't be it because I'm working so hard at being these other things." But this is why it's actually fun to kind of have the full blown version where you can actually read and see what your attributes are. 

What are some of the sabotages you experience because of your Archetypes?

This is an interesting question. In the Smart Creative Woman, when I had that podcast, I actually got burnt out from doing it and had to pull the plug on it because I was posting and giving and had not figured out how to monetize it. I didn't know how to monetize it. I did e-courses, I did coaching and I was doing three podcasts a week. So it was just like, I wish I would've gone in with a plan of how to make money but I had positioned it as, "Let's gather everybody together and be friends and it's a coffee table roundabout." But, nobody was paying me.

How it shows up now as an artist, and so this is several years later. It's a good question to ask myself now because I've taken myself out of that role but I still have all the followers and I have very expensive art, four, $5,000 down to, what can they afford? I just recently did something that was very off-brand for me. I did these small watercolors and charged $25 for them. Some of my other art friends were like, "Well, of course you sold out." I knew it was not in the right price point but I felt like they've been following me for so long, they're on my newsletter. Let me just do something they can afford.

So I feel like I'm assigning people what I think they can afford versus being aspirational. Even at two, three, $400 and save up and have my art on your wall. So that's how it's affecting me now and I'm wrestling with it.

I think oh, it's too easy. This was very easy for me to do. Creating a large painting is hard, starting with nothing but the other things that I did, help people find their creative style and stuff. Well, that was extremely easy. I have a hard time just actually charging and taking money for it. I feel like, "This comes too easy." And so I have a hard time charging for it.

How has the Sacred Money Archetypes® course helped you in your life/business?

It's been an interesting journey from when I took it and this was a while ago, I was with my ex-husband trying to get him involved with the money thing and really understand our archetypes and then went to being completely on my own. So there was no lack of financial dependence because I wasn't in a partnership for a couple of years.

"What I really realized through the course all the way around was that, bringing people on board that would help me maybe get more empowerment. The more comfortable I get with money, the more I empower myself and really I can't do it all. Getting a bookkeeper to help me set up QuickBooks was really big and ditching the shame that it wasn't enough money. I even found a bookkeeper that dealt with artists. There's someone out there for everybody."

I feel like it's actually very pragmatic on how it's helped me because I am a Romantic also, and I like to shop. I do Rent The Runway now, so I'm on a budget. I can shop all the time for a fixed amount of money. I think what it's probably done the most of the whole course is, helped me quit judging myself and embracing the good, and then working with the things that are your challenges.

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