6 tips for success in 2022 without setting New Year’s Resolutions

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Hey gorgeous, 

I have a confession to make. 

I'm not that into making New Year's resolutions. 

I know, shocking right? You'd think it would be such a manifesting and mindset thing to do, but I actually think that New Year is the worst time to set goals. 

You're feeling hungover and lazy from too much food or too much family time and quite frankly, I think it's okay to do nothing for a few days.

If you're anything like me, 2021 was go, go, GO. 

I launched, wrote some new books, renovated my farm and juggled 3 kids in a pandemic while hitting some big goals (like our highest revenue ever). 

Honestly, by Christmas, I was exhausted and I know I wasn't alone. 

You probably don’t take nearly enough time to relax and replenish and like most entrepreneurs you probably work until you're close to burn out.

I don't believe you need the New Year hype to create a successful year and most of us don't get in the groove until the second week of January. 

So when's the best time to plan out your year? 

The day you actually do it!

Don't beat yourself up if you're feeling like having a slow start to the year, there's plenty of time to pull it together. 

No need to set unrealistic goals that you'll lose 20lbs by Valentine's Day or that you'll be a "better" daughter or wife.

If you're feeling like you're ready to face the year, here's a mix of my top practical and manifesting tips for you. 

Things that you can implement straight away to spark off your outrageously successful year:

1. Become a regular goal setter

Just like how puppies aren't just for Christmas, goal setting isn't just for January. Start every Monday with a simple goal setting exercise and to create some really incredible luck, jot down your top 3 goals every day. That's it. That's all you need to do.

Science has shown that just the process of writing your goals makes you more inclined to achieve them. There's a difference between hearing and agreeing and actually doing it, so if you're going to keep one resolution this year, make it about regular goal setting.

2. Go part-time at your job (if you still have one)

It sucks to have to go back to work in January if you'd rather be working for yourself, but I see a lot of people quit way before they're ready and put too much pressure on themselves to have a successful business straight away.

If you can, take your job down to 3 or 4 days while you get some clients, build your website and start making money. Talk to your boss in January and use Tim Ferriss' classic tips in the Four Hour Work Week to negotiate it. 

Truly, if you're not going to start the process soon, chances are you'll still be in a job come December. 

3. Commit to going pro in your business (if you have one)

If you have a big business goal this year, you probably need to make a few practical shifts in order to get there, and it can feel overwhelming knowing everything you need to do.

I think paying for coaching or joining a mastermind is amazing and crucial, but I also see too many entrepreneurs being cheap with themselves in other ways that could help them turn pro quicker and actually make some money.

I have a big money goal for 2022, so I decided to upgrade my team, brand and copywriting. It wasn't so much about the mindset shift; I am investing to go to the next level. 

Ask yourself:

  •   What's my income goal for my business?
  •   What do I need to go pro?
  •   What's the biggest shift I need to make? 
  • What course or mentor do I need to work with? 

Then cough up and make the investment.

4. Get a cleaner for your house

This is a highly practical action but will be life-changing for you. It's probably the easiest thing you can outsource to immediately add value to your quality of life.

I had my cleaner way before I could afford it but coming home to a clean house makes you feel like a million bucks. Worth every cent and you'll find the money for it. Make it happen today. Seriously, call the company now.

You've got a cleaner? Awesome. Outsource one other thing, like automating your shopping or hire a personal assistant. Take your enjoyment of life to the next level by eliminating something else you hate. I also recommend getting a book-keeper if finances stress you out – it will be an awesome investment.

5. Eliminate just one thing today that makes you unhappy

Just choose one thing today that annoys you and fix it. You don't have to make all-encompassing change, because often it really is the small things in life that can make or break our happiness.

It could be a wobbly table, a friend's negative Facebook rants, a messy desk, whatever. Take five minutes and put a wedge under that sucker, hide that friend permanently from your newsfeed and clean off one section of your desk.

Tomorrow – choose one more thing. That will make a huge difference in the long run than procrastinating doing the big stuff.

6. Lastly, enjoy chilling out once in a while.

Relax, 2022 is going to be amazing and you want to actually enjoy it.

We can all get caught up in thinking we have to set goals the "right way" or we'll be doomed but that's not true. Just keep your eye on the outcome – what will life be like 12 months from now? 

You don't need to be perfect to achieve it. You don't need to fundamentally change who you are this year. You can just create your dream life one day, one action at a time.

You can still be messy, not shower until 5pm some days, have PMS, eat chocolate, bite your nails, be a terrible cook, stay obsessed with some junk food… or whatever you think you have to give up this year, and STILL be successful.

It's your year and you are more than ready for the next step.

I'll raise a cup of tea to your outrageous success!

xx Denise

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