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Money Bootcamp P/Plan


Your Money Bootcamp Enrollment includes:

  • Lifetime Access to the entire Money Bootcamp training program including 18 core modules, videos, worksheets and transcripts designed to upgrade your money mindset and release your money blocks.
  • Live Monthly Group Coaching Calls with Denise through 2020.
  • Membership of private Money Bootcamp mastermind community with Denise. No ongoing fees.
  • Exclusive bonus pack worth over $700 including pricing workshop, event and webinar recordings and visualizations.

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What People Are Saying:

“Before Money Bootcamp, I was overwhelmed, rather controlling and of course... super blocked around money, I was making about $4,000 a month, but something told me I just had to join, even though I felt like my account was going to overdraft. I took the leap, and within 48 hours someone paid me double the cost I spent joining the program! Since being in the program, I've learned the "work" isn't done at your computer, the more you do the internal forgiveness and loving work, the bigger the magnet you are for miracles - and money is a big one. This group is fabulous as it's low-pressure, high vibe and incredibly supportive - it's far from a one and done thing. Denise has created a community of world-changers, and I'm so glad to be one of them!”

Gabi Garett

“I loved Denise's 'real-ness' and her 'tell it like it is' approach. I found her content to be thoughtful, relevant, intelligent and useful. I never felt like I wasn't getting anything out of the course or that segments didn't really apply to me... EVERY ASPECT was spot on and super helpful and practical. I thoroughly enjoyed Bootcamp.”

Sarah East

“This course has taught me that money doesn't define me. It's just energy and its importance is whatever I assign to it. Most importantly, I learned that money is something that can come to me FREELY AND EASILY. My personality does not align with the "hustle" mentality that is so prevalent nowadays. I loved having validation that it's ok to be me.”

Gaby Abrams

“It has revolutionised my life and business. Decluttering and banishing the excuses. Also looking at negative consequences and actually dealing with them so they are no longer blocking my income potential.”

Shiwon Green