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Camy Kennedy-Mexicanos

Life Coach for People Pleasers | USA
Archetype: Romantic

My name's Camy. I am an intuitive life coach for perfectionists and also people pleasers. I am in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and my top three are Romantic, Connector and Ruler. One of the things I love about you, Denise, is you've given me permission to be lazy and make things really easy and make lots of money. 

"You've given me permission to be lazy and make things really easy. SMA is the secret that I didn't know that I needed."

What are some of the sabotages you experience because of your Archetypes?

I was just going to say, I sabotage with onboarding a VA. I've had several VAs. I'm not organized enough to delegate, and I have one really good VA who allows me to be a hot mess and just send a voice memo in the moment and be like, "Hey, could you do this today?" But I'm scaling my business and I'm now creating a course, and I'm embracing it. I need an actual system, but part of me wants to hire the person to do the system for me. So, that's kind of where I'm at. How am I overcoming it? I think the way I'm overcoming it is bit by bit.

Right now, I'm building the course, I'm outsourcing some tech stuff, and then I do think it's important for me to take responsibility for my students, especially in the beginning, to understand, are they getting their emails? Are they getting everything? And then how does that flow? And then just doing one thing at a time and realizing it doesn't need to all be done in a day, which is some of the sabotage. Like, "I want to jump ahead to $600,000 and I don't want to build the program."


How do your top 3 Archetypes work together or against each other?

I would say I'm very motivated by money first, and I have to convince myself that I also care about people. My clients wouldn't say that, but that's my own self-perception, right? My clients are like, "Oh my gosh, you're amazing." But I feel it in my external, in my client work, and this is certainly true for everyone, they see me and receive me in a very different way than my husband receives me. So, I can be a jerk over here, especially because he's a cumulator, and my clients are like, "You're amazing and you're so connected." So, when I was listening to the connector, I'm thinking of it more as a divine connection. That's how it resonates with me. That's what enables me to slow down, stay grounded, and even have that moment of self-reflection to go, one of my values is discipline, simplicity, discipline and simplicity. How can I live up to that value? Because it's not what I wake up wanting to do each day.

So, just remembering, how can I make things simple? And then exercise that discipline and get the help that I need in the areas that aren't easy for me, such as saving money. One of the ways I just did a mindset shift with that is my dog recently tore her ACL, and it was potentially going to be a surgery for like five or $6,000. In that very emotional moment, I realized that it's a luxury to have savings for my dog. So, that was like, "Oh, savings is luxurious," and now I've been able to shift into, "I'm going to hire somebody and make savings a priority so that I can afford any emergency that could ever happen," and specifically my animals are really important to me because I don't have my own children yet.


What would you say to someone who is looking to join Sacred Money Archetypes®?

I just wanted to revisit the question you asked Shay earlier about what I would say to somebody joining, because that's on my mind. I knew I was seeking out Money Bootcamp, but I wasn't necessarily seeking out SMA. I didn't know it existed. So, I can't say I was looking for anything, but I will say that it's the secret that I didn't know that I needed. 

"For me, it gave me ease in marketing and an opportunity to have a client centered experience when you're marketing, instead of just thinking everyone is like you. I'm realizing, because I'm the romantic and I'm always like, "Ease, ease," people are offended by ease sometimes. They're like, "Well, I'm glad that's your experience. I like working hard."


What have you changed in your business since discovering your Archetypes?

Then in terms of changing things in my business, what I realized I changed a lot was thinking I needed to do a group program with four Zoom calls with people showing up on the call with me coaching them.

What I changed to was permission to do a course similar to yours with a different price point, but offering one call a month, and realizing that that's okay, and realizing that's actually in the highest service to my clients, and me existing in this luxurious role and allowing myself to take breaks and do whatever I want also gives them permission to have that in their life. Before SMA, I would have put myself in that camp of being wrong because I'm not an accumulator and I didn't save my money, And now I realize that my life experience is valuable and it does offer value to other people just the way that I go about my life.


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