Houda AzzaOui

Money Mindset Coach for Women Entrepreneurs | Australia
Archetype: Romantic

I'm Houda. I'm originally from Morocco. I grew up quite a bit in France as well so I became French by adoption. Currently, I live in Sydney. I'm a Romantic. It's pretty high. It's 38 for me. Second is Nurture, Connector Celebrity, pretty close. 

How this Money Mindset Coach uses SMA to streamline her business

“I started surrendering and even letting go of the outcome and of the money goal and just doing it for the process and enjoying it."

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Was there anything surprising when you found out about your Archetypes?

I wasn't surprised at all. I'm a Cancer as well so that kind of Romantic has always been part of my life in my romantic relationships as well. Hearing your video and your video describing the archetype, oh my God, it was just so me. The easy going, the abundance. I know at home, I used to say money comes and goes and there will always be more so I don't worry. I still remember one thing that really stuck to my heart was secretly ignoring money problems and secretly wishing they would solve themselves. That's something I was doing unconsciously. It was just so, so spot on. Yeah, really all of it. It just made so much sense.


What are some of the sabotages you experience because of your Archetypes?

Sabotages for me, definitely procrastination. It's been a big, big problem and challenge and it's really just getting my butt to sit in my chair at my desk and start doing something. I think one big one is that I burnt out in my corporate job. I resigned in December 2017 and I was like, "Okay, let's start a business." I had taken the life pushing training prior to that. That's where the resistance really started in me getting action. I wonder as well if my Romantic isn't that high because of the burnouts and that kind of brought it up. Just recently, actually, I realized how sad the burnouts made me feel, that I let myself down, that I abandoned myself. One thought that keeps happening in my head is that's the reason. The only reason I'm always doing all the struggles of entrepreneurship is just so I can have the flexibility and do what I want to do and take my time having breakfast in the morning.

I would take at least one hour just waking up and having breakfast and then come in and then, oh, I want to go for a walk and then come back and then, oh, I need to shower. Then it's lunch time and then okay. Let's prepare lunch. Then before I know it and then, oh, I need to nap. I cannot possibly work. I'm so tired. hen take a nap or lie down for a bit and then it's 4:00 p.m. and I'm like, "|Oh my God, it's four again. I didn't do anything."

When I say I didn't do anything, it's not like the Ruler works for seven hours and basically didn't do anything. It's literally I didn't sit at my desk. That brought a lot of shame actually. It really took me a lot of time to start talking about it and hearing. I secretly thought until a few months ago that I was the only one who was dealing with procrastination as an entrepreneur.

Launching, yeah, it was a lot of procrastination rather than launching. Lots of resistance and just I worked with a ruler coach and just hearing... I can still remember the slides. Hard work and discipline and just thinking about it actually burns me out. I remember after a couple of weeks, I Netflix binge for three weeks. I was just vegetable on my couch. Now I think I get burnt out just from thinking that I have to be disciplined and work hard. Now, it's really SMA has me make peace with that and that that's okay in finding the easy way. I think that was really, really a huge change because I was so frustrated, so ashamed of myself. 

"It's really just understanding how the archetype works and trying to go, it's okay to go for the easy path and seeing what's easier for me. It's making a huge difference just in terms of the peace it's bringing me at this stage."

What have you changed in your business since discovering your Archetypes?

I relate so, so much to what Stacy just said in terms of that's where I'm at in finding the fun again in my business and in trying to follow all those processes and stuff. It just killed my vibe. Just now, actually, as I started surrendering and even letting go of the outcome and of the money goal and just doing it for the process and enjoying it, things started coming. Just a few days, I got invited to the Round Table and then another invitation to the webinar came in. I was like, "Oh my God, this is me. This is my life. Things come to me. It's happening again."

Yeah, SMA changed my life and I'm changing my business model. In the first life of SMA last year, when I joined, was just at the time I was finishing my beta version of a course that I was just launching. While my Romantic was having a course out there and then running on passive and the passive income thing, then I realized... Well, it's two things. My Romantic wasn't happy. The lifetime access model that my mentor was encouraging us. Lifetime? What does that mean? I cannot commit for my lifetime. I love what I do and it was weekly calls as well and the weekly calls. Even bimonthly. I made them bimonthly even for my beta because weekly was just too much for my take. Even that, bi-monthly was too much.

But what I realized is that my other archetypes, Nurturer and Connector, weren't happy because people were not joining the call so much. They did the work but I didn't get to be there with them. Then I started contracting for this company doing one-on-one for corporate. Then I realized, oh my God, one-on-one. I love one-on-one. I just have to show up there and don't have to prepare for anything. No course to record, no funnels or so whatsoever. Just need to show up for the one-on-one and then it's done. I'm swapping definitely to one-on-one and high ticket one-on-one because it just feels so aligned. My Romantic is happy because I don't have to prepare anything. I'm keeping myself very mindful of not over promising to send things after the call.

"That's definitely thanks to SMA. I would always be in my Nurturer and Connector, just over committing, being in the energy in the moment to doing things after and sending things and then just never bother and procrastinate for two weeks before doing it. Now, I'm being mindful of that before I promise anything. "

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