Deirdre Amies

Business & Money Coach | Australia
Archetype: Connector

Hey, I'm Deirdre. I'm a Kiwi, but I now live in Brisbane, Australia. So my archetype's, I'm a Connector, Ruler, Accumulator. And the Ruler flips place between second and fourth with my Nurturer, depending on what's going on in my world. I'm a business and money coach. 

How this Money Coach uses SMA to improve her business

"It's helped me to embrace all of me; all the different parts of me. By understanding more about myself, I've become a better person, a better coach, and better with money.” "

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Was there anything surprising when you found out about your Archetypes?

Well, I'll just be completely open and honest and say, I was pissed off when I discovered I was a Connector, because I wanted to be a Maverick or a Ruler, or something like that. One of the cool ones. But really, it's mean to a T. There's a couple of things that are probably very subtle with me, but I'm a Connector through and through. And like Carrie, I'm the same. I don't enjoy networking. So I was like, how can that be me? I hold back and I read the room, and then I go for the connections that feel right. And it also shows up in everything I've ever done, basically. Every conversation I've ever had in corporate, I was counseling people and connecting them with a solution, a way to make them feel better. So yeah, it is totally me. Damn it.

"The Connector energy really makes a massive difference in how I'm able to run my business. Actually, embracing that energy has been incredible."

How do your top 3 Archetypes work together or against each other?

I think my biggest challenge is the conflict that I have for my second archetype, which flips between Ruler and Nurturer, depending on what's going on in life. So I'm just coming out of a Nurturer phase, having put stuff aside to focus on selling our house, buying a new house and moving interstate. And I'm reconnecting with my Ruler energy, because my Connector will deliver and just give and give and give and build relationships, but not make any offers. Because literally, the words will stick in my throat when I go to say, "It's this much to work with me for this amount of time. Who wants it?" I know, Denise, you say, share what you know and make offers. And that has been really significant for me to hear that on repeat. I keep reminding myself of that, make the damn offer, but I need that Ruler energy behind my Connector to really make that happen.

And my Accumulator is sitting in third, going, "Yeah, let's bring in the money." But when my Nurturer is sitting in second, my Accumulator is all about conserving energy, saving it up, let's look after ourselves. Come on, we can't give unless our cup is full, and all of that. And my Connector is just completely confused through the whole thing.

"So for me, it's about recognizing what phase I'm in and the type of people that I'm attracting in that time."

How has the Sacred Money Archetypes® course helped you in your life/business?

I think how it's helped me is to just embrace all of me, all the different parts of me. Because up until discovering SMA, I was thinking more along the lines of, okay, I'm a Libra, but I don't really resonate with all of the Libra, because it's so one dimensional. But understanding my Connector traits and then the other underlying ones, it's the whole package. And that has really helped me to just grow as a person, to improve my relationship with my family. As soon as I started talking about this stuff, my kids, they started talking about it too. And I'm pretty sure my oldest is a Maverick, because he refuses to take the test. So yeah, just understanding more about myself, I've definitely become a better person, a better coach, better with money.

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