Kerin Monaco

Lightworker | USA
Archetype: Ruler

Hello, I'm Kerin Monaco. I'm a mystic and intuitive guide for feminine healers and lightworkers. And then, my reaction to being a Ruler. I think the reaction was just like, "Oh, this is why everything is so hard because I'm living so out of alignment with who I am on an energetic level," so it was eye opening, it was heart opening, and it was transformational. My life is so different now. My business is designed completely differently and it was a result of that learning about the Ruler, the Alchemist, and the Connector as well.

How Kerin Monaco Uses Money Archetypes as a Lightworker

“SMA opens up a lot of doors and understanding of who you are energetically and how you can align to that within your business, within your relationships and within your home. It's going to make everything feel so much easier.”

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What are some of the sabotages you experience because of your Archetypes?

I think that's why I struggle to hire anyone to support me in my business and why I've been a one woman show since day one but things are quickly changing opening up to that. But I also find that with my clients, my clients come to me because of the ruler energy, of the, "No, we're going to get this done. We're going to launch this business. We're not going to mess around. We're not going to work towards perfection. We're going to get it done." Sometimes, I come up against, "Ooh, if I say it too forcefully, am I too bossy or am I too nudge-y? Are they going to stop liking me? Are they going to no longer work with me?" When the reality is, that's what they need and that's why they're coming to me so I've stepped into it. It was a mindset shift I had to have and definitely, this supported that for sure.

Definitely over delivery. I would be promoting like, "Hey, I'll deliver this mountain," and then I would show up and deliver the mountain and the heavens as well and it resulted in me being incredibly burnt out. SMA landed on my lap at the worst moment in my business and it changed the trajectory of my course because I was just doing, doing, doing, I was showing up every single day, I was... Anything that any mentor recommended that I do, I did it. And so, I was working like 60, 70, 80 hour work weeks, barely making rent and when I started to explore the ruler and this idea of over delivery, it wasn't an over promising because I would deliver on the promise and then go to great lengths in order to be enough of value to people.

"And so, I've cut my hours. I work 20 to 30 hours a week. My income has expanded. I love my business. I love the way I get to show up now."

But yeah, so that was it but it was really a mindset shift of it doesn't have to be so hard. I think that all of life, certain things have come easily, and it's almost like I was penalized for how easy certain things came. So I started to do things the hard way even if there was a shortcut, I would not take it. And so, I started to really embrace that I'm here to create with grace and ease and make money with grace and ease and gift that to other people as well. Show them it doesn't have to be hard, there is another way. And then, again, my negative mindset of being in lack and that took a lot of time to really get in there and reprogram but it started with the ruler and the alchemist actually too.


How do your top 3 Archetypes work together or against each other?

So with the alchemist... I was surprised that the Alchemist was second because I felt so aligned with that, the problem solving, the ideas, never being, that I could just sell sessions and be an idea person, that just resonated. I struggle with my connector. I'm an introvert mostly because I think the world has made me feel like my extroverted side is too much. So the introvert, I would prefer to have minimal contact. I don't necessarily want to be out there connecting people or having constant interaction with others. At times, I think my connector, like I need to focus on the connector a little bit more and nurture that side of me because I know it's in there, I know that the world has shut it like I've been guided to shut it down. But yeah, so I'm not necessarily... I think that the alchemist and the ruler compliment one another quite beautifully but that connector, it's like I would rather that not hear that message. I would rather not that be there sometimes.


What would you say to someone who is looking to join Sacred Money Archetypes®?

"I mean, SMA is going to open up a lot of doors and understanding who you are energetically and how you can align to that within your business, within your relationships, within your home is going to change things. It's going to make everything feel so much easier and so much more fluid so that's what I would share."

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